Couple Finds an American Flag at Flea Market and Were Floored What Was Written on It

The flag was covered in writing, full of handwritten messages from fellow platoon members. The flag was a tribute to a fallen soldier, a young Marine named Fred Lee Maciel. He was a 20-year-old when he died serving his country in Iraq in 2005.

This flag was not in the arms of the fallen soldier’s parents. It wasn’t being taken care of by family members. And it wasn’t in a museum. This flag was found at a flea market. That’s right, the sentimental piece of material was being sold among old mugs, carpets, and rocking chairs.

This is a story of a couple who found this flag, understood its meaning, and brought it to the person who needed it the most: the mother. The only question is why was such a meaningful item being sold at a flea market? And for $5, no less. Here’s the story.

A Flea Market Find

Walter Brown and his wife, Lanie, were at a flea market one day and stumbled upon an American flag. Walter picked it up, assuming it was any regular flag and held it in his hands for a while.


He noticed that it was covered in writing, handwriting specifically. It took him a moment or two but then it dawned on him exactly what he was looking at. And he was swept over with sorrow.

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