Could You Survive Living In A Primitive Hut? This Man Did

Chad Zuber amazingly built a hut for himself using nothing but his bare hands. Using nature, he made soap, found food, even created his own needle and thread. With over 20 million views on YouTube what this man has done is quite phenomenal.

Chad has previously worked as an actor as well as a model. He has lived in California. Currently, he is a modern-day explorer and photographer who records all his adventures and shares them across social media. He was born on the 30th of August, 1972 and is 46 years old.

Building the Hut – The Initial Stages

In order to build a hut out of nature, you need to be resourceful. Well, Chad started off using sand and grass and made a mix of mud by throwing water over the mixture.



He made a huge mud pool and then waited for it to dry as the base. He then created more mud and built his own bricks. He allowed the bricks to dry in the sun.

Shaping the Hut

He then proceeded to shape his hut with his hand-made bricks. He carefully put all the bricks together and connected them with mud.



After that, he proceeded to make a roof by binding branches together on the top. He carried on by taking plants and creating a roof for his hut.

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Cooking Soap Plant

Well, you have to eat in nature. You can’t run to the store to buy anything so you have to be really creative. Well, this man dug up some soap plant and cleaned the dirt off.



Soap plant is a plant of the lily family with white flowers, found in dry habitats of California. The fiber-covered bulbs were used as soap by North American Indians.

Placing It On Fire

To cook the soap plant Chad placed it on fire. The fire was made with many dry leaves and branches placed on a clay base.



By the time they are cooked they look simply delicious and slightly charred. Chad enjoys eating his cooked food with fervor.

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Bathing with Soap Plant

Yet again, Chad uses what is available and what is at his disposal. Conveniently, the soap plant is there for him to clean himself with.



As stated before, the North American Indians used this handy plant as soap and were able to clean their whole family with it.

The Process of Soap Making

Chad takes the soap plant, peels them and squashes them with a rock. He then places these soap plant bulbs in a bowl and pours water over them.



He carries on by squashing the bulbs so that bubbles form and he pours that into another bowl. He proceeds to pour water over himself and then pour soap over his head and wash off with water.

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Making a Clay Bowl

Once again, Chad takes mud and creates his own bowl using this “home” made clay. He decorates it the way he wants and makes it rather large.



It actually looks like quite a fun and creative process. Of course, once it is ready there are many things that he can do with this bowl.

Making the Clay Bowl Strong

After the bowl is dry Chad then takes the creation of his bowl to one further step. He places it over fire to completely “bake” and harden.



Once completed, he then goes down to the river and collects water for himself in this self-made clay bowl that I’m sure will really come in handy.

Next: Interior decorating

Primitive Painting

In order for Chad to make primitive paint he first scrapes sap from a tree into a bowl. He collects a big amount of tree sap which he places next to the fire.



He waits for it to melt so that it can be a great substance to paint within his hut. He puts it on the fire and waits.

Painting On the Walls

In order for the paint to hold, Chad scrapes the pattern he wants to paint into the wall before he begins the process.



He has made an interesting design of what looks like animals and creates his own little masterpiece with the paint that he made and it looks really great!

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Making a Clay Cooking Pot

Chad begins his process again of making mud and transforming it into clay and designing a cooking pot into the size of his choice.


He even puts handles on the side and creates a nifty lid for the pot. Yet again he places it over the fire to harden it.

Enjoying the “Fruit of Your Labor”

Once Chad has created his clay cooking pot, it is easy for him them to cook things over the fire, lie back and enjoy the food he has cooked.



There are many natural things he can cook and I’m sure he would be able to make a soup in this delightful clay cooking pot.

Next: Creating a barrier

A Door for the Hut

Nobody wants to live in a house without a door and neither does Chad. He begins by cutting the leaves of plants and binding them together.



After binding them all together with two solid branches, his door symbolizes a bamboo mat in a way. It looks solid and beautiful in its natural state.

Attaching the Door Inside

Using his ingenuity, he attaches the door with strong plant shoots and branches so that it fits perfectly inside the hut.



The way the door works is by lifting it up instead of from the side. Chad lifts it and looks happy at the fact that he accomplished such a feat!

Next: A sweet animal family

The Bird Family at the Hut

At least Chad was not completely alone. People keep pets to care for them and have company. Chad had an adorable family of birds keeping him busy.



This truly was a new family as Chad watched the mother bird feed her babies, which was really sweet to watch.

Caring For a Baby Bird

It seems like a baby bird possibly fell out of her nest. So, Chad, being a good guy, took care of it. He kept her in a box.


Source: Youtube

He would then take her out from the box and feed her worms so the little baby bird could get healthy and strong again.

Next: Creating an oven and stove

Building An Adobe Rocket Stove and Oven

As we have seen, adobe brick is a composite material made of earth mixed with water and an organic material such as straw or dung.



The soil composition typically contains sand, silt, and clay. Here Chad takes his time as he builds an amazing adobe rocket stove and oven.

Getting the Fire Going

After building the adobe rocket stove with his bare hands and laying all the bricks to build the structure, Chad proceeds to the next step.



Chad takes some branches and leaves and creates a strong fire which he places into the stove. It not only warms him up in the night but will provide the means to cook his food with.

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Sleeping in the Hut

You don’t have many options when you are out in the wild and you want to make a bed for yourself. Sure, there is grass outside and certain things that are comfortable but, it is not a mattress.



The floor of Chad’s hut was hard so he had to make something as comfortable as possible – and Chad is quite a tall guy so he couldn’t really stretch his legs.

Making the Best Mattress Possible

Sleeping in the hut can’t be the most comfortable thing but Chad made the best of it. He lay on a mat that he made.



Surrounding him within the hut were candles that I’m sure brought him much calm. There’s one thing for sure – Chad is exceptionally resourceful.

Next: Experimenting with more food

Clay-Baked Fish

Now living in the wild, you don’t want to just live off fruit and vegetables, you can’t. You will get really hungry and lose a lot of weight if you do that.



Luckily for Chad, he got hold of some fish and because he built his own gorgeous adobe rocket stove, he could now cook his fish.

How He Cooks the Fish

Chad takes the clay he has been using and creates a base for the fish. He then covers it and places it carefully into his oven.



After some time in the oven, he takes the clay-baked fish out and breaks away the dried clay to reveal a beautiful piece of cooked fish.

Next: Keeping strong

Exercise with Primitive Weights

Now, Chad is a very well-built guy. He has strong muscles and anyone can see that he works out a lot. Therefore, it’s important that he carries on working out – even in the wild.



Therefore, Chad had to use his ingenuity and create something that would maintain his muscle weight. It was very important to him.

Making Exercise Equipment

Chad concentrated on making weights for himself. He made weights out of clay and wood. In fact, he did such a good job, his weights almost look like the real thing.



Chad made big, circular weights – both big and small. He placed them on a very strong wooden branch. It looks like he is able to adjust the weights. Obviously, Chad is a man of many talents.

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Making a Tasty Fermented Beverage

Most people love fermented beverages – especially beer. Chad decided to make his own version of a tasty fermented beverage.



In order to get started, Chad began the process of making his beverage by collecting red berries into a little bowl. Obviously, Chad was familiar with the berries and knew that they were safe to ingest.

The Process Chad Uses

Chad then adds water to the berries. After that, he takes what looks like honey and mixes it into the berry and water mixture.



He waits a while for everything to mix. He then puts some sort of straw into a bowl and pours the mixture over it. He then takes the straw out and the tasty beverage is ready to drink. After taking a sip he looks very satiated and happy.

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Primitive Sewing Kit

Now, as we can see, Chad is shirtless in all the images and only wears shoes and a pair of khaki shorts. So, what happens when those khaki shorts tear?



Well, Chad has to sew them up, of course. Now, remember, Chad is very creative and really good at making things so it will be interesting to see what he does next.

Making a Needle and Thread

In order to make a sharp needle, Chad takes a plant and strips it and until it is very sharp and dips it in water.


Source: Youtube

He uses a leaf he has stripped a thread. He then proceeds to sew up the hole in his shorts and he does a very good job at it!

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Primitive Bed for the Hut

In order to make an actual bed for the hut, Chad breaks down some bark with a rock and his hands. He continues to smooth out the wood with a rock.



He has now created four wooden bars that hold each other in a rectangular shape. He then adds strong plants to it that he wraps around it.

Getting Comfortable

In order to get totally comfortable on his new bed, he places the “base” of his bed on a brick pillow so that the bed is somewhat elevated.



He then places the mat that he has been previously sleeping on, on top of the base and looks slightly more comfortable lying on a better bed than before.

Next: Delicious and healthy

Primitive Pomegranate Juice

Now, everybody loves fresh fruit juice. What’s especially nice is fresh pomegranate juice. Usually, when ordering pomegranate juice there is a machine to break open the pomegranate quickly.



Since Chad insists on doing everything on his own in nature, he actually takes the pomegranate and tears it open with sharp metal, slicing it carefully.

For the Love of Pomegranates

Chad then squashes the pomegranate rubies with a smooth rock and pours the juice straight into a bowl. The blood red of the pomegranate looks beautiful against the natural scenery.



Chad takes a big sip of his juice and looks very satisfied as he lets out a big sigh. Chad is very strong and that’s why he easily opened the pomegranate and was able to extract juice.

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Primitive Baked Squash

Squash is a very delicious and filling fruit. (Well it’s referred to as a fruit because it has pips in it.) It is nice as a side dish or as a dish on its own and keeps you full for long.



What Chad does to prepare the squash is to get the fire ready in his adobe clay oven. He then scrapes the squash open creating a rectangular opening in it.

Getting the Squash to Cook Perfectly

Chad proceeds to cut a vegetable and place it into the opening of the squash and then covers it with the piece of squash he cut away.



He then puts it into the oven with two branches. He closes off the oven with a brick and waits. He pulls the squash out and it is perfectly cooked which he seems to eat with chopsticks that he made.

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Primitive Acorn Pancake

Now, a primitive acorn pancake actually sounds very interesting and exciting to make. Chad finds some acorns, peels them open and places them into a bowl.



He then soaks them in water inside the bowl and places a big rock on them so that they do not float to the top of the bowl.

Perfecting the Acorn Pancake

Chad then takes the acorns and crushes them into an almost fine powder. He puts them into a bowl and adds more water.



He then proceeds to put it on a clay plate over the fire and cooks his pancake. He takes it off the fire, blows it out and really enjoys his acorn pancake.

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Primitive Prickly Pear Harvest

Now, prickly pears are delicious but, they are called “prickly” pears for a reason and one needs to be very careful when plucking them off cacti.



Chad carefully pulls them off with a branch and rock. He the sticks a branch in each of them and places it in the oven and then into a bowl of cold water.

Enjoying What Mother Earth Gives

The prickly pears look simply delicious with their warm maroon color and Chad is more than eager to open them up carefully and have a bite.



Prickly pears are actually great immunity boosters which Chad will need out in the wild. It improves digestion and strengthens teeth and bones as well.

Next: A really delicious meal

Primitive Potato and Egg Breakfast

Obviously, you can’t live in the wild and eat the same thing every day – that’s where Chad experiments.



This is why Chad decides to make a delicious potato and egg breakfast which will give him energy for the better half of the day.

Enjoying a Bigger Meal

The potato and egg bake is definitely the biggest meal that Chad has made thus far. He put a lot of effort into it by squashing a cooked potato and adding a raw egg to it.


This is by far the most delicious meal Chad has made and he really seems completely satisfied with the taste.

Well, Chad lived for quite some time in this hut and everything recorded here I what he did in his first year. He certainly is a very impressive young man with a multitude of skills and abilities. Guess if you ever get stranded on an island, you know you to take with you.

Here is the video of his time in a primitive hut: