Tennessee Farmhouse Treasure Hidden Beneath the Stairs

Everyone loves the feeling of finding money that they’ve forgotten about – whether it’s down the back of a sofa, in a jacket pocket, or at the bottom of a handbag they haven’t used in a while. Well, imagine that feeling – but multiplied. That was the case for one Reddit user – who we know only as EvilEnglish – when his family tasked him with clearing out his deceased grandparents’ house to get it ready to be sold. Resigned to a couple of days of arduous, dull work, EvilEnglish had no idea what was in store for him.

The old Tennessee farmhouse that was full of happy, carefree childhood memories contained a secret hidden treasure that was waiting to be uncovered. It turns out that his beloved grandparents were keeping certain things out of sight – and they’d both taken the secret to the grave with them. EvilEnglish discovered the mysterious safe, however – and managed to access the contents inside. And lucky for us, he documented the entire thing online. Don’t miss this incredible story of discovery in the most unlikely of places!

The Farmhouse in Tennessee

Our story starts in the southern states of America – Tennessee, to be exact. We know the subject as only “EvilEnglish” – a Reddit user that posted his story online in 2017. He began by recalling the many holidays he spent at his grandparents’ house in Tennessee when he was a child.


Source: YouTube.com

The building had originally been built as a farmhouse, although the exact date of construction is unknown. However, when EvilEnglish’s grandparents bought it after they got married, they lived in it full time and transformed it into a welcoming family home.

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