Dubai’s Hoversurf – Police Patrolling Like in a Sci-Fi Movie

Meet The “Hoversurf Scorpion 3”

How often do you feel like you are living in the future? While we ponder the everyday technology, amazed at the fact that we can cast videos to our TV from our phone, folks over at Hoversurf are creating what every boy dreamed of after watching “Robocop” – your own flying “Hovercraft.” Dubai has no fear of investing in the latest and greatest technology and the “Hoversurf Scorpion 3” makes a great addition to the Dubai police department, right next to the Lamborghinis and Ferraris.


(Photo by Valery Sharifulin\TASS via Getty Images)

Indeed, the Dubai police department is cooperating with Hover to create custom “Hoversurfs” explicitly tailored to the needs of patrol officers to monitor high traffic areas.

The Future of Transportation

If the above video has you reaching out for your credit card hoping to get a “Hoversurf,” be ready for a mortgage. While Hoversurf CTO, Joseph Segura stated they are working on bringing the price down, the “Scorpion 3” currently sets you back 59,000$. Even though the “Scorpion” is aimed for recreation and hobbyists as an evolutionary step of motorbikes, because a nice motorbike and a vacation in eastern Asia run less than 59 thousand dollars significantly, you might want to put off signing that loan for now.

Blazing Blades


(Photo by Mikhail Tereshchenko\TASS via Getty Images)

Looking at pictures of the “Scorpion,” many can’t help but notice the fact that the blades are completely unsheltered. As fun as it looks, one does have to wonder how safe is it to fly, as a small twitch means the difference between hitting the blade and potentially crashing. While the company advertises the protective driver’s suit as enough protection against a fast spinning blade and claim the “Scorpion” won’t lose balance if one of the four blades stops, skeptics are right to continue doubting, at least until more comprehensive tests are made public.

The “Scorpion” as a Getaway Vehicle

The “Hoversurf” is limited in its flying height as well as speed- approximately 50kmph. The limit, set by the company citing safety concerns means that you won’t come close to running away from a cop car, much less hitting a sound barrier. Don’t worry though, if your adrenaline thrill relies on dangerous situations, the proximity of the blades will be more than enough to keep you alert.

Usage Time Up to Half an Hour


(Photo by Valery Sharifulin\TASS via Getty Images)

While we’re on the topic of runaway vehicles, you won’t be going far with the “Hoversurf.” The all-electric flying offers a total of 27 minutes of fly time on a full charge. Unless you plan on buying a few “Scorpions” to continually switch between, you will have to wait for 3 hours between flights to get it back to a full charge. Might want to use that time to work towards paying off the debt from the 59,000$ price tag, what do you think?

Taking the “Hoversurf” for a Ride


(Photo by Mikhail Tereshchenko\TASS via Getty Images)

Other than Dubai, you won’t be seeing any flying “Scorpions” in your Home Depot parking lot anytime soon. Right now, the drone cannot be registered with the Federal Aviation Administration meaning that your flights will be limited to low-altitude cruises in private properties only. If you were hoping to grab groceries with this contraption, you would have to wait until the regulations are set in place, or sneak around any existing police cars – here’s hoping they aren’t looking up while patrolling.

Long Waiting List


Photo Credit: Getty Images

With the steep price tag, how exactly does “Hoversurf” find the funding for the research and development necessary to create this? Following the trend in the recent years, “Hoversurf” relies on crowdfunding and willing investors to continue innovating- according to their Moscow offices, they still need approximately two million dollars to succeed. The approximate waiting times for one of their drones is between six and eighteen months, meaning that it if you decide to get one, it might be a while before the delivery.

Like in a Sci-Fi Movie



A common theme among contemporary Sci-Fi authors seem to be autonomous flying vehicles- flying cars, taxis; you name it. As far-fetched as it may sound, plans to implement such systems already exist. Guess where? Yep, Dubai again. Dubai seems to be no stranger to spending a massive amount of money on useless gimmicks which serving as tourist traps. Even if the “Hoversurf Scorpion 3” might seem too many as an overpriced toy, the research conducted during the creation of it will surely be of significant benefit in the future of flying vehicles.

What’s next?


Photo Credit: Getty Images

Despite not being a Silicon Valley company, Hover, the company behind the “Scorpion 3″, seems to have adopted the fast-paced development and innovation cycle found in Californian companies. Other than the “hover bike” the company has put effort into creating a Cargo drone, which can transfer up to 90 kilograms over the air. Conglomerates have started massively investing in air delivery mechanisms (see Amazon and their delivery drone effort), opening up a potential new market for Hover, with a stable income source which would allow them to continue innovating their entertainment models without relying on generous investors and crowdfunding.

Final Thoughts

The general tone of this article might leave one thinking we are against flying hover bikes – though the opposite is true. The potential use cases for flying hovercrafts are immeasurable- We think we might have to wait a bit more before risking our limbs and lives. As for “Hoversurf,” we wish them all the best and hope they’ll manage to bring the price down massively- ensure relative safety and a lower cost, and we’ll be the first in line to buy one. We should mention, they can’t be purchased in retail yet. So if you wish to try one out, you’ll have to get in touch with them.


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