Antiques Roadshow Puts Antique Lion Statue in the Limelight

Antique enthusiasts have a world of their own. They get excited with the ancient artifacts and are also able to appraise them pretty accurately. However, every once in a while, there are instances when even the biggest enthusiasts are left awestruck with the charm and splendor of artifacts.

This is what happened when Mason came across a lion statue. One beautiful afternoon, a certain lady brought a lion statue in his hands which was handed over to her by her grandmother. While the owner had no idea as to what was in her hands, Mason was bewildered and surprised!

He surely was able to understand the value associated with the statue. When Mason had a closer look at the statue, he was moved by the beauty and condition of the antique so much so that he expected the actual value of the antique more towards the higher end.

What happened next? Let’s find out.

The Brilliance of Mason

The man behind the Lion statue here is Lark E.Mason. He is known to have studied antiques his entire life, specific Chinese antiques. It is thus not easiest of tasks to impress someone of the category of Mason. This also indicates that the Lion statue indeed was a brilliant antique in itself.



Mason spent most of his life working as a Design teacher in the New York School of Interior Design. However, a more significant contribution of Mason in the world of art has been with his stint Sotheby’s.

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