Couple Takes Home Tiny Shelter Puppy & It Turns Into Something Completely Different

Young puppies are the most gorgeous things in the world. They are excited to get adopted by their new mommies and/or daddies and grow into adult dogs. So, one married couple from England decided to adopt one. The husband just had a big request that the dog was small and manageable.

So, their hunt began and what they found and brought home wasn’t anything they were prepared for. The reason for this will surprise you!

1. On the Hunt

England’s Sue and Robert Markham wanted to adopt a new pet. They wanted a dog, but Robert made one exception: it had to be small.


So, as Robert got up and worked every day, Sue would go on the hunt for the perfect pup.

2. An Easy Task

This was a very convenient task for Sue as she worked at the local kennel. Puppies were often turned in for adoption at this kennel.


So, therefore, she didn’t have to look far to find what she and her husband were looking for.

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3. A Cute Little Puppy

On a certain day, a puppy was given in at the shelter which Sue really liked. She thought he was perfect.


Sue just had to take the little pup from the shelter home but she knew the puppy was hiding a secret that she knew her husband wouldn’t really like.

4. A Hidden Secret

She still felt that she would keep the secret to herself. She named the cute little pup Yogi Bear and brought him home.


Robert wasn’t so sure about the pup at first but soon fell in love and gave in.

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5. The Bear Who Weighed a Pound

Sue actually told a really big lie to her husband. She actually told him that the pup was, in fact, a Jack Russell terrier.


If the pup really was a Jack Russell it would indicate that it would stay a fairly small dog. Small and bouncy, that is!

6. It’s Just a Fib

“I knew Robert didn’t want a big dog,” Sue explained. “So, I told a little fib and said he was a Jack Russell.”


She was really smitten with the dog and felt that if she told her husband what kind of dog the pup really was her husband wouldn’t let her keep it.

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7. He Really Had No Idea

“I thought a big dog would be a lot of work and could be trouble,” Robert admitted. “We only have a small living room. I thought, ‘How much trouble can a Jack Russell be?’”


Poor Robert really had no idea!

8. Wouldn’t Stop Growing

Only a few months passed and Yogi Bear wouldn’t stop growing. He was already, as a pup, bigger than an adult Jack Russell.


Robert was really curious as to know what was “wrong” with his Jack Russell. Did Yogi Bear have mutant genes? He started to realize he had been lied to.

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9. Really Big

“By the time he was five months old, he was bigger than any Jack Russell he came across at the park,” Robert added.


“And he had this big tongue that rolled out of his mouth and a tail like a baseball bat.”

10. Stopping the Lie

Robert confronted his wife about the dog’s true breed and Sue gave up the charade.


“It started to become fairly obvious when Bear dwarfed any other dogs in the village,” she said. “So, the game was up.”

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11. From Tiny to a Ton

This particular dog was the exact opposite of a Jack Russell. In fact, it was nothing like a Jack Russel. In fact, Yogi Bear was a Boston Great Dane!


This dog was definitely not small. This breed can weigh the heavyweight of up to 150 lbs.

12. Too Late – He’s In Love

Robert was very annoyed but it was too late. He was deeply in love with his new friend.


There was no way he was going to ask Sue to give him back or get rid of him. He was part of the family now.

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13. Lots of Character

“He’s a very good-natured dog,” Robert said. “[And he has] a lot of character. So, it would be hard for anyone not to love him or be angry with him.”


Keep in mind that Yogi Bear was a really big dog, so there were some complications along the way.

14. The Dog Needs To Move

When Yogi Bear was 10 years old he a weighed a massive 200 pounds.


For this reason, Robert had to build him a 3-acre field to play in just to be sure he got enough exercise.

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15. Yogi Certainly Ate A Lot

Yogi was not a cheap pet to keep. Besides his regular vet bills through shots that he needed, he needed to eat – a lot.



His food cost $237 and at times he was treated to a breakfast of raw eggs and cooked sausage.

16. A Really Big Dog

Yogi Bear was 6”10 inches long and couldn’t actually fit into a normal dog bed. The couple were kind enough to buy him his own chaise lounge. He was a very lucky dog to have “parents” that cared about him so much.


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17. Part of the Family

Yogi Bear is enormous and he really tries to be one of the family.


“He certainly thinks of himself as a real person,” Sue explained. “He sits on his own sofa and watches the TV with us.”

18. Good Natured

Yogi Bear was an enormous dog but he also had an enormous heart. He was very kind and loving. In fact, his owners liked to call him their “gentle giant.”


He definitely took up a lot of space but he wagged his tail at everyone that crossed his path.

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19. Making Friends With a Feline

He even made friends with a stray cat whom Sue and Robert named Toffee.


“They’re good friends,” Sue said. “Toffee is always following him around, and he will happily lick her on the head very gently. The bear sees Toffee as his own pet, I think, as she’s certainly not our cat.”

20. An Absoloute Joy

Yogi Bear’s life may have started out on a lie but he’s very happy in his home. Even the neighborhood children fell in love with him and flocked to pet him whenever they could.


The married couple have had nothing but joyous memories with their giant pooch!

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21. More Great Dane Love

If you just can’t get enough of Great Danes, there is more to cheer you up:


These black and white Great Danes are one big family!

22. As Big As a Horse

Sometimes dogs have an appetite for horses. The Great Dane is a German breed of domestic dog known for its giant size. The German name of the breed is Deutsche Dogge or German Mastiff.



Great Danes certainly do! The record holder for the tallest dog was a Great Dane called Zeus (died September 2014; aged 5), that measured 111.8 cm from paw to shoulder.

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23. Lap Dogs

Well, all dogs want to sit on your lap, don’t they? In the 19th century, the dog was known as a “German boarhound” in English-speaking countries


PinterestThis Great Dane just wants to be like all other dogs.

24. Being Sneaky

That’s the thing with Great Danes, they are so big and tall they can reach all places in your home.



The Great Dane’s large and imposing appearance belies its friendly nature. They are known for seeking physical affection with their owners, and the breed is often referred to as a “gentle giant”. This Great Dane was being a bit sneaky to say at the least.

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25. So Much Love

Great Danes have such big hearts and have so much love to give. Like most dogs, Great Danes require daily walks to maintain their health.


Daily Mail

It looks like this lady loves getting kisses from her Great Dane.

26. Playing Ball

Everyone likes basketball, right?



Even this Great Dane adores the game so much he plays it the only way he knows how – with his mouth.

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27. Playing Twister

Twister is such a popular game. Everyone just loves to get twisted.



He just has to scratch that itch on his foot so this – really helps! Maybe getting twisted is just a fun part of being such a big dog.

28. Being Goofy

Great Danes are sometimes just big goofballs.



This particular Great Dane loves pulling faces. His antics are a riot!

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29. Sticking Your Tongue Out

By the look of that smile, you can see that this is one happy Great Dane.



He is so happy that he just has to stick his tongue out – and look at the size of it!

30. Please Adopt Me

Just remember that no matter how big a Great Dane is all they want is love.



They all start off as gorgeous tiny pups – they even apparently enjoy apartment living. All they need is love. Next time you go to a shelter and see a Great Dane think about taking him or her home as it will only bring joy to your life!