Modern Family Star, Takes Photo with an Accidental Celeb Fan, Not Realizing Who She Is

Posing In Front of the Camera



The Modern Family actor was just doing his own thing at an airport lounge when this woman approached him and asked to take a photo with him. She was excited, and she happily thanked Ed for the photo and walked on and later uploaded the photo on social media. The internet went wild when they found out her identity.

What’s Special About Ed?


Ed O’Neill and Catherine Rusoff attend the Global Green 20th Anniversary Environmental Awards at Alexandria Ballrooms on September 29, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Todd Williamson/Getty Images)

Ed is such a naturally funny actor that it’s not surprising fans of the TV show would want to take photos with him. He bounced back to fame in 1987 when he appeared as the lead in the TV series “ Married with Children “. The show and his performance became critically acclaimed with Ed leading the series to its success. The show ran for many seasons, a total of 11 so he wasn’t expecting that this fan of his was also a star.

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