Musician’s Selfie with Adorable Dog Leads to Cops Knocking on Door

It really is a joy to find your perfect dog at a shelter. Sparks fly through the air and you know it is love. Well, the man in this story that adopted his dog went out of his way to protect his dog – even when the cops came knocking just because of a selfie that was posted on Facebook.

The Dream

Dan Tillery and his girlfriend both shared the dream of owning their own dog. Unfortunately, they had been renting and the landlord didn’t allow it. Fate changed for them and they soon became homeowners.


Now that the couple owned their very own house, they immediately made a plan to get a beautiful dog for their new home!

The Perfect Dog

The couple began their search for the dog they had always dreamt of and started looking online. After all, these days, that’s the easiest way to find a dog.


They looked at the website for the Detroit Dog Rescue to see if they liked any of the dogs there. They both saw an adorable white dog called Sir Wiggleton. Something clicked and they knew that this was the dog for them.

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Sir Wiggleton

Sir Wiggleton was an American Bulldog who was two years old. Someone brought him into the shelter when they saw him roaming the streets.


He had called the shelter home for about 100 days before Dan saw his picture, and it was love at first site.

Life is Better With a Dog

Dan and his girlfriend drove over to the shelter. They then signed what needed to be signed, and soon enough, Sir Wiggleton was on his way to his new forever home.


The shelter, of course, was ecstatic that Sir Wiggleton had found a home and a lovely family to be with.

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A Happy Dog

For Dan, as soon as he saw Sir Wiggleton’s photo it was love at first sight. It was as if fate had intervened and placed the two together.


Dad decided that Sir Wiggleton’s name needed changing and decided to call him Diggy. It is at this point that things should be left at happily ever after.

Meant To Be

There was an instant connection between the two, and Diggy adored and loved his new owners just as much as they loved him.


Things seemed to be going perfectly for Diggy and Dan, but they had no idea what trouble was coming their way.

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Social Media Savvy

Dan was extremely happy to have Diggy. Dan was a musician and often shared memorable images on many social media platforms.



Since he, like so many of us, are so used to sharing our personal lives on social media, he figured that this exciting moment should be no exception.

The Ultimate Selfie Dog

Dan felt Diggy was so absolutely adorable, that everyone else would agree with him. So, he started taking selfies with the wiggly Diggy to share with the world.



Who wouldn’t share selfies of their family members? After all Diggy was now family and belonged to the pack – Dan and his girlfriend.

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The Sweetest Face

Diggy just has the most adorable face, complete with his charming smile. When Dan started taking pictures of Diggy it’s almost like he knew he was being photographed, and he just took to it.


Diggy naturally had a big goofy smile, which is one of the things that made Dan and his girlfriend fall in love with him. And with that smile out there for the world to see, what could possibly go wrong? Well, unfortunately they were about to find out.

A Dangerous Selfie?

Dan posted his pictures of Diggy without second guessing. At the end of the day, they were just sharing innocent fun. With a face like Diggy’s, how could the world possibly resist loving him?


Most people adore images of dogs online but Dan never thought that it might be dangerous to post them. But the internet has world-wide access and you never know who might be lurking out there.

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When Facebook Attracts

Dan is very involved in social media, and his girlfriend and him were so grateful to have Diggy with them. They took it upon themselves to send his selfie to the Detroit Dog Rescue, and the shelter quickly placed it on their own Facebook page.


The selfie was shared over 6,700 times! Most people left positive comments, and loved it. But whenever there is a positive there is a negative. And unbeknownst to Dan, someone who saw his photo with Diggy decided to call the police.

In the Spotlight

The selfie that Dan sent to the shelter looked very innocent. It showed Dan and Diggy relaxing on their backs, with big goofy smiles plastered across their faces.


The shelter shared it with the caption, “We know this photo is going to break the internet and we apologize, but we had to share.” They then explained how Diggy, first called Sir Wiggleton, was taken home after nearly 100 days in the shelter, and they were really happy.

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The Law Is In Charge

So, the question was, what did Dan do wrong? Why were the police alerted? If Diggy was hurt or being beaten, yes, then police could be involved. But, as pictures revealed, Diggy certainly seemed to be well cared for in the picture.


It turns out that there was a law Dan knew nothing about, and it was a law that was about to greatly affect him.

When the Police Arrive

People all across America loves Dan’s and Diggy’s selfies so when the police finally arrived at Dan’s door he was utterly in shock.


Getty Images

It actually turned out that the town that they lived in had a rule that stated pit bulls and pit bull mixes were not allowed to live there. Since Diggy appeared to be a pit bull, the police told poor Dan that his dog would have to go.

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A Misunderstood Breed

Poor Diggy, pit bulls are many times a breed that is completely misunderstood so many areas list them as “dangerous” dogs. People think that pit pulls are always involved in dog attacks.


Some dog attacks can be fatal, and in 2016 almost half of the fatal dog attacks reported were caused by pit bulls.

Bad Reputation

Because of the pit bulls’ reputation, many people are scared of them. However, these dogs have had the misfortune of often being used in illegal dog fights and as bait dogs, which causes them to act aggressively. They are not necessarily aggressive by nature.


The truth is that pit bulls are generally very sweet dogs by nature, and with the right owner, can make great family pets. However, Dan explained that while Diggy might look a pit bull, that wasn’t even his true breed.

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Proof is in the Papers

Diggy actually wasn’t even a pit bull. He was an American bulldog and Dan had the papers, luckily, to prove it. Dan had received this information when adopting Diggy. The police still weren’t sure.


Millionaire Dog

So, Dan brought the police officers to the back of the house to meet sweet Diggy. Diggy was his usual sweet self and started licking the officers. The police liked him but were still unconvinced.

Still Not Convinced

Even though Dan showed Diggy’s the police Diggy’s adoption papers, the police officers still insisted that he couldn’t stay.


They were being very closed-minded and said Diggy looked too much like a pit bull and said if they saw him a ticket would probably be written. They told him to get rid of Diggy.

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Facing the Law

Dan didn’t know what to do. He had completely fallen in love with Diggy and was not prepared to let him go. Scott Underwood, the Chief of the local department later said in a statement to the press expressing that from their point of view, it was clear that Dan was breaking the law.


If Dan kept Diggy he would possibly get a $500 fine or even go to jail. Diggy could also be forced out of his new home. Dan let the shelter know that he was temporarily bringing Diggy back to the shelter. He needed to fight this and thankfully he wasn’t going to be alone.

Fighting Back

Thousands of people had seen the original selfie of Dan and Diggy. They both had lots of fans and these fans wanted to help.


So Dan actually hired a lawyer and decided to go against all of this in court. Diggy and Dan’s online supporters started a petition pleading with the court to return Diggy to his forever home. Hopefully, the support would bode well for Dan’s court case.

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Loyal Supporters

Dan and Diggy’s online supporters were so loyal that they really fought hard. They started signing a petition pleading with the court to get Diggy back home.


They also wanted to fight against the law that they really were appalled by which discriminated against pit bulls. They all knew something had to change in Dan’s town. No other dog had to suffer like this.

Fans’ Love

Dan was so grateful for all the love and support. The petition that was signed in Diggy’s honor received over 100,000 signatures.


On his social media Dan discussed how he was working with his personal lawyer, and that they were going to do everything possible to keep Diggy at home with his family. At the end of it, he wrote, “Thanks for all of your support, guys. I’m not a quitter.”

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Sometimes People Really Do Care

Besides just signing, people started actually physically showing up in the Waterford Township to protest against all that was happening to Diggy and pit bulls in general.


Dan was really touched by all of this. Kristina Rinaldi, the rescue’s (Detroit Dog Rescue) director, said, “People had really invested their emotions into this story, and it’s beautiful to see so many people care about rescue dogs.”

At Long Last

Dan was really scared that he may never see Diggy again. He couldn’t leave home as he and his girlfriend had just purchased the house with all his savings.


After working with the lawyer, a decision was finally made. The verdict was that Diggy could go back home! Dan was so overcome with emotion. Now they could go back to the shelter and pick up Diggy and keep him forever. Hooray!

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Sharing the Good News

Of course, Dan had to share the amazing news as he knew he couldn’t have got Diggy back without everyone’s love and support.


He went onto Facebook and wrote, “We get to keep our boy. He’s a good boy.” Diggy’s fans were so happy. It was also a step in the right direction in changing the awful law about the danger of pit bulls in the neighborhood.

They’re Famous

Dan won and it was a big win. Unfortunately amny people across America go through the same thing because of discrimination against certain breeds. A big reason they had won the case is because of Dan’s involvement in social media.


Dan Tillery is a musician and dog lover (of course) and he has a few thousand followers across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. His fans got his story a lot of attention.

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Diggy the Star Dog

After Diggy returned home, Dan didn’t stop uploading pictures of his gorgeous and happy dog Diggy that stole overyone’s hearts.


Here he is in this picture around exercise equipment. Dan loves working out and taking Diggy with him. Diggy is always smiling and is always happy.

Still Going Strong

It’s been a few years since the court case and Diggy is very happy in his home. He loves to play and just be a dog with owners who love him very much.


He still often pops up in Dan’s social media posts. He even bought a rug on July 12, 2018 and just had to share it with his fans as Diggy enjoyed it so much.

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A Great Summer

Dan did really well in summer with regards to his music career. He teamed up with fellow musician Dave G, and produced the album Dreamers and Drifters which they are promoting around Detroit. So check them out if you can!



Of course, Dan also showed pictures of Diggy enjoying the summer. On Instagram he even had a picture of him and Diggy playing by the lake.

A Diggy Doggy Dog Life

It looks like Diggy has a really beautiful life with Dan. He is lovable and just loves to be hugged and have fun in his own backyard.


We need more dogs and dog owners like Diggy and Dan in this world to promote a better world to live in. Diggy is definitely a neighborhood favorite and internet sensation. Way to go Diggy and Dan!