Dogs Growing Up With Their Owners: It Felt Like Only Yesterday When They Were So Small!

We don’t have to convince you that dogs are a man (ahem, person’s) best friend. The furry creatures have made their way into the homes of humans all of the world and within moments become part of the family. Kids and adults alike will agree that a home without a dog just isn’t complete. Right?

We’re glad you agree. So anyway, we thought some photos of people growing up with their dogs would make your day and warm your heart. Seeing these cute as can be photos will make you smile. Trust us.

Before And After Deployment – He Missed His Best Friend!

What a heartwarming reunion. This dog was adorable before and still is now, but holy moly that’s a big transformation!



Who do you think is happier that he came back home to reunite with his best buddy? The dog or the marine? The only difference between the palpable happiness from this photo is that the dog’s tongue is sticking out.

A Little Girl and Her Best Friend Lily

This photo was taken by a dad who just had to capture the same moment twice, two years apart, of his daughter and her best buddy Lily, the Boxer.


Bored Panda

His daughter clearly appreciates the good things in life. Cuddling up with your dog is by far the comfiest and peaceful things you can ever do. Period.

The next photo shows just how fast some dogs grow!

You Can Say They Grew a Little

Just saying that your dogs have grown a lot wouldn’t cut it. Sometimes you need visuals to fully grasp what’s going on. Here’s a perfect example.


Bored Panda

But puppy or full grown, these dogs make their way into our hearts and it still feels like the day they were brought into the house. But wow, they must be heavy. And she must be strong!

A Year With Koda

This is an adorable Koda. And the little girl is pretty cute herself! We would like to applaud whoever took these photos during this year for a few reasons.


Bored Panda

Firstly, the girl’s room looks amazing! Beautiful window seat and great organization. And secondly, committing to taking the same photo three times to show the difference is dedication. And we appreciate it.

Next up, from teeny tiny to holy moly!

From 1 Month to 1 Year

Like we said before, dogs grow so fast! Within one year, this little puppy grew to be almost the same size as his owner. It looks like he’s having trouble picking him up, he must be so heavy.


Pic Collage

There’s something about dogs where they just don’t seem to understand their size. That goes for small and large dogs alike. This dog thinks he’s as light as a feather.

Her Best Friend and Babysitter

If you’re not smiling or feeling moved by this photo then we question if you’re human or not. How cute is this? He watched over her as a baby and became her best friend.



The parents must love seeing a deep bond between their daughter and the family dog. The girl is obviously in love with her furry friend.

You gotta see the next beast of a dog who was once a little fluffball.

Did the Dog Get Bigger or the Guy Get Smaller?

Talk about a beast! The little fur ball of puppy became a gigantic bear-sized animal. We’re not sure how much time has passed, but the size difference is unbelievable.



We have no idea how he can even manage to pick up the huge dog. He’s bigger than his owner!

10 Years in the Making

This series of photos should go down in history and they should win an award. These photos were taken throughout 10 years of father, daughter, and pet love.


Made in CCCP

What’s fun to see is that both the girl and the dog and cat are visibly aging. We love this beyond words!

If you wanna see a boy and his dog 20 years apart, see the next photo!

20 Years Later and Still Going Strong

We’re so glad that this dog lived to at least 20! That’s not very common among our canine friends, unfortunately. But luckily, this boy and his dog had a 20+ year friendship.


Bored Panda

It’s always tough when the family pet passes away after spending so much time as a member of the family. But the goal is to live long and happy lives.

Dog Smile Too

How sweet is this? At first, the little puppy didn’t know what was going on. But all those years later, she couldn’t help but also smile for the camera, along with her best pal.



Who says dogs don’t smile. They do! Just look at this photo!

Next is a photo in which grey hairs show the time difference, but not on the dog.

14 Years and a Lots of Grey Hairs Later

This dog ages well! After 14 years, he looks pretty much the same. We can’t say the same for the guy though. He went from long shiny hair to short and grey. But hey, that’s normal!


Something funny about these photos is the contrast between the dog and his owner. The dog looks unamused but his owner is as happy as can be.

Is That a Dog or a Bear?

Did this man bring home a dog or a bear? Or maybe even a hybrid of the two. Lying down on your owner’s tummy may be easy when you’re a pup…


But lying on his tummy when you’re that big looks painful. We’re not sure if the guy is breathing.

Next is a dedicated woman and her larger than life German Sheppard.

From 8 Weeks To 8 Months

Oh, how we love our dedicated photographers. This woman committed to wearing the same clothes and standing in the same spot while each time holding up her increasingly large German Sheppard.


Bored Panda

And the result is priceless. Her hard work paid off and it can never be undone. Good work.

11 Years Later

What is it about life where you just blink and suddenly 11 years have passed? These two best friends are still closer than ever 11 years later.


What’s amusing to think about is that when the first photo was taken, the boy had no idea that 11 years later, he would have the exact same photo taken. Mind trip!

Next, a man and his dog 12 years later!

Exactly 12 Years Apart

We’ll keep the chronological order and show you a photo of a 12-year difference. Not only is the white Husky and his owner visible different so is the neighborhood.


Bored Panda

It looks like everything changed, other than the grass. The houses, the dog, the guy, the cars, all different. But the grass? Still perfectly cut and flawlessly green.

Not 12 Years…12 Weeks Apart

That’s right, it’s been only 12 weeks since this husky was the size of an infant. 3 months later and this little Husky isn’t so little anymore.



And 3 months later, this girl is wearing the same shorts. Was it on purpose? By accident? Or does she only wear one pair of shorts every day? Yes, sometimes we get sidetracked.

Next, a veterinarian cares for the same dog after 15 years.

Veterinarian Takes Care of the Same Dog for More Than 15 Years

Not only do the owners of the dogs get to enjoy them and take photos all those years later. So do the veterinarians that take care of the dogs.


Bored Panda

This man must be the beloved family veterinarian that just had to pose again, 15 years later, with the older and greyer Beagle.

From 8 Weeks to 5 Months!

Winston is all grown up! And he has no idea that he’s as huge as he is. When he looks in the mirror, he still sees the puppy version of himself when he was 8 weeks old.



This is just another example of how dogs don’t get their size. Either they don’t understand or they don’t want to.

Next: a marine and his dog are both in camo.

Both Still in Camouflage, Two Years Later

It doesn’t happen every day when you get to see dogs and people that actually look similar. Not that they look alike per se, but the dog is in his own natural camo gear!



And two years of not seeing this guy, he must have loved to be picked up like the day he was held before his owner left for duty.

Growing Up Together, Hand in Hand

Cuteness alert! Little puppy and little baby, holding hands. Just the one would do. But a double whammy, with a second photo a few years later? Cuteness overload.


Bored Panda

The two were off to a great start and we’re positive these two are going to be the best of friends.

Next, a doggie selfie worth seeing!

14 Years and Counting

Once upon a time, before selfies were invented, people took photos of other people… and their dogs. But 14 years later, selfies came around.


Bored Panda

The girl grew up and the puppy did too, but he’s older and greyer. Regardless, the two pals are still inseparable.

From Golden Doodle to Brown Bear

Did you know that it takes exactly 9 months for a puppy to become a bear? This photo is proof, just saying. And we’re amazed.



It’s insane to see how fast these dogs grow! Each time it’s amazing to see. How cute is it that the dog knew to pose in the exact same way each time? Adorable.

You should see the next marine’s photo, 6 years after duty.

6 Years After Serving the Nation

Eli the Poodle was with his owner, a marine, on his first and last day of National Guard. Knowing dogs and their undeniable love and loyalty, Eli must have waited by the door for a long time, waiting for him to come home.


Bored Panda

Poodles are pretty smart, so Eli probably figured his friend wasn’t coming home. Which makes the surprise appearance so much more special!

Growing Up Together, As Precious as Can Be

What’s cuter than seeing babies and dogs? Well, maybe seeing them grow up together is even cuter. Take these two photos as an example.


Bored Panda

A little baby and her bottle and little puppy resting on her tummy. Fast forward a few years and toddler is now lying on her dog’s tummy. Love it!

Boy and Dog, 10 Years of Love and Counting

This photo was taken by the boy’s brother, showing the love for Domino the dog after 10 years.


Bored Panda

Both the dog and the guy look absolutely different in each photo!

You won’t believe the size of the next dog!

Still a Puppy At Heart

If this is actually the same dog just full grown, that means this girl looks exactly the same, not changing, and also wearing the same clothes and hairdo exactly.


Bored Panda

Anyways, this dog is a beast! And if he was standing up straight, he would tower over her!

14 Years Later, Mommy Still Loves You

At first, the little pup was reaching up to his new mommy to give her a kiss. And then 14 years later, the tables have turned a bit.



Now mama is reaching towards her dog for a kiss. We’re sure it’s mutual, though. The two look like they’re been inseparable from the beginning.

A Re-Take on New Year’s Eve

This photo was retaken on New Year’s Eve with his little brother and the family dog 11 years later. Both photos were on New Year’s Eve. So it’s pretty impressive!



The second time around, the dog knew he needed to look at the camera this time. He might not be around in another 11 years.

If you love babies and dogs, see the next lovable picture.

From the Moment They Met

From the moment they met, the two were attached. This dog definitely watches over his friend everywhere she goes.



We just can’t get over the first picture on the left. Both baby and puppy are the most adorable things ever!

Sigurd, 1 Year Old Now!

We first want to know what kind of name is Sigurd? While we’re waiting for an answer, we can comment on the fact that this dog/wolf is huge!


Bored Panda

How long can she even hold up this white bear? She probably wanted the person who took the photo to hurry up because any second the dog was going to fall out of her shaking arms.

If you wanna see another baby and dog timeless bond, see the next photo.

14 Years Apart

At first, the baby and the dog were looking to the side, probably at the photographer. But when the second time came around…



This time both guy and dog are staring straight at us and smiling. Say cheese! That’s a gigantic dog by the way.

Happy Birthday Buddy!

This woman photographed her then puppy turned full-grown Golden Lab on her 8th birthday. And the photo just warms our heart.



The mutual love that humans and dogs share sometimes leaves us without words. And this is one of those times.

It’s Been 13 Years, But Who’s Counting?

The two have been sleeping next to each other, curled up and comfy, for over 13 years now. We’re guessing they both sleep amazingly well.



This little Weiner dog is much older but no less loveable.

Next, a little girl, dress up, and her furry friend.

A Puppy and a Princess

These two photos were taken 3 years apart. The first was of their daughter was one and the dog was all of 8 weeks.



They’ve been best friends ever since, and we’re going to assume that the dog gets the occasional princess costume now and then. But he doesn’t mind.

Family Portrait, 10 Years Later

Finally, a family portrait to add to the list! It took a second to even notice the little puppy on the mom’s lap! She was sleeping peacefully and tiny as can be.



10 years later, she’s not so small anymore. And sleeping peacefully may not be as easy as it once was.

He Kept the Sweater!

How great is this? The dog and his owner are growing up before our eyes. And the best part? He kept his sweater!



Either he knew he was going to keep taking the same photo or he just loved the sweater that much.

He’s Still Waiting for That Snack

Dogs always know where to be when snacks are being eaten. They hear that pop of the lid being opened and they come running.



Poor little fella, still waiting for his share of the snack. No, but really, all those years have passed and we can tell that this hound had his share of fatty foods.

Same Smile, Same Stare

We don’t know exactly how many years have gone by here. But let’s say 15. And her furry friend still gives her the same look he did when she was a little toddler.



That stare can be a look of hunger, waiting for her to give him a piece of her cookie. Or it could be a look of undeniable love, transmitting his feelings via his stare. Or it could be both.

Older Boy, Same Fluffball

This boy grew up but still likes to lie on the floor with his best friend and pose for pictures. The dog, however, looks pretty much the same. Shiatzus don’t get much bigger.



The only difference in the dog’s appearance is maybe a few hundred fewer strands of hair around her eyes.

Sleeping Buddies

Cuddling together doesn’t get any more adorable than this. The first photo shows a moment when the dog is even happier than the baby. And the second shows the two fully asleep while cuddled together. Precious.



If you have a dog, maybe we inspired you to look back at some old photos of you and your dog that you can retake now!