Dog Keeps Poking at Pregnant Woman’s Belly and Helps Uncover a Serious Problem

Pets Know Best


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Animals have strange and amazing abilities. Our pets aren’t just cuddly and cute. They can also save our lives. And that’s what happened to an English woman named Alhanna Butler. Her dog just wouldn’t stop poking around at her belly. The dog’s strange behavior actually ended up saving her life. This is her incredible story.

A Sixth Sense


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Some animals have a sixth sense that allows them to detect certain energies and subtle emotions. And they can even detect human ailments. It’s an amazing ability they have that not all of us have the blessing to see. But Alhanna did and she’s absolutely grateful for it.

Her dog is an Akita Inu, an American strain of a Japanese breed. Her name is Keola. And what she did was astounding.

Keola Wasn’t So Excited


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When Alhanna and her fiancé found out that she was pregnant, they were ecstatic. But their dog, Keola, wasn’t as excited. She began acting strange; she would poke and whimper at Alhanna’s belly for hours at a time. At first, Alhanna ignored the dog’s strange behavior. She shrugged it off as quirky behavior that dogs can have. They do have personalities. So she didn’t think too much of it.

Little did she know the reason behind it.

A Long Time Coming


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Alhanna and Ricky had been trying to have a baby for a while, and they couldn’t believe their luck when they finally got pregnant. They were excited to start a family, but Keola’s acting weird was beginning to create an uncomfortable feeling. The otherwise peaceful dog began acting strangely. Other than her poking and whining, she was always lying as close to Alhanna as possible.

Soon, Alhanna and her fiancé, Ricky, of South Yorkshire, England, learned firsthand what dogs have the ability to do.

Shrugged it Off


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Alhanna had no idea why her otherwise fun and loving dog was being this way. She decided to ignore the odd behavior. She was so excited and looking forward to being a mom that her dog wasn’t going to change the way she felt. She wanted to continue staying positive and happy.

Later on, she would realize that was a mistake. That Keola was actually trying to tell her something incredibly important.

So Far So Good


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Meanwhile, Alhanna’s pregnancy was going well, and she was super excited to experience motherhood. Although she felt great, it became harder and harder to ignore Keola’s increasingly strange behavior. Her fiancé even noticed that Keola was spending a significant amount of time hovering around Alhanna. Wherever she went, the dog would follow. At first, the couple just thought it was an odd phase…

But in her 18th week of pregnancy, Alhanna suddenly developed a sharp pain in her back.

Something Was Wrong


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Alhanna’s sudden back pain was so strong that she could barely walk. Understandably worried, they knew they needed to get medical help. So her fiancé rushed her to the hospital. They were terrified of what it could mean for their unborn child.

However, the doctors couldn’t find anything wrong. They told Alhanna she was suffering back pain because the weight of the baby was putting stress on her body. So they went home.

But she knew something wasn’t right.



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Both Alhanna’s and her dog’s instincts were being listened to. As soon as Alhanna returned home, she went on Facebook and told her friends about her situation. She told them about Keola’s behavior and about the back pain.

Her friends immediately told her to listen to Keola’s instincts. Even though the doctors couldn’t find anything wrong, the dog was likely sensing a very real problem.

But what is it then if the doctors didn’t find anything?

Their Instincts Were Right


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Alhanna’s mother persuaded her to go to the doctor for more tests. She was certain Keola’s behavior wasn’t a mere coincidence. So she went and got more examinations and waited anxiously to hear what it was that was causing her pain as well as her dog to act to strangely.

It turns out that something really was wrong. Alhanna found out she had a double kidney infection and she was actually close to death!

Right on Time


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Alhanna was immediately placed on a serious antibiotic regimen, and she got all she needed to repair her kidney damage. Her treatment was done right on time, because after a few weeks, she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy! They named him Lincoln.

The question now was how Keola would react. Would she still act so strangely?

Best Buddies


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As soon as Alhanna brought her son home from the hospital, Keola was instantly smitten with the new family addition. It was as if she knew how close Lincoln and his mother were to danger the whole time.

Keola spends as much time as she can with her new little brother. Despite her size, she knows how to be gentle when she’s around little Lincoln. The two started to become best buddies.

Nervous at First


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At first, Alhanna and Ricky were both a little nervous about letting Keola spend so much time around their little baby. They monitored the two all the time. But Keola really proved that she was more than fit to be around a baby. And Lincoln was never scared or bothered at all by Keola.

Like Two Peas in a Pod


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Keola and Lincoln are inseparable. And Alhanna and Ricky are thrilled. There’s no place in the world Lincoln would rather be than sitting next to his four-legged friend. And it looks like the feeling is mutual.

Alhanna and Ricky couldn’t believe how smart Keola is and how her behavior caused them to find out something so important. Without her constant poking around and whining, Alhanna may not have continued to get checked out by her doctors.

The Happy Family


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Alhanna and Ricky have a great life together in South Yorkshire. They bring Lincoln everywhere and are enjoying their new little family.

Alhanna thinks about her close call with death nearly every day. She can’t believe that Keola’s intuition was spot on. Had she believed the initial doctor, she wouldn’t have survived.

Listen to Your Gut


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This story is one example of how crucial it is to listen to your gut. And that of your pet’s too! If you don’t feel right and you something is wrong, you need to keep asking questions and eventually you’ll find the answer. Clearly, it can be a life-saving decision!