29 Coolest Inventions Your Kitchen Will Thank You For

On July 31, 1790, Samuel Hopkins became the first U.S. patent holder for an improvement in the process of making potash. President George Washington signed the patent along with Attorney General Edmund Randolph and Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson. Since then, there have been a lot of inventions to lessen the kitchen workload for modern day people. But today we will talk about some coolest kitchen inventions which will make you think twice before investing in them. Here is a list of 30 innovative yet not much effective inventions you should know about.

1. Chef’n Banana Slicer

The banana slicer made by Chef’n will make you believe that knife is getting too dangerous to use nowadays. When you can easily slice your well-shaped banana with your own hand using a good old-fashioned knife, the Chef’n banana slicer is trying to make you do the opposite. One of the reasons behind this invention can be the fact that using a knife will need some level of concentration and precision to slice the banana properly, whereas the slicer makes it hassle-free as well as fasten the speed of making a snack or smoothie.
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