Who Was Bobby Dunbar? A Century-Old Case Finally Solved

Joining Hands for the Greater Good

Linda Traver is Julia Anderson’s granddaughter. All her life, she’d been told that her uncle had been ‘kidnapped’ by the Dunbar family and that they had raised him as a replacement for their son that had gone missing on that one fateful camping trip. However, no matter what she’d been told, given the nature of the entire scenario, Traver had her own questions and doubts.


Source: azcentral.com

When Margaret Dunbar came into the picture, they decided to form an alliance to try and figure out what had really happened back in 1913. It wasn’t easy, of course. It had been almost a hundred years since then, so what could they possibly do? But both women were dedicated to their cause, diligently researching to find the truth about their family, even if it contradicted what they thought they knew.

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