Musician’s Selfie with Adorable Dog Leads to Cops Knocking on Door

It really is a joy to find your perfect dog at a shelter. Sparks fly through the air and you know it is love. Well, the man in this story that adopted his dog went out of his way to protect his dog – even when the cops came knocking just because of a selfie that was posted on Facebook.

The Dream

Dan Tillery and his girlfriend both shared the dream of owning their own dog. Unfortunately, they had been renting and the landlord didn’t allow it. Fate changed for them and they soon became homeowners.


Now that the couple owned their very own house, they immediately made a plan to get a beautiful dog for their new home!

The Perfect Dog

The couple began their search for the dog they had always dreamt of and started looking online. After all, these days, that’s the easiest way to find a dog.


They looked at the website for the Detroit Dog Rescue to see if they liked any of the dogs there. They both saw an adorable white dog called Sir Wiggleton. Something clicked and they knew that this was the dog for them.

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