Money Often Costs Too Much – Lottery Winners Who Lost It All

Ibi Roncaioli Murdered over Money

Ibi Roncaioli was an Ontario resident who walked away with $5 million when she won the Lotto in 1991. However, she didn’t tell her husband Joseph Roncaioli how she was going to spend it. Joseph, a gynecologist, was not pleased when he found out that Ibi gave $2 million of her winnings to a secret child she had with another man. However, what happens next is even more shocking.


Source: Lovemoney

According to The Toronto Star, When Joseph found out about what she did with some of that money, he was so angry. So angry that he poisoned her with painkillers and killed her. He was convicted with manslaughter charges. He also reportedly asked Ibi’s family to help pay the bill for her funeral. The Nerve!

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