Dogs Growing Up With Their Owners: It Felt Like Only Yesterday When They Were So Small!

We don’t have to convince you that dogs are a man (ahem, person’s) best friend. The furry creatures have made their way into the homes of humans all of the world and within moments become part of the family. Kids and adults alike will agree that a home without a dog just isn’t complete. Right?

We’re glad you agree. So anyway, we thought some photos of people growing up with their dogs would make your day and warm your heart. Seeing these cute as can be photos will make you smile. Trust us.

Before And After Deployment – He Missed His Best Friend!

What a heartwarming reunion. This dog was adorable before and still is now, but holy moly that’s a big transformation!



Who do you think is happier that he came back home to reunite with his best buddy? The dog or the marine? The only difference between the palpable happiness from this photo is that the dog’s tongue is sticking out.

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