New Technology Sheds Light on the True Faces of Ancient History’s Most Influential Figures. How Do They Do It?

For years the true faces of historical figures were solely up to the imagination. Scientists now use a process for recreating the faces of individuals from their skeletal remains. The process is called “forensic facial reconstruction.” They combine skeletal remains, with anthropological, osteological, and anatomical factors. Facial reconstruction began as a tactical technology to assist in criminal investigations and has since become practical in helping us see the true faces of some of the most prominent figures in ancient history. Now we can finally look in the eyes of Julius Creaser, or imagine what it was like to be in the crosshairs of the notorious Nero Claudius.

Johann Sebastian Bach



Born in Germany in the year 1685, John Sebastian Bach came from a family of musical pedigree. In 1721 Bach had completed writing his Brandenburg Concertos. Finally, we can see what the man behind the painting actually looks like!

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