The Story of Luby’s Shooting

Luby’s shooting took place on the 16th of October 1991 at Luby’s Cafeteria in Killeen, Texas. It was National Boss’s Day, a day meant for the celebration of achievements. However, that day was severely marred by a man named George Hennard, and the lives of the families of more than 20 victims were changed forever.

Hennard’s Entry

35-year-old George Hennard’s drove a Ford Ranger pickup truck through the plate-glass front window of the Cafeteria to the east of the cafeteria’s entrance. He ran over a table of diners and continued to drive forward into another before coming to a stop. At first, onlookers and patrons thought the crash was an accident. One of the patrons of the cafeteria, Tommy Vaughn had braced himself to help the driver from the truck.


Picture of George Jo Hennard, Source:

It was at that moment Hennard extended his arm through the driver’s side window with a gun in hand. Hennard got out from the blue Ford and started shooting sporadically. He shot his first victim – a female cashier – at close range. The cafeteria was filled with confusion, but the gunshots continued.

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