Economist Hacked the Lottery System and Won 14 Times. And Guess What? He’s Sharing His Winning Formula

To give you some perspective on how extraordinary this is, consider the fact that you’re four times as likely to be struck by lightning than to win the lottery. And now you can reflect on the fact that a Romanian economist, named Stefan Mandel, actually won the lottery 14 times. Anyone in their right mind would say that’s absolutely impossible. But on the contrary, it is indeed possible.

Mandel found a way to hack the lottery system and win all those times…legally. He created a formula that essentially worked, considering he’s made millions around the world and lives in a beach house on a remote island. And his acts changed the lottery laws forever. So if you want to know how he did it, stick around. And we’ll even show you his winning formula.

February 15, 1992

Just after 11 PM on a regular winter day, a ball machine at the Virginia State Lottery HQ spits out the 6 winning numbers on live TV: 8… 11… 13… 15… 19… 20.


A few days later, officials found out that one “person had won not only the $27,036,142 jackpot, but 6 second prizes, 132 third prizes, and 135 minor prizes. The collective worth of the secondary and other prized being $900,000.

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