The Tale of the Ghost Bomber that Landed Itself … Or Did it?

Some of the greatest battles in history were held during World War II, and of those battles were those that occurred in the air. The story of the B-17 “Ghost Bomber” incident was definitely one of a kind, and its explanation is still debated today.

The American Ghost Bomber was a fighter plane that essentially landed itself. And when investigators were finally able to board the mysterious aircraft, they were left only with more questions than answers. Nothing prepared them for what they were about to find out. This story of the mysterious fighter plane led to other inexplicable events that have yet to be explained.

Cortonburg, Belgium

Something happened On November 23, 1944, at an allied base in Cortonburg, Belgium that still hasn’t been entirely clarified. It was on that day that an American B-17G bomber plane was heading towards three Allied anti-aircraft gun positions, and from the looks of it, it was going to crash right into them.

Source: warhistoryonline

Soldiers on the ground saw that the bomber’s landing gear was down, and according to the manner in which it was flying, they assumed the plane was damaged, or some of the crew members were wounded. The 35,000-pound plane was heading down fast, literally falling from the sky. The soldiers on the ground braced for impact.

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