“My communication with aliens is not verbal — we speak the language of light.” The Secret Life of the Human Barbie

A Strange Obsession

People have different obsessions. Obsessions can vary from working to get the best grades in class to baking the perfect cake. However, obsessions can take over your whole life when it has to do with your looks – just look at Michael Jackson.


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The story of Valeria Lukyanova has an odd tale. Her obsession is with Barbie and, well, to look as much as she can like her. Although there are a ton of barbie-doll wanna-be’s (look at Pamela Anderson) running around tinsel town trying to be trophy wives Valeria Lukyanova certainly takes the cake.

Before Surgeries

To start off, you don’t get to look like a real-life-Barbie unless you actually are quite pretty, to begin with. It’s kind of like painting something on a canvas that needs to be smooth to start off with. Here we see Valeria, both young and old, before cosmetic surgery and change in make-up and hair.


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Obviously today she is a pro with blush and all other make-up in order to transform herself into the world’s most beloved doll for little girls. In the beginning her story is one of cosmetic obsession but, of course, things just get stranger and stranger.

Where did Valeria come from?

Before Barbie

So, let’s look at Valeria’s origins. Valeria Lukyanova was born in Moldovian SSR, which belonged to the Soviet Union, in 1985. At the tender age of 30-something, Valeria has certainly garnered much international attention in the media.


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She moved from the place she was born to Ukraine. When there was the war, in 2014, between Russia and Ukraine, Valeria moved to Mexico to accelerate her modeling career forward as she didn’t want a life of war and angst.

Just a Run-of-the-Mill Girl

Nobody really knows what triggered Valeria Lukyanova’s obsession with Barbie and transforming herself into this iconic figure.


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When she was born there was no flamboyance. Her family was an average everyday Russian family. Her father was a builder. His name was Valery Lukyanov. Her mother’s name was Irina Pashkeeva and was employed by the army. You can only imagine that she was a strict disciplinarian.

Psychological affects

Where Things Start To Turn

Besides being a builder, more like a construction worker, Valeria’s father supplemented his income by working as a DJ. These gigs didn’t really bring in that much income and so he only worked part-time.


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It is perhaps because of this financial struggle, which Valeria saw her father deal with, that Valeria decided there and then that would not be her life. She wanted a unique life where she would attract money.

A Collection of Dolls

Little girls (and some boys) love playing with dolls. Dolls allow girls to play with their imagination. Barbie is the ultimate fashion doll. She is tall and beautiful with a tiny waist and big, firm breasts. She also has a mane of gorgeous Jayne Mansfieldesque hair.


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When talking about dolls, Valeria gets sentimental. She says that for as long as she can remember, she always thought that dolls were very magical. She recalls with fondness how she had a huge collection of dolls and truly loved each one with her heart.

A model’s life

Every Girl’s Dream

Most girls’ dreams are to be beautiful enough to be a model. Models show little girls what beauty is and how they should look. Girls look up to models to know how to dress and what men are attracted to.


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Valerie began modeling in her late teens and early 20s. She was 5 foot 7, just an inch shorter than Kate Moss. She was slim with a beautiful face.

A Pageant Life

Valeria was young and had a lot of drive. She was introduced to glamour and knew she wanted more. She turned to model to meet her dreams and desires. So, she started off as a model, but she wanted something that would make her stand out more – after all, she was shorter than most models (model height starts at 5 foot 8).


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She first made news when she won the Miss Diamond Crown of the World in 2007. It was an international beauty pageant. At the same time, she got her portfolio of photos put together showing off her unique beauty. Things were going according to plan.

Valeria’s Strange Hobbies

Esoteric Hobbies

Now, Valeria was quite an interesting character. She practiced witchcraft and enjoyed the gothic movement. She admits she grew out of her goth phase although it lasted for a while. She was also very spiritual.


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Only after she grew out of being a goth, she started transforming her looks into that of a Barbie doll. Valeria admits that although her dark, gothic rebellious days are over she still remains very spiritual inside.

Physical Changes

Obviously, plastic surgery was involved in Valeria’s new look as a Barbie doll. She admits though, that it is only her breasts that were augmented and says that the rest of her look relies on her hour and a half application in front of the mirror every day.


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Valeria uses special contact lenses and makeup to produce her desired look of big eyes and perfect complexion. It is important to her to look as similar to Barbie as possible.

How does Valeria take such good care of herself?

A Pure Doll

Valeria doesn’t poison her system. She doesn’t smoke nor does she drink. Her goal in life is to be a breatharian. “Breatharianism is the belief that it is possible for a person to live without food.” She just wants to live off water.


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Valeria has a nickname – The Odessa Barbie, because of where she was born. She has beautiful Slavic features with natural blonde hair and quite large eyes with a small round face and a petite nose. The men in Mexico surely love her features. She definitely stands out among all the Salma Hayek’s.

How To Get a Barbie Doll Body

Well starting off, Barbie dolls have very unnatural proportions. Their waists are super tiny and their breasts are unnaturally big for their slender bodies. So, just how does Valeria get her “perfect” Barbie Doll body?


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Well, to start off, she works out daily and has an exceptionally strict diet – after all, she wants to be a breatharian. Her (fake) large breasts give her a small waist that looks petite in comparison. Her workouts are strength training and cardio to get her as thin and lean as possible.

Being happy with herself

In Valeria’s Own Words

Valeria expresses, in her own words: “I come from a place where only love and joy exist,” but that “the media is only interested in negativity: show someone in a bad light, show someone’s mistakes.


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There are hate blogs and communities about me who post bad pictures about me and try and worsen my mood.” Nevertheless, she says that “people who think badly of me just aren’t happy in their own lives. When they are happy they will forget about me.”

Hubby Love

Some people are surprised but Valeria is actually married. Her husband’s name is Dmitry and is a Ukrainian businessman. Valeria is crazy in love with her supportive husband and says, “Dmitry is always on my side. He loves and supports me.”


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She continues saying, He likes me with make-up and without” as she has told “The Sun”. “He became a strict vegetarian even earlier than I did. He is fond of mountains – he conquered Mount Elbrus. We were on Everest, went to Nepal and the Himalayan mountain range.”

An out-of-the-ordinary relationship

Unconventional Relationship

Valeria and her husband share a very unconventional relationship as one can imagine. After all, we are not dealing with a typical woman here. With regards to marriage and children, she said, “I don’t feel the desire and the capacity to be a mother.”


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This is a bit sad as she would, no doubt, have very beautiful children. This is where things get a little strange. She expresses herself saying, “I’m from another universe. There, everyone is asexual – in our dimension, there’s no such thing as children.”

Valeria and Mom Irina

Irina is Valeria’s mom and she most certainly has passed on her beautiful looks to her daughter from her natural blonde hair, smooth porcelain skin, and huge blue eyes.


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The two are very close and Valeria said that it was her mother who inspired her to lead an “astral” life. Her mom supports her life as well as her notions of being some form of alien from another planet.

A special bond between mom and daughter

Irina and Valeria Share Special Genes

When speaking of her desirable and exceptionally skinny figure, Valeria has expressed that she gets her body from her mom. She said, “My mother’s waist is as narrow as mine – I inherited that from her.”



When looking at them side by side you can see the resemblance between them. They certainly share not only the same color of eyes but shape as well. In fact, Valeria’s mom looks so youthful she could be mistaken for her sister.

Barbie and Ken

Valeria met “Ken” in the United States but apparently, there is not much love between them. “Ken’s” real name is Justin Jedlica. He has been featured on the E! News Channel show “Botched” where he refused surgery by the doctors since he has already undergone so much.


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With regards to the meeting, Valeria said that “He overdid his lips.” They both agree that “Children play with Barbie and Ken all the time so it’s fed to us from a very young age that that is the epitome of what is beautiful or what is handsome.”

A Spiritual Life

On Being Spiritual

Valeria has stated that “Many people think you need only good looks to be successful but that’s not true – only spiritual work can bring tangible results.”


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Those words are from Valeria’s mouth with regards to her guidelines to life. She has expressed that she is a spiritual being who is not of this planet and is, in fact, on another level.

Alien Communication

Valeria says she speaks with aliens “all the time” and has stated, “My out-of-body experiences began when I was a little girl: I could travel outside of my body to other planets and universes.”


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She certainly is a most interesting character and even has alien-like features that we have seen in the movies – the pointed oval face and enlarged eyes. We don’t know what the truth is but that is her truth and she sticks by it.

How much money does she make?

Net Worth

Very often, when a person has a huge amount of followers on social media as Aseria does, they are asked to use products that are sent to them to endorse. It would be very easy for makeup and hair brands to send their products to Valeria and she would consequently make a nice living off of it.


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Strangely, Valeria has stated that she doesn’t do any of this. In other words, she doesn’t make any money off her social media accounts. Her net worth is unknown as she, like her father (did), dabbles in the music industry and obviously has been an international sensation due to her “Barbie Doll” looks.

Skin Regimen

Valeria has said many times that her face has not been altered by plastic surgery and that her modifications are due to makeup alone. Due to this, many wonder how she takes care of her, almost flawless, porcelain skin.


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Occasionally she will place a face mask on her beautiful features to rejuvenate her skin after her surplus of makeup application. Besides that, Valeria has said that her skin stays beautiful due to the very natural way she eats.

Against ugliness

Dislike for Unattractive People

Since Valeria is so spiritual, she obviously believes in the law of attraction. She is a being that really, rightfully so, prides herself on her outer beauty and perfection. She has even gone on record saying that those who are unattractive on the outside are “ugly on the inside.”


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She is referring to the fact that most the people who hate on her for her beauty modifications and the pursuit of perfection are usually unattractive themselves.

Dislike for Ugliness

Valeria can be a little bit nasty. Valeria did a full interview about her thoughts of ugly people. She stated, “Let’s take Sarah Jessica Parker. To be fair, she has a horse face but she looks fine.”


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She continued, “Some girls simply think that nothing can help them when all they do is lie on a couch eating pastry.” It’s not nice what she has to say but there is a truth to it.

Building a stronger body


Initially, Valeria wanted to be stick thin and she achieved it. These days, she is more determined to get a body with a stronger and harder look. She goes to gym every day and works on every muscle group possible. She is obviously obsessed.


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It’s important to her now to look more like a soldier than a Barbie figure. On social media she said, “I no longer like my body. It needs some muscle.” This Barbie has changed a lot since she first made headlines around the world.

Working on Her Physical Features

When referring to others, Valeria stated, “It is a pity that most people choose the path of degradation. “I am certainly still far from ideal, very far.”


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She carried on saying, “But I strive for athleticism…. so funny that girls and boys from sporting groups write such nasty things about my body… so much negativity,”

Being physically harmed


In 2014, Valeria said that she had been attacked. “I came back home from a shop with bags and entered the door code when two men rushed from the dark and attacked me,” she explained to the Mail.


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“It happened in a flash, they hit me on the head, several times on my jaw, then one of them began strangling me.” In addition to recounting the horrible affair, she denied rumors of recovering from plastic surgery.

Two Instagrams

Due to the fact that Valeria has such a multitude of fans, she actually has two Instagram accounts, one in English and one in Ukrainian.


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Valeria is Ukrainian by birth. She has a ton of fans who can only read in Cyrillic, the alphabet used in Eastern Europe. For the rest of her fans around the world, she has her English page.

The plastic surgery uprise

Interracial Marriages Cause Plastic Surgery

When Valeria was interviewed by GQ magazine, a well-known magazine for men featuring the most beautiful women from around the world, Valeria explains her theory as to why plastic surgery is so common these days.


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She stated that in the 50s and 60s, especially in the former Soviet Union, people did not intermarry with other races and cultures. These days, though, a girl with one Russian parent and one Armenian parent can end up with “beautiful” Russian features anda giant Armenian nose. Therefore, this girl would want to get rhinoplasty, and there you have it – interracial relations caused a rise in plastic surgery.

Barbie Friends

Valeria is definitely not the only person in the world who has tried to make herself look like a plastic doll. She doesn’t even take the prize as the first one. That title goes to a British woman named Sarah Burge.


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Burge is very well known in the British press and tabloids for really endorsing plastic surgery – she has gone under the knife over 100 times herself! She even, disappointingly, encourages her daughters to go under the knife too, giving them coupons to get implants and botox.

Two peas in a pod

Barbie’s Best Friend

Valeria is attracted to other people like her in her social group. Her best friend is Olga “Dominika” Oleynik who also dresses up like a Barbie doll.


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Although she hasn’t had as many plastic surgeries s people believe Valeria has had, she is definitely in the same mindset with regards to her physical appearance – that is, wanting to look like a Barbie doll.

A Growing Trend

The Barbie doll is a phenomenon and so many girls love their first Barbie doll, playi9ng with it and thinking that one day that is how they should look as a woman. Therefore, so many women work so hard to look like Barbie: the small waist, big chest, big blue eyes and, long blonde hair.


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Surprisingly, there is also a growing trend of men who actually want to look like Ken dolls. They have gone through many surgeries themselves to look like Ken.

Fans Comments


One person hit the nail on the head when commenting on one of Valeria’s photos.


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She said “It’s like when you see a wolf-man or a person with five heads.. You don’t want to look but you can’t help yourself because it’s so out-of-the-ordinary.”

Leaving Breatharianism Behind?

Although Valeria used to be really big on Breatharianism, these days it looks like she is trying to eat “solid” food.


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Breatharianism can actually kill people and has been labeled a pseudoscience. People starve themselves to death or die of dehydration. After all, we are all human beings and need the very basics to survive and even though that, of course, includes air, it includes water and food too!

Multi-talented beyond belief

Valeria the Singer

It looks like music runs through Valeria’s blood. Valeria is actually a New Age opera singer! She has two albums under her belt that she sang on and composed the music for.


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These two albums are called “Sun in the Eyes” and “2013”. When she takes the role as singer, she goes by her “astral” name, “Amatue”. In the language of the Atlanteans, it means “Sun Goddess”. She is also a published author. Her book “Astral Travel Amatue” discusses her astral trips outside of her body.

Space Barbie

In 2013, VICE did a documentary about Valeria. “I’d seen her like everyone else when she popped up on the internet with all those bewildering and bizarre images and videos,” Will Fairman, the director of VICE stated.


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“And thought there had to be something more behind it all because I could see little flecks of esoteric stuff. I followed it up and discovered she was a new age opera composer and gave seminars on spirituality, so she obviously had a few more strings to her bow than just being a tumblr girl.”

Building a healthier body

37. Opinions

“She genuinely believes she’s from another planet. 100 per cent. She’s not making any money from her life – not even from the seminars she gives – which is originally why I thought she was doing this,” Fairman continued.


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He genuinely met Valeria, so who are we to judge? You can watch his documentary and make up your mind for yourself.

Getting “Jacked”

These days it looks like the eternal Barbie, Valeria is working hard at developing muscle on her very slim figure. It does indicate that she is eating. You can’t build muscle without food or last through endurance training without eating.


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Valeria shows off her body on Instagram and she is looking healthy and great. She still has an enormous chest and tiny waist but you can even see a six pack!

Pure beauty

Beauty Without Cruelty

We all know that not all makeup is free from animal testing and it’s nice to know that Valeria sometimes posts pictures of herself without any makeup. Her fans go wild because they truly see how beautiful she actually is.


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In this picture, Valeria got over 9,000 likes and look at her – human-looking and beautiful. She is clearly wearing very little makeup and she is truly stunning.

Early On

In the picture below, taken back in 2012 and posted on Instagram, Valeria looks natural and simply stunning. She is not wearing too much makeup here. With regards to wearing no makeup she, states, “I truly don’t understand people who are ashamed to be without any makeup on. And there are quite a lot of people who can’t accept themselves this way.


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Valeria is certainly an extraordinary human being. From all that is stated about her she actually comes across as a beautiful person both inside and out and many people support her to live just the way she does so good for her!