Coolest Inventions You Must Have In Your Kitchen Right Now

On July 31, 1790, Samuel Hopkins became the first U.S. patent holder for an improvement in the process of making potash. President George Washington signed the patent along with Attorney General Edmund Randolph and Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson. Since then, there have been a lot of inventions to lessen the kitchen workload for modern day people. But today we will talk about some coolest kitchen inventions which will make you think twice before investing in them. Here is a list of 30 innovative yet not much effective inventions you should know about.

1. Chef’n Banana Slicer

The banana slicer made by Chef’n will make you believe that knife is getting too dangerous to use nowadays. When you can easily slice your well-shaped banana with your own hand using a good old-fashioned knife, the Chef’n banana slicer is trying to make you do the opposite. One of the reasons behind this invention can be the fact that using a knife will need some level of concentration and precision to slice the banana properly, whereas the slicer makes it hassle-free as well as fasten the speed of making a snack or smoothie.Buy on Amazon

2. Fox Run Butter Spreader


Everyone loves to have a well-buttered corncob once in a while. So, finding a way to do so can be a lifesaver sometimes. The Fox Run Butter Spreader can do some wonder here as far as applying the butter is concerned. You can fill the spreader with quality butter, and then use the plunger to press and get your all-important butter rubbed all over the already cooked corncob. But, if the spreader is made with the sole purpose of not letting your hand dirty, then how will you get the butter into the spreader without using your hand!Buy on Amazon

3. One Click Stick Butter Cutter

The one click butter cutter is another cool invention which is specially designed to cut butter into small pieces. The name of this product indicates that you will have a small shaped butter with just one click. Rightly so, you will just have to fill the void space inside it with butter and then press it properly depending on the hardness of the butter. The razor sharp blade will chop the butter for you. But the downside of this product is that you will need to make sure that the butter size which you are going to put into the cutter matches the void space of the machine. And that can really be tricky sometimes.Buy on Amazon

4. Butter Mill Butter Dispenser


The butter dispenser squeezes out butter throughout a hole of the dispenser. If you want your butter to be a long as a ribbon then the butter dispenser is a perfect choice. The butter dispenser is very easy to use; you just need to twist the crank after inserting the needed butter into it. The butter will be thin enough to melt right away if put on a hot surface, like on some hot corns or hot potatoes. But not always the coolest wins the competition. The dispenser produces butter ribbons even when you are not pressing hard. To lessen the pressure you will need to pull the crank backward, but this time more carefully as there’s a slight chance that the butter will come out through the back if the crank is pulled out completely with butter remaining inside.Buy on Amazon

5. Roll N Pour


This invention is supposed to help you pour your drink from the gigantic bottles. The motto behind this invention is to help the feeble muscled children, women, and men to reduce their tendency of spilling. Usually, you can, of course, just use your God-gifted hands to do all the pouring, but this product suggests that you can be clever enough to use a tool to help you pour your drink from big jars like gallon jugs or 2-liter bottles. The main beneficiaries of this product are supposed to be young women but if you want to stop spreading water while pouring from gallon jugs then this product can be an excellent choice for you.Follow the link to read more

6. Hog Wild Twirling Spaghetti Fork

The Twirling Spaghetti Fork is a battery-powered fork that can twirl your pasta for you. The appalling fact about it is that it is listed as a children’s toy in Amazon. According to the advertisement, the motorized fork is supposed to twirl with safety. It actually winds up your pasta and ease offs your pressure of twirling the pasta with a normal fork. All you need to do is press the button to start twirling and then let it twirl the spaghetti and switch off the button as the spaghetti will slip if the twirling goes on. Switch off the fork, and enjoy spaghetti! No more using hand while eating.Buy on Amazon

7. Hoomool Pizza Cutting Shears


If you are a pizza lover then this pizza cutting scissors will help you cut your beloved pizzas with ease. This innovative tool has a spatula attached to it which helps you pick up the piece after cutting it with the scissors. Unlike the pizza cutting wheel, you can simultaneously cut and pick up the pizza slice at the same time. But after picking up the slice you will have to use your hand to eat it, so the effectiveness of this product is quite questionable as using the spatula you can’t actually eat it properly.Buy on Amazon

8. AMCO Pepper Prepper


If you want to clear out the ribs from a bell pepper without using your hand, then AMCO Pepper Prepper is the tool that you need. This will help you get the seeds out of the peppers quite easily. You have to twirl it then with the curved back part, you can dig out the seeds. But, soon you will find out that this tool doesn’t cut your pepper. It only vacates the core of the pepper. You will have to use a knife to cut the pepper. So, to do a single work now you’ll need two tools, whereas using your hand and a knife you can do it easily.Follow the link to know more

9. Banana Handle Gripper


If you have ever cooked in a kitchen, then you are bound to know that you usually need a gripper to cover the handles of your cooking pans. To protect your hand from burning and bruise, a gripper can do some wonders. Fred’s Banana Gripper is a product which is cute and very useful at the same time. The banana-shaped gripper can be used to wrap the handles of any hot pan, whether you are cooking on a stove or getting out something from the oven. The gripper is slightly curved, so you can face some problem with pans having straight handles.Buy on Amazon

10. The Car Exhaust Grill


The Car Exhaust Grill is one of the most bizarre inventions of all time. This device is designed to make burgers while you’re driving your car. The idea was developed by some crazy Iranian inventors who decided not to waste the fumes of the car. This grilling device actually uses fumes to produce heat to cook the grill. But there is no option of checking in on the grill. And, even though the inventors claim that the fume won’t reach the food chamber, there’s no guaranty about that.Follow the link to know more

11. Avocado Saver

avo saver.jpg

Who doesn’t love to have an avocado once in a while? If your answer is ‘yes’, then this Avocado Saver is all you could ever want. This tool is designed to keep your avocados fresh and keep them free from turning into some ugly looking brown substances. Just cut the avocado, eat it, and if you happen to have any leftover then take it up, put it on the Avocado Saver, tie the straps and keep it in the refrigerator. Now you can enjoy a fresh avocado even after 36 hours. No more brown avocados!Buy on Amazon

12. Quesadilla Maker

Quesadilla Maker.jpg

Quesadilla Maker is supposed to make your cooking experience less painful when you are cooking for a group of guests. With the ability to make multiple quesadillas at a time, six to be precise, this invention is here to lessen your work pressure. But if you are not a person who entertains guest on a regular basis, then this product may seem quite unworthy to occupy your kitchen space.Buy on Amazon

13. Strawberry Huller

Strawberry Huller.jpg

If you love to have a nice and clean looking strawberry, then this Strawberry Huller is a perfect match for you. This Huller takes out the green leaves out of the strawberries giving you the satisfaction of eating it at one bite. The Huller has sharp claws which you have to open before pressing it on top of the strawberry. The claws will eventually close and then all you have to do is to twirl and twist, then dig out the whole green leaves. But, this whole process tends to kill your appetite as it seems to make you focused on getting out the leaves then actually eating it!Buy on Amazon

14. Bear Paws


Everyone loves to have a bar-b-q party in their backyard every now and then. If you are the person who throws a lot of bar-b-q parties, then the Bear Paws meat shredder will be the best buddy in no time. You will have that rare chance where you let out your animal-self to shred a cluster of meat. This invention works better in a situation like that, where you need to shred a vast amount of meat quickly. But, for normal day-to-day cooking, you will find very little use of it.Buy on Amazon

15. Multiple Types of Scissors

15. Multiple Types of Scissors

Photo by Ben Birchall/PA Images via Getty Images

There are multiple types of scissors and shears that you can use to make your cooking experience hassle-free. The Herb Scissors, the Salad Scissors, the seafood scissors, PrEpology Ultimate Kitchen Scissor Set etc. are the common kinds of scissors that you can find in the market. The Herb Scissors is a 5-blade multipurpose tool which will help you cut herbs with ease. It will cut the herbs into little pieces. The Salad Scissors also has similar kind of use; it cut and helps to mash your salad. But you can always use a good old-fashioned knife to do these.Follow the link to know more

16. Hands-Free Bag Holder

bag holder.jpg

A Hands-Free bag holder is supposedly an important tool using which you can fill the plastic bags comfortably, as per the manufacturer. The bag holder actually has two rubbery arms which will hold the bag for you. This may prove to be useful if you have to pack dozens of bags every day, otherwise, your hand will do just enough for packing some bags once in a while.Buy on Amazon

17. Grape and Tomato Slicer


The OXO Grape and Tomato Slicer is another invention that can give you a hard time to find its worth as a kitchen tool. The slicer is made to put your misery of dividing grapes or tomatoes into halves to an end. This product works better with grapes but slicing tomato is a tricky part. This can only slice cherry tomatoes, and you can face a problem with slightly bigger sized tomatoes. So, all in all, it’s not a good tool to invest your money. Using a knife you can slice both of them perfectly and will be able to save some money.Buy on Amazon

18. Mango Slicer

mango slicer.jpg

The OXO Mango Slicer slices the mango into two halves leaving the seed with very little fruit on it. The tool has a sharp blade that goes through the mango giving you two separate pieces of mango slice. All you need is some level of strength to press the slicer down. But this slicer only works with the small-sized mangoes. If the mango is bigger, then the seed of the mango won’t fit in the slicer. There’s also a chance of mashing your mango into some sort of gluey substance as well.Buy on Amazon

19. Pancakebot

The Pancakebot is a 3D food printer which will make pancakes for you in shapes like the mask of Iron Man, or your children’s favorite anime character Pikachu. Basically, it prints your pancakes for you. The problem is that the machine takes a lot of time and patience to prepare the food. And, there’s always a chance of making the batter needed for the pancake little too thick or less gooey. So, either you have enough free time or you love using the 3D machine if you decide to buy this.Buy on Amazon

20. Taco Holder

taco holder.jpg

If you are a Taco lover, then you know that your kitchen can be a little bit messy sometimes. The toppings can be spilled outside if you are not careful enough. To solve that problem and give your kitchen rather an elegant look, you can use the Taco Holder. This way your Taco will be upright while you fill it with your favorite toppings, and it will ensure your toppings stay put in the Tacos. You can always do it with your bare hand like every other civilized person!Buy on Amazon

21. Baby Food Maker

baby food maker.jpg

Every new parent is bound to be conscious of his/her baby’s health and nutrition. So, they prefer homemade food instead of buying something from outside shops. The Baby Bullet food processor is designed for the parents who like to make food at home. This food processor is capable of making smooth purees perfect for a baby. But instead of investing in a new product you can use any regular food processor to do so.Buy on Amazon

22. Countertop Pizza Oven


The Presto Pizzazz Rotating Pizza oven is another coolest invention which can be a perfect addition to your kitchen. This oven has the ability to heat both from the top and lower part of the machine. There’s no issue of preheating like other ovens, so it actually saves time. But, if you already have an oven covering a good deal of space in your kitchen, then this pizza oven is of no use to you. Furthermore, there’s no protection to save your hand from burning.Buy on Amazon

23. Pickle Picker


If you have decided to keep your finger pickle-juice free, then invest your money in a Pickle Picker. This tool looks like a long-syringe with a claw attached to it. You need to press the plunger and the claw will come out. Then just choose a pickle and grab it with the pickle picker. Basically, this tool is designed to keep your finger free from the juice. A fork or a knife can do the same for you. Cool, yet not a very useful item.Buy on Amazon

24. Smart Fork

smart fork.png

You want to lose your weight, so you are trying very hard, doing exercise and going to the gym. If you are a person doing all these, then a Smart HAPIFork is very important for you. This fork analyses your eating speed, your food and so on. This fork actually slows down the pace of your eating by informing you that you are going to fast through your food. It vibrates and lights up to signal you that you need to go slow, chew your food and eat lesser. Just be conscious of your diet, don’t depend on a fork.Follow the link to know more

25. Musical Cake Server


If you are not a good singer and don’t want to sing the “Happy Birthday” song, then buy a Musical Cake Server of Kitsch‘n’fun. It can play 4 different music tones suitable for four different occasions. It comes in several colors as well. But this is not dishwasher safe. And if you are lazy enough to rest in a birthday party and let the machine wish for you, then buy this tool.Follow the link to know more

26. Rapid Pizza ReHeater

pizza heater.jpg

The Rapid Pizza ReHeater is supposed to reheat a soggy pizza back to its original form. The tool requires water; adding so, you need to put your pizza in it, and then, put it in an oven to reheat it. After reheating it you are supposed to have a nice looking cheesy pizza. But, actually, this tool doesn’t do so. It gives you the same soggy pizza every time.Buy on Amazon

27. Cookie Dippers

cookie dipper.jpg

If you love to dip your cookie in milk, then Dipr The Ultimate Cookie Spoon is a perfect choice for you. This invention is made to keep your hands out of the milk and protect the dipped soggy cookie from being drowned in the milk. The tool is made to hold your cookie while you are dipping it in the milk.Buy on Amazon

28. Peanut Butter and Jelly Spreader

peanut butter and jam spreader.jpg

This spreader looks like a lollipop stick with both ends capable of picking peanut butter and jelly. You need to dip one end in the jelly and another end in the peanut butter, and then spread both of them on the bread. But be sure that, you will make your palm and wrist dirty.Buy on Amazon

29. Egg Separator


The Bogey Man Egg Separator is the last product of this list. This is another invention, which will surprise you. This gross looking product separates the egg yolk from the egg white. Instead of investing money, you can actually learn to use eggshell as a separator or use a plastic bottle to suck the yolk out of the egg white.Buy on Amazon