The Philadelphia Experiment and the Story of a Time Traveler

Imagine waking up in a hundred years into the future. For many years, time travel and parallel universes have been a compelling subject to researchers, scientists, philosophers, and conspiracy theorists. Many theories prove the possibility of time travel, but is it possible that people are actually traveling through time right now? There are a lot of problems when it comes to time travel, including the Grandfather Paradox. That turns into a conversation about parallel universes, which is a whole other can of worms.


Source: YouTube

There have been various stories about people claiming to be time travelers. Some of these stories are more convincing than others. Al Bielek claimed to be a time traveler who went back in time as part of a secret government project. Unsurprisingly, nobody believed him. However, he quickly began sharing frighteningly vivid predictions of the world. When people began listening, they were interested in his persona, theories, and the government experiment that started it all.

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