The Deadliest Dinosaurs of All Time – Watch out!

On the 22nd of June, the movie “ Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom ” will start showing in cinemas. As a dinosaur enthusiast, I’m sure that you cannot wait for this day. As you prepare yourself for this day, why not familiarize yourself with some of the most dangerous dinosaurs to ever exist?

Even though dinosaurs are known to be dangerous, there are some species which are considered to have been more dangerous than others. In no particular order, below is a list of ten of the most dangerous dinosaurs that existed.

1. The Tyrant Llizard

Tyrannosaurus, also known as the ‘tyrant lizard’ had a bite force that was so tremendous that it was considered to be the strongest among all dinosaurs and all the living terrestrial animals. Its bite force could reach up to 5,805 Kilograms. It had a mass of 5,800 – 15,000 kg and was about 4.6 – 6.1 m tall, half as tall as a telephone pole.


The Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton known as Sue stands on display at Union Station June 7, 2000, in Washington D.C. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Newsmakers)

Considered to be the largest land-living carnivore of all time, Tyrannosaurus was capable of delivering bites that could crush stones. Its most massive tooth had a length of about 12 inches. It fed on plant-eating dinosaurs.

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