Obese Teen’s Heartbreaking Moment Sparks Her to Lose 161 Pounds


One of the most disheartening moments in a girl’s, or especially a teenager’s life is stepping into a change room, stripping and putting on clothes only to see that they really don’t fit well. Also, take into account that the lighting in change rooms is awful.



The mirrors show every bumpy lump, every roll of fat and every inch of cellulite on the body. This is really hard if you weigh as much as Lucie Hadley did – all 297 pounds of her.

The Heart-Breaking Moment

Stepping into one of these changerooms with her mum on a rare clothes-shopping excursion in the summer of 2017 caused Lucie Hadley to break down into streams of tears.


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Staring back at her reflection was too much for her. At her young age, she was struggling to fit into a UK size 24, which is a US size 20.

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More Socializing

At her age, Lucie Hadley’s friends were all partying, having fun, traveling, showing off their slim figures in bikinis on beaches and doing a lot of physical activity.



Lucie had pulled out of girl’s holidays, stopped painting the town red with her friends and was even too embarrassed to hold her boyfriend’s hand in public.

A Complete Loss of Confidence

Lucie had completely lost all her confidence which was a real shame at such a young age. “I missed out on all the fun and excitement my teenage years should have been – going on nights out and on holiday – because of my weight,” she expressed.


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“Finding something to wear, then getting the confidence to go out, and then hearing remarks from people when I finally plucked up the courage to go out was too much,” says Lucie. “Strangers would make comments about what clothes I was wearing and how they didn’t suit me and weren’t flattering.

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Losing Friends

“My friends eventually stopped asking me to go out with them because I would always just say no or come up with an excuse,” Lucie said.


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“From the age of 17 to 19 I practically didn’t go out at all and I rarely went clothes shopping. I had lost all of those years. I didn’t have any life experience.”

Comfort Eating

Once Lucie was diagnosed with Asthma in her early years, Lucie’s weight started to pile on. It fueled her appetite and she started losing all self-control.



“Food was like a blanket for me, a comfort,” she said. “It never let me down. Whenever anything went wrong, food was always there for me. “The times when I did go shopping and couldn’t fit in anything, I would go to McDonald’s afterward because I would feel upset, and then the whole vicious cycle would start again.”

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Losing the Weight

From the moment Lucie stared back at her reflection in that changeroom in the summer of 2017, something just sparked in Lucie and she knew her entire life needed to change.


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She knew deep inside that things weren’t meant to be this way – not for such a young girl. So, Lucie took the plunge and make the mental decision to lose the weight. You see, that’s where it all begins. Once you make the mental decision to lose weight and decide to have the discipline involved, the rest comes easy.

Taking the Plunge

One of Lucie’s biggest inspirations to lose weight and change her life was her mother Catrina’s own successful weight loss at Slimming World.


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Her mom has lost 49 pounds and had eventually managed to persuade Lucie to join a local group. Within her first week at Paston and Gunthorpe club in Peterborough, Cambs, Lucie had been able to lose five pounds and was absolutely elated. This spurred her to carry on.

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Slimming World

Slimming World is a UK-based weight loss organization that provides people looking to lose weight with lifestyle weight management programs.


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Their eating plan is based on satiety – which is the satisfying qualities of food – and energy density. It was founded decades ago in Derbyshire in 1969 by Margaret Miles-Bramwell, who remains its chairman.

The Result

Now a very slender 127 pounds, Lucie adores shopping and finding clothes to fit her 80-10 frame. She particularly is fond of slinky dresses. She even wore a bikini for the first time in her life on a Spanish holiday.



“I have lost 10(st) 2lbs (161 pounds) and feel like a completely new woman,” says Lucie, now 21. “I missed out on all the fun and excitement my teenage years should have been – going on nights out and on holiday – because of my weight. “So, I didn’t want to ruin my adult life by being obese.”

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Lucie Expresses Herself Over Slimming World

“I was clearly the youngest person there,” she recalls. “I was terrified walking through the doors, but my mum was with me every step of the way. I was just so embarrassed that I was so young and I had let myself get that big.”


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“It was so upsetting to get on those scales and see how heavy I actually was. “But everyone was so friendly and put me at ease straight away.” As her self-confidence rose, her weight went down. Her original goal was to lose 84 pounds, but then when she had shed that she aimed for eight, and then she just kept on going.

What Lucie Used To Eat

Before Slimming World, Lucie really ate as she pleased. In other words, she ate whatever she felt like. Before the weight loss, her menu was typically McDonald’s or a fry-up for breakfast.



For lunch, she would really eat a lot. She would get two supermarket deals with two sandwiches, two packets of crisps and two full-fat Cokes or energy drinks. For dinner, she would get a pizza or Chinese takeaway. For snacks, she would eat pork pies, sausage rolls, savory mini eggs, chocolates as well as sweets.

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What She Eats Now

“Slimming World taught me how to adapt some of my favofavoritels, such as fry-ups, burgers and fish and chips, meaning I could still eat them – so it didn’t really feel like a diet at all.” For breakfast, Lucie typically eats Weetabix with strawberries and a banana.


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For lunch, she typically eats a healthy homemade pasta salad and for dinner, she eats a Slimming World lasagna or American-style burgers and chips. Sounds pretty delicious! For snacks, she eats boiled eggs, fruit, ham slices as well as vegetable sticks.

Lucie’s Boyfriend

Lucie’s a very lucky girl because her boyfriend Sam stuck with her literally through thick and thin. Before, they stopped holding hands in public because Lucie struggled to keep up with his walking pace. “Sam has been through this whole process with me and it just means so much to me now that he can be proud of me as his girlfriend,” she smiles.


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Sam’s friends even joke that he’s got a new girlfriend. “It feels like we’re in a new relationship, like our relationship is just starting now – it’s so great,” she says.

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“I didn’t exercise at all throughout my weight loss, and my excess skin really hindered me going to the gym as I got a lot of sores,” she explains.


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“So, me and Sam go on lots of walks to improve my fitness levels. “Generally, I can just be more active in my day-to-day life now. I don’t get out of breath walking alongside Sam, or playing with the kids at school, or walking up the stairs.”

Lucie’s Big Heart

If anyone deserved to have success losing weight, Lucie was it. She has an extremely generous heart. Lucie is a teaching assistant for special needs children and dedicates her life to these precious little lives.


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In order to do this as an occupation you really need to be patient and have a massive heart. Clearly, Lucie has both.

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Different Types of Food Disorders

Food plays such a different role to different people. For Lucie, comfort eating was her way of taking care of herself. For others, not eating at all suits them best, which turns into a disease called Anorexia.


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For others, they will feel the need to comfort eat and then purge – bulimia. At the moment, there are over 1.6 million people struggling with an eating disorder throughout the UK.

Losing Weight Equals Greater Success

Often, in life, to lose weight means you will have a better career. This works through all fields, except the food industry where it is acceptable and understandable to carry those extra pounds. As the saying goes, “you can’t trust a skinny chef!”


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In the celebrity and glamour world, it is frowned upon to carry extra weight. Just look at this of celebrities whose careers soared after losing weight:

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Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill started off his career being the odd obscure character in movies always carrying too much weight, but often put in funny roles. No-one took him really seriously.


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As his weight started shedding, he got “meatier” roles in movies such as 2014’s “The Wolf Of Wallstreet” where he was nominated for an Academy Award. Bigger roles started coming in after that. He was recently seen opposite Emma Stone on Netflix’s 2018 series “Maniac”.

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson never won Idols but went on to win an Oscar for her stellar performance in “Dreamgirls”. At that stage she, was still quite overweight which suited her role well.



Nowadays she is looking super gorgeous having been a judge on “The Voice”. She has tons of confidence, worked very hard on losing the weight and is looking gorgeous.

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Kelly Osbourne

Many of us watched MTV’s “The Osbournes” watching the antics of the seriously dysfunctional family The Osbournes. We also watched Kelly Osbourne, overweight and out of shape and not very glam looking.



These days she shed her weight and even ended up on E! commenting on celebrities’ style choices. She performed on “Dancing With the Stars” and looked stunning.

Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy is an American actress, writer, producer, comedian, and fashion designer. This woman seriously knows how to make us laugh and she is good at it.



As the years have passed by Melissa’s weight has dropped, her gorgeous face is being noticed and more roles are coming her way.

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Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel is a talk show host extraordinaire. People absolutely adore him and he constantly makes us laugh.


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Who knew he was so handsome though? After shedding many pounds, he revealed a more chiseled, handsome version of himself that people really gravitated to.

Diets Out There That Work

Besides Slimming World, there are a plethora of diets that work. It just depends on what works for you as not everybody is the same and what one diet works for one person, may only frustrate the taste buds of another.


Nics Nutrition

Here is a comprehensive list of many different diets that may work fantastically for you. You just have to try them.

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Whole30 Diet

This diet is very popular and it’s really good for you if you suffer from any digestive issues. It concentrates on food like vegetable and proteins for 30 days.


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The food you cut out is mainly alcohol, sugar, dairy as well as some nuts. The whole thing is your body gets to see what it likes by slowly introducing food back to it.

Macrobiotic Diet

This diet began in Japan and has become very popular around the world. The diet is mainly plant-based and is full of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, as well as small amounts of fish.


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In this diet, you avoid sugar, processed food as well as tons of animal products. Some famous celebrities who have adopted this way of eating are Demi Moore, Madonna as well as Tom Cruise.

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Ketogenic Diet

This is a very interesting diet. It is almost too good to be true – especially if you are a meat lover. It is made up of high-fats, low-carbs and it has also been shown that it may just be a very good tool for keeping your mental health in check.


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In fact, lab rats fed ketogenic diets, which consist of lots of fish, natural fats, plenty of vegetables, and very few starchy, high-carbohydrate foods – showed improvements in their depression, anxiety, and ADHD.

Wild Diet

There is a very simple concept behind this diet – ditch all processed foods for bites that come ‘au de natural’. Following this diet, you will be able to treat yourself to foods like wild salmon, fresh vegetables, local eggs and, even chocolate.


Sade Adeyina

Abel James is the creator of these nutrition guidelines and promises that if you avoid artificial ingredients you will be able to “feast all day, yet stay lean and healthy.”

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Taco Diet

Ok, this is an interesting one. In this diet you get, to eat your favorite Mexican food all day. The Taco Cleanse promises weight loss and you can get a decent amount of nutritional variety because you can stuff it with anything.


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It must only be done for 30 days (bet you’ll be sick of tacos after that!) and a lot of the recipes are vegan so you’ll be consuming a lot of healthy ingredients.

Weight Watchers

This diet has been around for a long time and many people disciplined enough to follow its rules actually do see weight loss. It’s based on points assigned to foods based on calories, saturated fat, protein, and sugar.


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One of the greatest reasons this diet works is because of the supports its members have among one another. You keep motivated to reach your goals due to the weekly weigh-ins.

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Mediterranean Diet

This diet is great as it gives you so much delicious variety of foods. Food you need to stock up on are fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, fish as well as lots of olive oil as well as wine.


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It’s necessary though to cut calories, exercise and stick with it for more than six months for the best results.

Paleo Diet

This well-known diet basically means that if you can hunt and gather it you can eat it. So you can say yes to fruit, vegetables, meat, nuts, seeds as well as oils like coconut and olive oil as well as a different array of seafood.


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What you will have to say no to are cereal grains, legumes, dairy as well as potatoes. It has been found that on this diet, blood pressure as well as cholesterol improves.

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Vegan Diet

Growing ever-so-popular around the world, many people are saying no to animal products from meat to eggs and dairy in favor of only eating products that have nothing to do with animals.


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You can still be unhealthy as a vegan though. They key is to eat as nutritiously as possible. A way of doing this is to make your vegetables as tasty as possible. You just need to explore many different vegan recipes.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet

People, in general, know that inflammation in the body is not a good thing. Mark Mincolla, P.h.D is the author of ‘The Whole Health Diet’ which focuses on keeping your insulin in check.


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He suggests following a diet of lean protein, low-starch vegetables like broccoli, as well as healthy monounsaturated fats like avocado.

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Low-Glycemic Diet

This diet works well if you follow it strictly. It’s all focused around your blood sugar levels. High GI foods like muffins, crackers, pancakes and cookies spike your blood sugar and can bring on cravings as well as hunger.


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Low GI foods like non-starchy vegetables and meat keep blood sugar stable. Studies have shown that eating higher GI foods is associated with weight gain.

Soup Diet

The Soup Diet is really interesting and delicious – especially in colder weathers. It’s similar to the juicing diet except you are cleansing with a warmer liquid. It hydrates and keeps you full. Eating it before a meal really curbs your appetite so it’s a good trick.


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Eat soup in the winters at every meal and you can reduce the number of calories you eat at a meal by 20 percent. Try soups with lots of beans.

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3-Hour Diet

If you are not comfortable with only eating three times a day, the 3-hour diet allows you to eat every 3 hours. It’s an easy diet to follow, especially if you love noshing all the time.



With this diet, you get to eat six small meals on your schedule. You will eat breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner and snack. The only thing to keep in mind is that you can’t go really big on each meal or snack keeping the portions small so that you can eat more during the day.


You are, you aren’t, you are? Well you can’t just make up your mind, can you? The flexitarian diet focuses on plant-based proteins such as tofu, beans, nut or soy milk, and consuming less meat.



You will see results from this diet and it does allow a bit of meat and it will allow you to be more flexible. It’s got a bit of vegetarianism mixed in.

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High Fiber Diet

On this diet, you will consume large amounts of beans, berries, whole grains, greens, nuts, seeds as well as potatoes. These foods have complex sugars and will keep you full for long.


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An interesting fact is that when researched, people who added more fiber to their diet were almost four pounds skinnier after a year following this diet.

The Last Word on Weight Loss

No matter what, at the end of the day losing weight is a very personal journey and it starts completely with the mind. Also, you can’t lose weight for anybody but yourself.



The important thing is to first research all the diets and clinics that are out there that can help you, and see which one suits you best. Food is a gift and you can really eat well and still lose weight.