Find out How a Makeover Made Miracles for This Couple Who Is Married for Five Decades

When two people never give up in life cross paths, chances are they are going to stay together forever.

How do couples who have lived for so many years together can still enjoy whatever they do and enjoy the company of each other? After all, getting into a committed relationship is already hard enough; maintaining one is certainly not a walk in the park.

But how do you keep a relationship that lasts decades? How do you maintain your commitment to your loved one in the next decade or two, or say five? Impossible, you say?


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Not true, at least for this couple who faced life’s challenges as one, and continue to do so. Meet this couple who made that once-in-a-lifetime choice that others may think to do so otherwise, especially if they have reached old age.

#RelationshipGoals, anyone?

Meet the Couple

Meet the couple for the ages, Kevin and Jo Taylor.

They first met in 1967 when Kevin was just 16 years old and Jo, 14. For others, their ages may be too young to be committed in a relationship, but they proved to everyone that age is not the only factor when it comes to love, devotion, and commitment.

Kevin have known Jo since their school days. Their story seems to be the quintessential classic love story: the two studied, played, and partied together. You could say Kevin and Jo shared most experiences while they were growing up.


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Ever since the two became friends, Kevin and Jo became childhood sweethearts. As years went by, the two eventually made a loving family.

It was happy times at first, and over the years, they nurtured and grew. Months became years, and years, became decades. Until one day, they realized they needed something to change.

Fast forward 50 Years

Nearly five decades passed, the two realized they were happy but already old. The couple raised five children who quickly turned into adults, and started building their own families. From there, grandchildren, and later, great-grandchildren started piling up. You can just imagine the fun times they have had with their grandchildren and great-grandchildren.


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Despite all the years they have been together, Kevin and Jo have always found comfort from each other. Both considered the other their foundation and rock. Looks and style have never been an issue to the couple, who both love each other whatever their appearances are, or what they wear.

Trust is Important

Trust is something that Kevin and Jo could show to other couples why theirs work. For them, commitment means trusting your partner and accepting one’s mistakes and learning from the experience.


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An Adventurous Life

When they started going out, Jo said Kevin was very dashing and handsome. He even reminded her of a young heartthrob Patrick Swayze.


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But what made the two stay together was their love for adventure and trying out new things. The two have never been afraid to explore new adventures, regardless of their age. In fact, the two often travel around their place using Kevin’s Harley-Davidson motorcycle, getting fun of their lives like they are newlyweds.

Life is One Big Adventure

Kevin recalled the time he had fallen in love with Jo the very time he saw her. Even though she was his junior at their school, he said, there was something about Jo that attracted him to her.


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One common thing about the couple was they looked at life as one big adventure, a journey that should be seen as an uncommon and unique experience.

A new Kevin and Jo?

When Kevin and Jo realized their young appearances were over and their hair grew grey, they got to do more things they never did before, having more time to spend on adventures they never had the time to do.


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They had been busy all this time taking care of their children.

Adventurous Spirits

Ever since they are together, Kevin has always thought that one should make his or her day count. This means, doing some activity or experience new every day.


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Even though she tells Kevin is “crazy” for his belief, Jo agrees. In fact, she joins Kevin every time Kevin goes out on a ride with his Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The two always spelled adventure every time they go out.

Kevin and Jo, the Social Rebels?

Kevin and Jo clearly like to make adventures in life. But the truth is, they are not huge fans of making any risk when it comes to their styles or appearances. After all, they have been enjoying the finer aspects of life together, so why should one care about how one looks or appears to other people?


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Kevin has been keeping a long beard, while Jo stays with her lengthy locks. The couple continued with their lives without even bothering about giving their looks a change.

Grooming? Hell, No

Grooming was never on Kevin and Jo’s must-do lists. For years, Kevin did not even bother to shave his beard. That is also the same case with Jo, who never bothered when it comes to trimming her hair. For the couple, getting a new appearance or style was never an idea that crossed their mind.


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But times change, and so do people, even the likes of Kevin and Jo.

Something Strange

Given their busy lives every day, Kevin and Jo had no time to search for grooming choices available. He, of the bushy beard, and she, of the long rough hair, had no time grooming, as both were busy managing their lives.


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An Unexpected Gift

Before the 50th anniversary of the couple, Kevin and Jo’s children and grandchildren were planning the best gift they can present to the best couple they have been with.


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Certainly, the event was a huge thing for the couple’s children and grandchildren, who always wanted to give them a special event. They agreed on a surprise that was amazing but at the same time uncertain.

An Amazing Opportunity

Then comes “Ambush Makeover,” a television program that partnered with Today News, a channel where the program is broadcasted.


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The program is popular for changing the lives of its subjects for the better. Not surprisingly, Kevin and Jo were new to the program. Their children applied for the show hoping the show will call their parents, trying to get the kind of transformation they are looking for.

Makeover Session

Kevin and Jo were chosen for the program’s makeover session and invited on Valentine’s Day to inspire young couples out there.


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It was a gift from their children and show members just before they attain five decades of their blissful marriage. Will Kevin and Jo now open to welcome the invitation?

Extremely Excited

Jo was excited by the concept of a makeover in the show, offering to replace the decades-old hairstyle she has.


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But Kevin was not on the same page: the whole makeover thing was not his cup of tea, offering his explanations for saying no to the idea.

Trying to Let Go of the Beard

Kevin’s beard actually falls all the way till his chest. He was a little bit proud that his beard took so many years to grow. The bread was so long that one could even describe him having the “Santa Claus” look.


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For Kevin, his beard was a very crucial part of his look. He had no problem with his beard, even though he complained at times his beard had been growing too long already.

Completely Unbelievable

The two finally shed off their old appearances, and their loved ones had been excited to see the new looks of Kevin and Jo.


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They were are all waiting for the big day that the couple were going to unravel their new look.

This is the Day Your Life Will Surely Change

It was finally the time to see Kevin and Jo in their “Ambush Makeover” special. The two arrived the location using their beloved Harley.


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The couple understandably wanted to ask producers how the segment will go and other details. But the two never hesitated. For them, it was just another adventure for them.

Master of Scissors

Among the people who would do wonders for Kevin and Jo was Louis Licari, known for his expertise when it comes to peoples’ hair.


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Licari is a noted member of the fashion industry, somebody can tell you just by looking at your face the style that will suit you most. Licari owns a famous salon in New York named Licari Cutler.

Styling Diva

American television personality Jill Martin also joins another judge in the show. She clinched the Emmy Awards ten times, making her a credible person when it comes to the styling world and entertainment. Martin is also a writer for various magazines.


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Martin is an American sportscaster and television figure.

Meeting the Stylists

When the couple met their two stylists, Kevin and Jo finally realized that the people are there to do the makeover they badly need.


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Jo cannot help but explain the history of her long locks to the stylists, Kevin talked about how he had been accustomed to his beard.

The Makeover

Before the two’s makeover could begin, the couple were told by the show’s staff members they cannot see each other, especially while the makeover procedure was going place. So, Kevin and Jo said temporary farewells to each other before heading to their rooms.


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On the show, the audience showed it liked Kevin and Jo, who seemed they had so much to share about devotion and life.

What does this mean? This means couples do not need to follow social rules when it comes to love.

Locks of Love

The people were watching the program, but behind the stage, it was a completely a different scenario. Licari made sure Jo’s hair was well-taken care of. But he also made sure Kevin’s beard was done beautifully.


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Licari really did his part in bringing back Kevin and Jo’s hair back to life. That is despite the initial protest by Kevin, who did not see anything problematic about his experience or the need to change his experience to suit the tastes of anyone, including Jo.

The Revelation

After the makeover of the couple, it was time for Kevin and Jo to bring them face to face. Actually, the event was not just for the two but for everyone, including their loved ones, the organizers, the producers, as well as the audience. When the two finally came out, everyone basically stood stunned and surprised to see them.


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For their children, Kevin and Jo’s makeover are a big thing for their family, who want their very best for them.


Jo came on stage the first, looking very dazzling. Her preference for wearing loose and ill-fitted clothes was long gone. She was now sporting a fitted jacket. Her amazing change came as an unbelievable surprise for her children and grandchildren.


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Jo seemed she was more gorgeous and confident. But it was not surprising at all, given her penchant to stay and go with Kevin, anywhere and everywhere he goes.

This reminds everyone to support his or her partner’s endeavors, whether he or she is starting a new business or livelihood, or make choices for the well-being of the family.

Mr. Fashionable

Kevin looked so perfect in his makeover. His beard was all cut down. Kevin was wearing a tux that suited him. He was carrying red flowers for his beloved Jo as well. For Jo, it looks like as if Kevin is a new person, reminding her of the time when Kevin first courted her.


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It is just surprising to see Kevin, trying a new hairdo and style to woo Jo anew, reminding her of the first time they met together when they were still children.

The Special Moment

Kevin and Jo just showed us they will always be in love until the end of time. They are a living testament that a long-lasting love can only grow as time goes by, regardless of challenges ahead of them.


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Cheers to Kevin and Jo as they start this new stage of their relationships together.

What Does This Mean for Couples?

Kevin and Jo tells us about the need that couples need to involve in couple activities, whether they are romantic date nights or even crazy adventures for couples to help you cement the special relationship with your significant other.

A harmonious relationship can be filled with times that you and your loved one can create wonderful memories, which can bring you and your closer together, making you laugh and even nonverbally saying “I love you.”


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Long-term commitments can change you, for good or bad. Love has the magic to transform you and your loved one, so it is better you choose well and pick somebody who will grow with you and nurture you for a long time.

Trust Is a Fundamental Thing

Consider trust as the first and probably most important criterion when it comes successful long-term relationships. Can you count on your loved one as the proverbial rock in your life? Does your partner also trust you the same way? Without trust, everything else tumbles down.


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For some peoples, trust can be such a complicated thing. Others trust blindly, even though their partners are not. Look at your loved one’s trustworthiness based on his or her dependability record, and not based on wishful thinking or promises that were not met.

Lesson in Love and Life

Every long-term pair will face difficult phases or even problems in their relationship. But no matter what adversity or challenge that comes your way, you must remember that you and your significant others are both on the same team. You are one in anything, even going through some rough patches.


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When you remember this lesson in love and life, the chances of you staying in a relationship for years, or even decades, would be higher. As long as you have devotion, trust, and love for one other, a long-term relationship is always possible.

So, do you think you can stay committed with another person for a long time?