Here Are the Top 40 Inventions That Changed the World in the Last 100 Years

Humans have been around for around 200,000 years. At least that’s when the oldest human fossil is dated. That’s 200 out of the past 5 billion years of earth’s existence. Yet the last 100 years of human life has boosted us substantially in a future that in some cases we may not have evolved for yet. We can get anywhere we want in the world with the click of a button and the help of a ticket, we are all interconnected through the world wide web, and can speak to anyone, at any time, in any place! It’s by far no argument that we live in the most exciting, and fun time to be a human. Let’s look at the top 40 inventions that pivoted the way humans evolved in the past 100 years!

Aerosol Spray Can

In 1927 a Norwegian engineer named Erik Rotheim was granted the first patent of aerosol spray. The cocktail inside an Aerosol can is composed of sesame oil, pyrethrum, Freon-12, and contained 16 ounces of what’s called the “bug bomb” inside each can.


Source: Getty images

Despite being potentially useful at birth, the Aerosol Can would make its debut to the world during World War Two for soldiers serving in bug infested terrain. Aerosol is still used today despite there being many studies attributing it many human disease and environmental effect.

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