Shocked Mom Breaks Down In Tears After Boss Changes Her Paycheck

Life is not always easy for those with entry-level positions working hard to make ends meet. Tanna Marino had so many responsibilities and life was hard for her. But one day, she returned home in tears when she saw that her paycheck had been significantly changed. Here’s why…

Paycheck to Paycheck

Tanna Marino worked very hard as an appliance technician. She’s a married mom of 4 kids and, as you can imagine, with so many children she struggled to survive every day financially.



When her employer, Dina Dwyer-Owens, took the decision to change Tanna’s paycheck. As a result, it left Tanna in tears.

Tanna Appears on TV

Tanna worked as a technician for a company called Mr. Appliance. This firm obviously provides repair and maintenance services to its customers.



In 2011, she was asked to appear on a television show. She had been working for the Dwyer Group franchise for quite a while. However, the show would not be exactly what she had expected, as she would soon find out.

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“Don’t Quit Your Day Job”

Tanna was given a white lie that she would be on a show called “Don’t Quit Your Day Job”. What she actually was, was on an episode of the popular series “Undercover Boss” on CBS.



The show is about top-level executives, CEOs, and owners of companies working among their everyday employees in order to see things from their employees’ point of view.

The Fake Show

In 2013, Tanna expressed what producers had told her about the fake show “Don’t Quit Your Day Job.” They told her that she would be partnered up with someone who was considering a career change.



After working with her, the other person would then decide whether to start a new venture in life or stick with their old career.

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Handy Woman

Tanna landed herself a job with Mr. Appliance when her fridge stopped working. She called the company and a technician came out to help her and asked if her husband, a firefighter named Michael, would be interested in joining the company.



He liked his job and said no, but Tanna who wanted more out of her life than just being a stay-at-home mom, said yes.

A “Faithful” Meet-Up

Tanna was an appliance technician with the company Mr. Appliance. After a few years working there, she was invited to be on the fake TV show and met up with the woman who would be following her every move – Faith Brown.



At this point, Tanna had absolutely no idea that it was actually a top-level executive of her company.

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A Really Good Disguise

Even though employees will often never meet their company’s CEO, they are still quite aware of what they look like. Therefore, it was an epic priority of CBS that Tanna did not recognize “Faith” as Dina Dwyer-Owens.



They transformed her looks with a wig of long brown hair to cover her natural short blonde hair and got her to wear different colored eye contact lenses as well.

She Was Not Wrong

When Tanna was interviewed later on, she shared her first thoughts upon seeing “Faith Brown.” “She had long fingernails, pearls on and long curly hair,” Tanna said.



“My impression was that she probably came from working behind a desk, definitely not a blue-collar job.”

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Learning About Each Other

Tanna and “Faith” worked together for two days. During that time, Taana expressed that she thought her prospective co-worker was “very polite and friendly.”



The CEO whose disguise was flawless even met Tanna’s significant other as well as her 4 kids, which led to a conversation that would ultimately change the course of Taana’s life.

Dina’s Background

While being filmed on the show, the CEO opened up a bit about her own upbringing. It turned out that when she was younger her Dad worked tirelessly to build the Dwyer Group.



“Just thinking back, my father was amazing but he wasn’t home,” Dwyer-Owens said. “It was rare that he was home, and we were all still awake.”

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Another Job

While they worked together, Dina got to know her employee very well. Tanna had mentioned that she was thinking of getting a second job to supplement her income – even though she and her husband were working very hard on two separate jobs.


Source: Greeningz

“One of my concerns in listening to Tanna is that her and her husband are working,” Dina said. “Now she’s going to take on a second job.”

What a Surprise!

At the end of the show, Dina invited Tanna to Dina’s house for the big surprise to finally be revealed.



Tanna was still under the impression that Dina was just a regular gal looking to possibly change careers and not actually the CEO of the company.

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Huge Gift

When Dina Dwyer-Owens appeared on the show, she revealed what had happened and gave Tanna the surprise of her life – a $25,000 “cash reward for being you.” Talk about being appreciated by your boss!


Source: Greeningz

Dina also set up a $10,000 scholarship fund for Tanna’s 4 kids. Both ladies were emotional and Tanna was beyond surprised.

Dina’s Motive

Dina explained the reasons that she decided to do the show “Undercover Boss.”



“My goal in going undercover was to figure out how we were doing,” she revealed. “Are we really living up to the values that my father founded the company on?” It was a very powerful and emotional moment for Dina and Tanna.

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Heartfelt Moment

Dina carried on praising her TV show co-worker, Tanna Marino. She only had good things to say about Tanna.



“You are the epitome of what Don Dwyer would have looked for,” Dina said, referencing her father who had started the company. “You’re an incredible technician; you’re an incredible mother and an incredible wife.”

Huge Change

One year later, on an interview with the Houston Chronicle, Tanna expressed that the event had changed her life “in every possible way.” She told the Chronicle that the money helped her family move into a larger home.



“I work from home now,” Tanna continued. “I have flexible hours and the opportunity to spend time with my kids.” Which is all a mother wants after all-time with her kids.

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A Well-Deserved Promotion

Tanna Marino went from strength to strength after the show. The CEO realized that Tanna had lots of good ideas as well as untapped skills.



Eventually, Tanna was promoted to franchise consultant, along with her responsibilities running the “Women in the Trades” program. Her life has completely changed over the last few years.

Recruiting Women

What Tanna Marino does in her days is recruiting women to work with the Dwyer Group and empower them by getting them involved in the trades.



In the interview with the “Houston Chronicle, she explained. “My biggest obstacle now has been trying to spread awareness of the scholarship program,” she said. “We would truly love to have more women working in all the different brands.”

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Besides Her Career

Tanna is a really amazing person. She doesn’t give the Dwyer Group all of her time. She also is very passionate about volunteering.



Tanna realized how special it was that she received what she did from Dina. She knew it was a blessing from a higher power and wanted to give back.

Living Waters International

Tanna’s faith in God is exceptionally important to her and it drives her to go beyond the call of duty.



In 2013, Tanna became aware of a volunteering opportunity in Honduras in the year 2014 with an organization called “Living Waters Internationals.”

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South and Central America

Tanna loved everything about this group. They were delivering water to the locations most in need in South and Central America.



When she went, Tanna taught the local villagers about good hygiene practices. She believed that they were in desperate need of these tools. This was an important adventure in her life.

To Dig a Well

Tanna has expressed her feelings to the public and even on LinkedIn.



On her Linkedin page, she said this: “Once in Honduras I was hit with the real impact of not having clean water. The village that we grew to love had a small creek that they used for all of their needs. In one week, we were able to drill a well and complete the assembly of the pump. Beyond the opportunity to help provide clean water, our true reason for being there was to share God’s love.”

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Dedication Pays Off

There was an old review that popped up for Marino that was found and posted in 2013.



It said “Tanna served as an Appliance Repair Specialist at Mr. Appliance of the greater Houston area. Tanna’s rapport with the customers was outstanding and she continually generated repeat business. Her product and industry knowledge was first-rate and she excelled with add-on sales.”

A Future Paved In Stars

Tanna Marino expressed that after the show aired, she thought it the strangest thing that she would often get recognized by people who had seen her on TV.



She expressed that her experience had been overwhelmingly positive. “My experience as a whole has been phenomenal,” Tanna said to the “Houston Chronicle.” “I work for a great company doing what I love.”

It just shows that in the end of the day perseverance, hard work, humility and being a good person actually pays off in the end!