These Dogs Risked Their Lives to Save the Lives of Their Owners

Whoever doesn’t love dogs doesn’t know the amazing things they are capable of. They’re not just cute and cuddly, they can actually save your life as they are smarter than any of us give them credit for. Let’s go through some stories where dogs saved their owners’ lives. And these are all true stories.

This Dog Rescued an Infant from a House Fire

Jason Breiding had the unfortunate case of watching his home go up in flames. When he looked around, he realized one of his children wasn’t there and he panicked. Just as his mind was racing, he saw the family dog come running out of the flames carrying his infant by the diaper.



Thankfully, this dog was brave and saved their daughter from the fire. Also, the dog wasn’t injured in the fire.

The Dog Hero of September 11

Bretagne was 2 years old when the Twin Towers fell on that fateful day in 2001. She went with her owner to Ground Zero to assist in the searches. She was one of the 9/11 heroes, along with all the brave firefighters.



Bretagne was the last surviving rescue dog from the attacks. She recently passed away at the age of 17.

Dog Calls 911

Kevin Weaver collapsed from a diabetic-induced seizure and his dog, Belle, took action. The Beagle bit into the phone to call 911. And if she didn’t do so, Weaver would have died. Belle is a therapy dog and she’s trained to detect Weaver’s blood sugar levels.



She licks his nose to check his sugar levels. When Belle senses that Kevin’s sugar levels are off, she nudges at him and in turn, he knows to check his blood sugar.

“Wonder Dog” Saves Toddler From a Deadly Snake

This Doberman Pinscher saved 17-month-old Charlotte in 2007. Khan, the “Wonder Dog,” saved Charlotte from a deadly snake just seven days after being adopted from an animal shelter. He saw a King Brown snake, which is one of the world’s most venomous snakes, head towards Charlotte.


Source: Tribunist

As the snake was about to bite the little girl, Khan pushed her away and the snake bit him instead. The owners rushed him to the vet hospital and he was given an anti-venom shot.

Foster Dog Saves His Best Friend’s Life

Meet Tator Tot. Peyton’s mom agreed to foster the dog temporarily. But after a couple of weeks, she realized that TatorTot belonged in their home after becoming her son’s best friend. And one day, she would be thankful for keeping the dog.


Source: Life With Dogs

One day, a couple of hours after putting Peyton to sleep, TatorTot started barking and running back and forth between her and Peyton’s room. She thought the dog was playing but when she went into his room she found her son was barely breathing and he wasn’t waking up. After he was taken to emergency, they found out that his blood sugar was dangerously low. If it wasn’t for TatorTot, her son could have died.

You won’t believe the next story about saving her owner from a tsunami.

She Saved Her 83-Year-Old Owner

This dog hero is a 12-year-old Shih Tzu named Babu. She guided her 83-year-old owner, Tami Akanuma, away from a devastating Tsunami that swept her whole town away. One day in Miyako, Japan, Babu had a sudden urge to go outside.


Source: Super Animal Rights Info Team

Akanuma though it was early for a walk, as soon as the power had gone out in her home, she thought maybe it was a good idea. Outside, Akanuma heard the city telecom’s warning and knew of the coming dangers. They had their normal route, but Babu would not agree to go on that path. Instead, they went on a long journey (about 219 yards away) and both owner and dog saw their town get buried by the large tsunami.

Angel the Dog Saves Boy from Cougar Attack

Angel is an 18-month-old Golden Retriever. When Austin Forman, 11 years old, was playing in his yard and a cougar suddenly charged at him, Angel leaped in front of him to ward off the wild animal. The family called 911, and a policeman had to put the cougar down.


Source: Toronto Star

Angel was seriously injured in the fight but thankfully she made a full recovery. Her family is ever so grateful that she was out there playing with Austin that day. The boy says the dog is his guardian angel.

The next story is an unbelievable account of being saved from a house fire.

A Golden Retriever Who Didn’t Give Up

Bosch, a beautiful golden retriever, is the Philippine Coast Guard’s dog who received a lot of tons of praise after getting four bodies out of the rubble of a major earthquake that struck the Philippines.



Bosch was also a large part of the rescue operations during the earthquake’s aftermath mission. For his bravery and hard work, the dog was given a medal by Philippine’s president.

If you think that was amazing, see the next incredible story.

This Pitbull Ran After a Thief After Being Shot

Kilo, a 12-year-old Pit Bull, was shot in a home invasion robbery. Believe it or not, he ran after the thief and got shot as a result. He took a bullet to the head to save his owners.



The bullet made it into the dog’s skull and actually exited through his neck. He was taken to a vet hospital and after three days, he was already up and going for walks. This is a remarkable example of how dogs can be both badass and brave at the same time.

A Heroic Black Labrador During Hurricane Katrina

This beautiful black Labrador, interestingly named Katrina, was a hero in Hurricane Katrina. As water kept rising, the dog saw a man about to drown. Before the man drowned, Katrina grabbed him and took him to a safer place.



The water was very deep and so Katrina was essentially risking her life and the possibility of drowning in order to save this man. She had to stay calm until rescue teams were able to save her and the man.

The next true story involves a dog who saved his owner by using a panic button.

Louie Knew to Press the Panic Button

Judith Shaw suffers from glaucoma and one day, she blacked out after having extreme pains in her chest and back. Her dog, Louie, called for help by pressing the panic button and barking into the intercom.



Judith had actually trained Louie to use the panic button. Thanks to Louie, she got help really fast. Louie was eventually given an animal bravery award after saving her owner.

Buddy Called 911

Buddy is a German Sheppard that was adopted when he was an 8-week old puppy. Joe, his owner, taught Buddy to get the phone when he started experiencing seizure symptoms. Buddy was trained to use his teeth to press a speed dial button on the phone that calls 911 in the case that Joe were to black out or be unable to call for help.



When Buddy was 18 months old, Joe had a seizure and he called 911, barking into the phone. A few minutes later, the paramedics came to Joe’s house and found him unconscious on the floor. He recovered a few days after being in the hospital.

The next life-saving dog helped out in 9/11.

Dog Saves Owner From Snake

It seems like dogs have a sixth sense and can tell when snakes are around and when they will attack. This little and adorable dog guarded her owner’s house by barking until they woke up.



She had to inform them that a snake was in their house. She may be tiny and cute, but she’s a smart one too. And the owners are surely happy to know that they can sleep well and their dog will guard the home.

If you were choking, would you expect your dog to know what to do?

Dog Saves Woman from Choking

Debbie Parkhurst experienced the unexpected one day. For one thing, she didn’t begin choking on an apple and collapsing on the floor. And she surely didn’t expect her dog to know what to do!



Her dog, Toby, jumped onto her chest and dislodged the piece of fruit. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) gave the Golden Retriever an award for his amazing act of rescue.

Dogs Can be Carbon Monoxide Detectors Too

At first, Stacie Pitts was irritated when her dog, Miley, kept waking her up. She tried to keep sleeping, but Miley kept waking her up. Stacie figured something must be wrong.


Source: Photo by MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images

Stacie woke her entire family and they all noticed that they felt strangely sick with nausea and headaches. After going to the hospital, they found out that Miley indeed saved their lives from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Next, another dog who knew to call 911.

Dog Saves a Baby from a Rattlesnake

12-month-old Booker West was splashing water in a birdbath when suddenly a rattlesnake cornered him and tried to bite the baby. But luckily Zoey, a five-pound Chihuahua, rushed to the baby’s rescue.



She ran to the snake and attacked it. The snake bit the dog, but she was ok in the end and made a full recovery. Her brave rescue saved the Booker from a poisonous snake bite.

Amazingly, blind dogs can save lives too. You won’t believe the next story.

Blind Dog Rescues a Drowning Girl

Norman is a blind Labrador retriever who loved the freedom of the beach and ran often with his owner. One day, Norman heard a girl crying for help in the water. Despite being blind, Norman charged into the water to save a little girl who was about to drown.


Source: Litlepups

Amazingly, the dog heard her screams and managed to find her and guide her safely to shore.

Honey Saved Her Owner from a Car Accident

Honey was named the 2006 Dog of the Year which was an award she earned when she saved her owner from a violent car accident. When the two were in the SUV and it suddenly rolled over and got stuck upside down in a deep ravine, Michael was trapped and Honey was his only hope.



Michael releases Honey and hoped that she would find help. And as you might guess, the 5 month old English Cocker Spaniel found a man about a half-mile away and brought him to the accident. It was clear that if Honey didn’t get help, Michael would have died.

The next story is about real teamwork between an owner and his dog.

Hero Saved his Paralyzed Owner

Hero was the perfect name for this dog who ended up becoming one. The four-year-old Golden Retriever was credited with saving the life of a paralyzed man who got his wheelchair stuck in a muddy field.



Gareth Jones, a veteran, was unable to move and his service dog was there to help him out. He pulled the rope that Jones threw to him until the wheelchair was pulled free. Talk about teamwork. “He didn’t let go until I was clear. He knew exactly what he was doing.”


Kathie, a paraplegic, was lucky to have her Rottweiler, Eve, with her when she found herself in her burning truck. Eve pulled her by the ankles from the truck and pulled her out of the vehicle.


Source: Wikipedia

After pulling her out, Eve dragged Kathie to a nearby ditch, just far enough away to avoid the explosion of her truck. Later, Eve was awarded the Stillman Award for her bravery.

The next brave dog is going to be cloned because of his good work.


Trakr and police officer James Symington helped dig through 30 feet of debris at the World Trade Center “ground zero” site. They were able to locate the last human survivor of the attack.



The dog’s bravery was celebrated and believe it or not, the plan is to clone the dog for use in other police rescue forces!

Other Animals that Save People’s Lives

Okay, so we know how unbelievably amazing dogs can be. But can other animals save people’s lives as much and as well as dogs can? Let’s see some other amazing animal life-saving stories. Take Lulu the Vietnamese pig, for example. One day, Joann Altsman collapsed to the ground from cardiac arrest when she was alone at home. Luckily, her pig was there.


Source: Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

That’s right, she has a pet pig. And Lulu saw her owner twisting in pain on the ground and ran outside to lay down on the road to alert someone by blocking traffic. Someone finally stopped and followed the pig to Joann who was lying on the floor in the house. The person immediately called for help which indeed saved her life.

Jambo the Gorilla Parent

Jambo, the silver-backed gorilla, from the Jersey Zoo saved a child’s life. After a young boy fell into the gorilla’s pen, Jambo immediately came to the rescue. He gently caressed the boy’s back as if to tell him that everything will be fine.


Source: Life Death Prizes

He also protected him from the aggressiveness of his fellow gorillas. Soon, the little boy woke up and began to cry and Jambo led his fellow gorillas away to let the rescuers come take the child.

The next story will amaze you.

Three Lions on Guard

A truly amazing story happened in 2012, when a young African girl was kidnapped by 7 men and in the forest because apparently, she refused to marry. The police searched to find the young girl and after a long day, they found her.



Amazingly, they found the girl protected by three lions who were standing guard. And when the lions saw that people came to her rescue, they left as though their mission was complete.

An Elephant Lifeguard

A 4-year-old elephant saved the life of Amber Mason during the terrible 2004 Tsunami that destroyed Indonesia’s coastline. When the titanic wave struck, the elephant took Amber on his back and ran to higher ground.



When the wave crashed down on them, the elephant knew to turn his back in order to create a wall to protect the young girl.

Next, a story about a goat and her maternal instincts.

A Maternal Goat

Noel Osborne was a longtime farmer, but one day he found himself thrown into a manure pile and seriously injured. He was unable to move and too far from anyone to hear him. And he was stuck for five full days, while his goat Mandy took care of him.



Mandy lay down on him to keep him warm and even allowed Osborne to feed on her milk in order to survive. Who knew goats were capable of such life-saving endeavors?

Mila the Beluga

Yang Yun was participating in a competition in a beluga whale pond in China. After some amount of time, she realized that her legs were no longer working. And Mila would rescue her.


Source: Pinterest

Mila, the beluga whale, came out of nowhere and grabbed her leg with her jaw and brought her up to the surface so that she could breathe.

The next life-saver is a parrot. And he saved a toddler’s life.

William the Alert Parrot

Willie, the parrot, rescued two year old Hannah one day when she was choking. And the babysitter who was with her at the time couldn’t believe what happened.


Source: Petfinder

The babysitter said, “While I was in the bathroom, Willie started screaming and flapping his wings as I had never heard before. It was when he screamed “mommy baby” that I got worried and walked out. That’s when I saw Hannah with a blue face.”

Winnie the “Wonder Cat”

Winnie is a tabby cat who saved her family’s life in 2007, including Kathy Keesling, her husband, and their teenage son. They were suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning when a water pump broke in their basement and created a leak in the middle of the night.


Source: Cats & Co

Winnie sensed the change in the air and rushed to Kathy’s bed to wake her up.when she got the strength to get up and check on her husband and son. She found them completely unconscious. She called 911 immediately. Without Winnie, there’s little chance the family would have survived.

If you have a fear of sharks, you’ll be glad to know that dolphins might save you.

A Bunch of Dolphins Came to His Rescue

Surfer Todd Endris’s story is one of a kind. While out one day catching some waves, Todd got caught in the jaws of a Great White shark.


Source: Flickr / Jay Ebberly

He was already badly wounded when the shark was coming back for seconds, but suddenly a group of dolphins created a wall between him and the open-jawed predator, allowing Todd to get back to the shore.

Dory the Rabbit

Simon Steggall’s rabbit came to his rescue in 2004. While his wife, Victoria, was making food in the kitchen, he fell asleep in front of the TV. But he wasn’t asleep – he was actually suffering a diabetic reaction and was unable to move or make a sound.


Source: Flickr / EMILIE RHAUPP

Somehow, Dory, the rabbit, sensed a problem and began anxiously hopping on his chest. Victoria noticed the odd behavior and realized something was wrong. She called for emergency help when she couldn’t rouse him herself.

The next true story involves a very famous actor.

Porpoises Saved the Day

Remember Dick Van Dyke? Of course you do. Well, he has a life-saving story of his own that involves porpoises coming to his rescue. When he accidentally dozed off on his surfboard, a group of porpoises came to help him.


Source: 7-5science

He woke up to discover he’d floated so far out on the waves that he couldn’t even see the shore anymore. While attempting to paddle back, he saw fins and thought they were sharks. Luckily, they were porpoises who ushered him back to the beach.

Kerry the Horse

Scottish farmer Fiona Boyd was attempting to move a dairy cow and her calf to a different paddock. The cow began attacking Boyd by rushing up to her and knocking her to the ground.


Source: Flickr / Kathleen Tyler Conklin

Kerry Gold, her horse, knew just what to do. And just when the farmer thought she was going to be herded by the large cow, her horse marched up and kicked the cow away.

Next up: an elephant with a love for children.

An Empathic Elephant and a Child

One evening in West Bengal, India, a lone forest elephant broke down a door and crashed through a wall. The elephant found himself standing over the bed of a crying child and suddenly stopped his destructive charge.


Source: barcroft media

And instead of leaving the house altogether, the elephant stretched out his trunk and began to raise debris off the cot, cleaning up all the rubble that had fallen on the little girl. To the parents, it was a miracle. The elephant then turned and walked away.

Sea Lion Saves Man Who Jumped Off a Bridge

Kevin Hines is now lucky to be alive after jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. He recounts, “Here are the facts: on September 25th, 2000, due to bipolar disorder and serious psychosis, I jumped off of the Golden Gate Bridge. I was nineteen years old and after leaving the Bridge, my first thought was that I had made a terrible mistake. Miraculously, I survived – and despite my severe injuries, I was able to reach the surface of the water. Upon my resurfacing, I bobbed up and down in the frigid waters surrounding me. Then, something brushed by my legs. I feared it was a shark come to devour me whole. I tried to punch it thinking it might bite me. However, this marine animal just circled beneath me, bumping me up.”


Source: Ranker

It was a sea lion, and a passerby saw the situation and called for help. A rescue team pulled him from the water, but if the sea lion wouldn’t have kept his head above the water, he likely would have died.

Deer Chased Away Woman’s Attacker

In February 2012 in Ohio, a woman was walking when a man dragged her behind a building and tried to attack her. He wanted to rob her but his plans were ruined by a heroic deer who ran out of a nearby bush and scared him off. Sergeant Jon Varley, the officer who helped the woman afterward, said he couldn’t “recall a similar incident” in all of his seventeen-year long career.


Source: Scott Darbey/Flickr

The woman suffered marks and bruises but luckily didn’t need any hospital treatment. She also didn’t lose her purse or belongings.

Why do Dogs Save Lives?

With all these amazing stories of animals saving lives, dogs in particular, you might wonder how is it that they know what to do? How do they know to save lives? Well, there’s a science to it. Annika Huber, a doctoral student at Switzerland’s University of Bern Veterinary Public Health Institute, has studied dog behavior for a while.


Photo by Sergei Bobylev\TASS via Getty Images

She said it’s possible that dogs are motivated by human-like feelings which allow them to empathize with us. And studies suggest that dogs have the ability to feel empathy toward humans.

Innate Empathy of Dogs

You know how when someone yawns, you automatically yawn too? An experiment found a connection between empathy and “contagious yawning” in dogs too. Dogs started yawning when a human was yawning nearby.


Photo by Sergei Bobylev\TASS via Getty Images

This “may indicate that dogs possess the capacity for a rudimentary form of empathy,” which is what the study concluded.

And it might interest you to know that something happens when you look into your dog’s eyes.

Human – Dog Bond

Dr. Brian Hare, the founder of the Duke University Canine Cognition Center, said dogs have learned to bond with us “read our minds” in a way that other animals can’t. He said, “What is extraordinary is that dogs are so close to us — and so much a part of our lives — that they sometimes happen to be in the right time and place, and whether intentional or not, manage to save lives.”


Photo by Shawn Patrick Ouellette/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images

Dogs bond with us in similar ways to how children bond with their parents. This bond is a physiological phenomenon known as the “oxytocin loop.”

Looking into Your Dog’s Eyes

When it comes to humans, and when babies look into their parents’ eyes, a hormone is released in both the baby and the parent. The hormone is called oxytocin and it’s a feel-good hormone. It creates an oxytocin loop that encourages us to protect and care for our babies.


Source: FACE Foundation

And something similar happens between humans and dogs as well. When your dog stares into your eyes, both your and your dog’s oxytocin rises. As Dr. Hare put it, “They are just hugging you with their eyes.”