Buns in the Oven: Couple Gets Pregnant After 17 Years

We’ve all heard the saying “buns in the oven” right? Well, this woman used it play a rather wonderful practical joke on her husband. But it was actually far from a joke. She surprised him by telling him she’s pregnant. But here’s the thing: they’ve been trying to get pregnant for 17 years. Here’s their story.

Married with No Children

Dana Griffin-Graves and Arkell Graves got married when they were 17 years old and started trying to have a baby right away.


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But like many couples, they were experiencing fertility issues and it was taking longer than they expected. But in 2015, their lives changed forever.

Taking a Lot of Time

The couple had to endure four miscarriages and even delivering a stillborn child 6 months into her pregnancy. Dana said in an interview after all these years, they had given up. But then there was a period of time in which she just wasn’t losing weight, regardless of all her exercising.


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Because she wasn’t losing weight, her mind started wandering. She wondered if maybe, just maybe, she would be pregnant. Keep in mind that it’s been 17 years of trying and they are both 41 years old.

Nonetheless, when she went to the doctor she was shocked.

A Wonderful Surprise

She paid a visit to the doctor and discovered that not only was she expecting, she five months pregnant with a healthy boy! You can imagine her shock and amazement. ‘I was ecstatic,’ she said. ‘We hadn’t planned anything, we weren’t trying.’ And she knew what she had to do next.


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She decided to surprise her husband and she had to think of the perfect way to tell him. So she went with that popular saying “buns in the oven” and knew it would be the best way to announce the pregnancy to her husband.

Buns in the Oven

Dana took the saying literally and put actual buns in the oven. And at the end of this story, you can watch the video to see his reaction in real time. As you’ll see in the video, he opens the oven to see the buns and her special note.


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At first, he doesn’t understand but eventually figures out that his wife is pregnant. Not only is he in complete shock, but his eyes are full of tears as he learns that she’s already 5 months along and that they’re going to have a boy.

But the happy couple had no idea that only a few weeks later, they would have serious issues with the baby.

Born at 24 Weeks

Dana had to be rushed to intensive care with almost fatal high blood pressure and the doctors warned her that their unborn baby was putting her own health at high risk.


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It turned out that they had to deliver the baby by emergency C-section. And their baby boy ended up being delivered at a very risky 24 weeks, four months early. In Arkell’s Facebook post, he said “Today, our baby will have to be delivered, at 24 weeks and one day.”

Her Facebook Post

Dana wrote a heartwarming post on social media saying: ‘Kaleb Arkell Graves was born yesterday at 10/20/1015 at 1:08 PM. He is tiny in statue but he is a fighter. He is in stable but critical condition.


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‘When I arrived in the intensive care unit over a week ago, they told me in order to save my life, I had to terminate his, My blood pressure was 223/113 but I couldn’t…

Dana had to make an unimaginable decision.

Her Miracle

Faced with what the doctors were telling, Dana knew what she wanted to do and wouldn’t let anyone tell her otherwise. She said “He was my miracle and I had to give him a fighting chance to make it. Daily I was told how my chances of survival were declining because of my heart functions and chronic blood pressure.


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‘With only a 5% chance of survival, Kaleb is here. I’m grateful to God, my wonderful husband Arkell and my amazing family.’

Critical Condition

A few days after the birth, Dana shared in a Facebook post that it was ‘a very tough day’ for them as their infant, who they named Kaleb Arkell Graves, is ‘still very critical.’



‘I have compared this whole journey to a roller coaster of emotions,’ she wrote. ‘We prayed all day and night for God to show us just a small miracle. We serve a prayer answering God. Although Kaleb is still very critical and doctors don’t always give us the best news.’

The next day, things changed.

Baby Getting Better

The next day, things started looking up. ‘Sunday was a much better day for him and for us,’ she wrote in her post. ‘God even allowed us to see him open his eyes for the first time.’



And to their amazement, tiny Kaleb grabbed their fingers. She said how ‘He even grabbed our fingers. It’s those little things that people take for granted that make us so grateful.’ Dana, feeling so grateful, wanted to thank everyone around her.


Dana’s post concluded with her thanking everyone for their support and prayers while she and the premature infant were being hospitalized. She was to be released sometime that week.



Dana’s sister, Melanie Griffin-Hamlin, created a GoFundMe page to help her sister out. She said the purpose was to help ‘offset some of the expenses of the enormous hospital bills and to have a beautiful, well- deserved nursery for Baby Kaleb.’ In one day, the family raised more than $3,000.

After word got out about the delivery, Dana received words of praise.

A Selfless Mother

Arkell Graves recounted how ‘Kaleb had his mom’s blood pressure very, very high, to the point that it was putting her health at risk. The doctors came in every day and explained the risk of continuing to hold him inside.’



He was so amazed by his wife’s desire to put her baby first, despite all the risks that came along. He said: ‘She refused to go on with the delivery until it was a time where they could actually take care of him in the neonatal intensive care unit. ‘I’m going to tell you, just looking at my wife, it was the most selfless thing I have ever seen somebody do.’

Only a Few Weeks Earlier

Dana’s pregnancy was indeed very risky. Arkell said how the doctors were telling her: ‘this could affect your liver, this could affect your lungs, this may affect your heart,’ but her determination was to make it to one particular day,’ he said.



It was only a few weeks earlier that Dana surprised Arkell with her announcement that they were pregnant. Her post said: ‘Have your tissues ready!’ Dana captioned the video. ‘After 4 miscarriages and one stillborn birth, we had given up on the idea of having babies of our on, especially at our age … But God!’

Their video went viral, and for a good reason.

Video Went Viral

The video Dana posted unsurprisingly went viral due to it being so emotionally intense and heartwarming. It has over 11 million views and a whole community are tracking the couple’s and baby Kaleb’s progress.



Dana gave birth at the VCU Medical Center in Richmond, Virginia. Arkell said: ‘She fought through this. She didn’t have to do this, so my respect for her is, oh man, I don’t even think Webster has a word for it.’

A Priceless Moment

The viral video has so many sweet moments, it’s hard not to tear up when seeing it. She placed a sonogram photo next to the buns reading ‘Baby’s first picture.’ She then turned on the camera and told him to look in the oven.



After seeing what was inside the oven, he turned around and shouted ‘You’re pregnant!’ with an extra huge grin from ear to ear. And you hear Dana saying ‘That’s why I couldn’t lose weight.’

But Arkell couldn’t believe it.

“You’re Pregnant”

‘You’re pregnant!’ Arkell kept repeating as if to pinch himself as though he didn’t know if he was dreaming or not. His jaw dropped when she told him that she’s 19 weeks pregnant.



And when she revealed that the baby is due on February 16th, he lifted up his arms and said ‘Come here.’

But Arkell was about to get yet another gigantic surprise.

It’s a Boy

Dana continued to tell Arkell: ‘And it’s a boy.’ And at that point, Arkell let his emotions get away with him and he burst into tears. He even lifted his shirt over his face to muffle his loud sobbing.



The overwhelmingly sweet video and Arkell’s genuine bliss of finding out about the amazing news means it comes as no surprise that so many people are curious to know about the couple and the baby’s well-being.

And there’s an update about baby Kaleb.

Two Years Later

It’s been over two years since Kaleb Arkell Graves, also known as “Baby Buns,” was taken home and was able to start life after a year of being in the hospital.



What the Graves had to go through is not easy. They underwent treatment and many tests. But finally, Kaleb and his family were able to go home and they appreciated it more than they could even explain. “It’s a wonderful feeling. It’s so surreal. It’s been a long time coming,” said Dana.

A Special Ride Home

On the day when the family was able to come home in one complete three-person package, the ride home was also something incredible. And the couple wanted to make it really special.



The couple decided to take Kaleb home in a limousine. And cute little Kaleb was strapped in his car seat for the ride home to Dinwiddie.

And they wanted to share their experience with the world.

Tears of Joy

The couple posted on social media again about their emotional ride home. “It was really hard seeing this day in the beginning but I have these glasses on because I’ve been crying so much. Tears of joy. I just feel so blessed right now. Humbly blessed,” said Arkell Graves.



The couple made a Facebook page titled “Baby Buns”. On it, they mentioned: “We have to thank our Wonderful Neonatal Team at MCV/VCU Neonatal Medical staff for the care provided for our #BabyBuns. At this very moment, all of my men are asleep under the same roof.”

She Didn’t Think It Would Happen

Dana’s post continues: “Some days I really didn’t think what would happen. During this last year, I’ve had some emotional trying times. I questioned my judgment, I questioned my faith and I questioned God. But I never lost my Faith in God. Each day He soothed me, made me a little stronger and calmed my sense of anxiousness.”



“While he still has his ups and downs of health, Kaleb is doing well at home and being loved on by family friends and supporters.” Little Kaleb is doing well and if you want to see their viral video, check it out here

Surprise! I’m Pregnant!

Their video went viral because of Arkell’s genuine reaction to Dana’s announcement. On this note, we decided to show you more stories where husbands and other family members were pleasantly shocked by their wives when they told them about their pregnancies.



Take this happy husband, for example. His wife gave him a gift for Christmas. He must have expected to receive socks or a tie, but instead he opened up the package to see baby stuff! And he knew right away. He was clearly pleasantly surprised.

Ecstatic Parents

These two parents were over the moon when their daughter told them of her pregnancy. She recorded them as she told them and their reactions are simply priceless as you can see from this screenshot of their video.



They even put the video in slow motion to show just how ecstatic these two parents were. It’s obviously a very joyous moment and we’re glad people videotape it so we can all participate in the fun.

The next pregnancy announcement photo will make your jaw drop.

Jaw-Dropping Excitement

Most mothers can probably relate to this mom’s utter excitement at the announcement. Their daughter gave them a present which the dad opened. He was pleased and smiled, but then he passed it on to his wife.



And the mother’s reaction just made our day. Her face says it all. This pregnancy announcement is probably the best thing to happen to her all year.

This Couple Tried for 13 Years

Dana and Arkell Graves are by no means the only couple who tried for what seemed like forever to conceive a baby and succeed. Joanne Worth, from Cornwall, England, tried to get pregnant for 13 years.


Justin Lord/Elissa Corrigan

Joanne was diagnosed with a fertility condition, polycystic ovary syndrome, and was told that she was unlikely to ever conceive naturally. Naturally, she was devastated.

Joanne didn’t know that eventually a change in her diet would result in her getting pregnant.

Eventually Gave Up

The couple were desperate to have a child. Joanne and her partner spent 13 years trying to get pregnant but never succeeding. And just like Dana and Arkell, after so many years, they too gave up.


Justin Lord/Elissa Corrigan

When Joanne was 17, she was diagnosed with POS, which is a condition in where fluid-filled sacs form on the ovaries, creating infertility. At such a young age, she probably didn’t grasp the weight of the news. She was told it was extremely unlikely she would have a baby naturally.

She Had to Change Her Diet

Joanne, age 40, saw a fertility specialist who explained to her something very important that could change her odds of conceiving a baby naturally. It was all about her body weight.


Justin Lord/Elissa Corrigan

Joanne said, “I had been to a fertility specialist and he told me both mine and my partner’s BMI would both have to be below 30 before they could even assist an attempt to get pregnant.” “I was always told I would never be able to have a child naturally because of my fertility problems. Then the doctors said they could only assist me if I lost weight.

She wouldn’t expect that eventually a diet would change her life so dramatically.

Dieting For Years

Joanne has mentioned, “I had been dieting for years and I just couldn’t lose weight. It was then that I resigned myself to never having a child and got on with life instead.”


Justin Lord/Elissa Corrigan

She’s tried so many diets in an attempt to battle the weight. “I found nothing worked for me. In fact, the more diets I tried, the bigger I became,” she said. “When I gave up on my diets each time I would crave sugary things.

A Facebook Ad Changed Her Life

“I never had much motivation for the gym either so I could never burn it off. I had so many health problems that arose because of my weight, I knew I needed to address it, but just didn’t know how and all the advice out there was so conflicting.”


Life Lab Retreat

One day, Joanne saw a Facebook advertisement for nutritional expert Justin Lord and his program called The Life Lab.

She didn’t realize that Justin and his program would change everything.

A Smart Decision

“It was totally by chance that I came across Justin. I don’t know what made me stop and look at the advert, but I clicked on the link anyway,” Joanne said. She read through testimonials from women “like her” who had struggled with their weight yet saw “amazing results.”


Justin Lord/Elissa Corrigan

“I felt anxious paying the money and just clicking a button not knowing what to expect, but as it turns out, it was the best decision ever,” she said. And it’s a good thing she did.

The Plan

Joanne signed up for Justin’s monthly subscription life coaching plan. It began with a vegan diet detox that was to last for a week. The rest of the plan included specific meals and a full life-transformation coaching service.


Hello Magazine

As you can imagine, it was very challenging for her. But she said she started seeing amazing benefits after only five days. “The detox week was probably the hardest, but after that I genuinely loved the food. I was stunned when I lost 11lbs in the first week.”

70 Pounds!

After the full seven months of the program, Joanne managed to lose a five stone. A stone, by the way, is an English metric of weight that equals to 14 pounds. So she lost 70 pounds!



As Joann described it: “The crazy thing was, I was eating more than I was before and when I stopped caring and just ate a healthy nutritious diet, I became slimmer.”

Two months later, she would get the best news of her life.

Two Months Later

After nine months of being on the diet, Joanne found out she was pregnant! And she conceived naturally against all odds! This is what she had been dreaming of since she was a young woman.


Life, Love and Sugar

“I was in total shock when I found out I was pregnant. I ended up doing seven tests before the news actually sunk in.” She said: “I had begun the program in February and by October I was pregnant.”

A Baby Boy

Joanne gave birth to a baby boy whose name is Fletcher. She said it “was the best surprise in the world when I found out. Telling my family was just amazing, they knew how much we had longed for a baby.”


Justin Lord/Elissa Corrigan

And not only was the pregnancy a major positive effect of her new lifestyle, her balanced diet also changed other important aspects of her life as well.

More Confident, Less Anxious

Joanne claimed that her new and balanced diet also helped her deal with her anxiety problems. “I have been on medication for years, but since I have changed my diet and nutrition, my life has changed completely and I’m so much more confident.”



She also said: “I recently got married, which I would never have done before. I wouldn’t have had the guts to stand in front of my friends and family and be the center of attention.”

Justin Lord

Justin Lord, the nutrition guru who basically saved Joanne’s life, has worked with a number of celebrities. He said: “It was an absolute honor to help Joanne with her transformation.


Daily Mail

“Seeing real people get amazing results is why I do what I do.”

Amazingly, women who are diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (POS) can actually get pregnant. As you’ll see in the next amazing story.

Ashley’s Story

Ashley and Tyson Gardner weren’t getting pregnant and they were trying for 8 long years. So they decided to try in-vitro fertilization. Ashley said: “We tried EVERYTHING under the sun. We tried for 8 long years (taking a few months of here and there to keep our sanity!) our efforts included, diet, surgery on my end (laparoscopy), medications then onto 4 fails IUI’s?”


Baby Gaga

They saved the money needed to do IVF and luckily for them it took only one treatment! An ultrasound revealed that Ashley was pregnant with four babies! Her reaction says it all: “OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!” I couldn’t think straight! I had never been so excited and terrified in the same instant. We waited so long to have babies so we were so happy.”

Logan’s Story

When Logan was a teenager, she was diagnosed with severe endometriosis. When she married her husband and decided they wanted to try to start a family, they saw a specialist who put her on treatments in hopes of helping them conceive. After six rounds, Logan was also diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.


Baby Gaga

Logan then had to get medications and injections and the doctors performed a frozen embryo transfer which ended up being successful! Logan gave birth to Bonnie Claire on June 15, 2014. And then a while later, she got pregnant again – this time naturally with no fertility treatments! Bonnie has a big sister now.

Aly’s Story

Aly was only 24 when she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. She and her husband were married for 5 years and trying to conceive but their plans were changed when she had to start cancer chemotherapy. And incredibly, after 16 rounds, she was officially cleared of her cancer.


Baby Gaga

Now, the couple was finally able to try for a baby, but they were still not conceiving. They eventually discovered that the chemotherapy had made her infertile. The couple chose to adopt their little girl, Genevieve. But not long after, Aly discovered that she was pregnant! Amazingly enough, Genevieve’s birth mother became pregnant again and the Taylors adopted her as well. What a family!

Kimberli’s Story

Kimberli and her husband saw a fertility doctor after a long time of not conceiving. The specialist prescribed her a fertility drug to make her body ovulate. Soon, she got pregnant with twins! And they even had two more children after that.


Baby Gaga

Kimberli was so moved by her luck that she made the decision to become a gestational carrier. But when she was being screened, doctors discovered that she suffered from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome which was the reason she couldn’t conceive. And after struggling for years with her own infertility, she is now a proud birth mother to 5 children.

Krista’s Story

Krista was told that pregnancy wouldn’t be possible because of her uterus didelphys, a congenital condition in which a woman has a double uterus. She said “When I met my husband at 20-years-old, I told him I couldn’t have kids, for so many years my husband and I cried, prayed and dreamed of having a child. We both had so many breakdowns because we wanted one so much.”


Baby Gaga

The couple was truly blessed with a miracle when she learned that a sudden weight gain was indeed a pregnancy. They are expecting a baby boy. She said, “After 10 years of trying to have a baby, it just happened, I want women with uterine didelphys to never let anyone tell them miracles can’t happen because they do.”