Woman Is Shocked to Find A Letter and Some Cash in A Rental DVD Case

Many young people these days might not even have known the days of DVD and video rentals, but they were a big part of life growing up for many people. Heading down to the local rental shop or booth and choosing a movie to watch for the night might seem primitive in these days of media streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, but it was a great way to pass the time and formed part of a fun tradition for many families and friends.

There was always an air of excitement around movie rental places as you and your buddies, or family members roamed around the aisles, eyeing up the various titles, covers, and descriptions to find a film that sounded like it would be a fun way to spend your evening, and for many people, renting a movie was a big part of their Friday night or weekend ritual.

Redbox was one of the biggest names in the rental business and made the act of renting movies even easier by essentially offering rental vending machines that let you choose a movie from a list of selected titles and merely make use of a touch-screen interface and simple payment systems to access your DVD and then place it back in the box when you were finished. When this woman went down to her local Redbox one day, however, she was in for a big and very unexpected surprise.

Something More Than Just A DVD

The story begins with a woman named Mrs. Robledo arriving at her Redbox machine to grab a DVD. She chose a film that sounded good and headed home, planning out the night ahead and looking forward to enjoying the show and spending a relaxing evening in front of her TV.


Source: redbox.com

When she got home, however, she realized that there was something else in the DVD case along with the DVD disc itself. She opened it up and was astonished by what she saw.

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