Thanks to Drones, We Can Finally Capture Nature’s Previously Unseen Beauty

Drones have gotten a bad rap. Sure, they can be used for war and crime, but they can also be used to show us what we would never be able to see. Now with the new technology of drones, we are finally allowed to see places in the world that we were never able to see before. Drones can get to points and heights previously inaccessible to humans. But not anymore. Let’s make like birds and see breathtaking photos captured by drones, each one even better than the one before. Enjoy the show!

Eagle Flying Above Bali Barat National Park, Bali, Indonesia

This is a perfect example of how drones have the ability to get to places we would never be able to without this new technology. Look how close it is to the eagle!


Dendi Pratama

Now we can live vicariously through this footage and say we flew with eagles, in Bali no less!

The Tamul Waterfall in Mexico

This drone was able to get an incredible view of the Tamul Waterfalls. Apparently it’s not a popular tourist site, which is a shame seeing how beautiful it is.



This is the tallest waterfall of San Luis Potosi, at 340 feet.

You should see all these photos, including the next photo which could never have been seen without a view from above.

The Keukenhof, The Netherlands

This stunning shot is above the tulip fields in the Netherlands. The Dutch actually are very fond of tulips. This place, known as ‘Keukenhof’ by the locals is a cherished place for people from the country as well as visitors.



Instead of waiting for possibly a helicopter to snatch a photo like this, a drone is a much simpler and also cheaper way to gain access to sights like these.

Polar Bear

How often do you get to see a polar bear on a sheet of ice from above? Trying to get a photo while on the ice is quite dangerous. So flying a drone is much safer. Also, polar bears have been known to attack.


Polar bears are becoming increasingly aggressive due to the change in climate.

Our next drone photo is another unbelievable sight.

“Entrance to Hell” by Xiaoxioa Liu

This photo is titled “Entrance to Hell” unsurprisingly. With flaming hot lava spewing from this volcano, it would be impossible to get a closer photo than this one.


But even though a drone is able to capture this image, it’s still important that it doesn’t go too close because it could overheat and potentially malfunction and crash. And that would be a shame!

The Marienburg Castle in Pattensen, Germany

This fairytale castle surrounded by a white forest used to belong to King George V, before him and his family left over 150 years ago.


The castle was built between 1858 and 1867 by King George V as a birthday present for his wife, Marie of Saxe-Altenburg.

Next is another look at a volcano from above.

Volcano in Reunion Island

Thanks to this drone, it caught a glimpse of what a real erupting volcano looks like from above. And the person controlling the device was at a safe distance.

natureDronePhotos07.jpg Jonathan Payet

This photo captures the belly of the beast in the Reunion Island volcano. The name of the volcano is Piton de la Fornaise and it’s located on the side of the island in the Indian Ocean.

Laguna Beach

This seriously eye-pleasing shot was captured by a GoPro camera and has the capability of shooting aerial views in 4K (super high quality).



This is Laguna Beach from above, a rather rarely seen view of the famous tourist-filled beach. And the colors are fantastic.

In a beachy mood? The next one is also a beach view.

Life Imitating Art

Sometimes art imitates life and then there are times when life imitates art. Here’s a shot that proves our point. What is seemingly just rows of beach chairs and tiki-style umbrellas, is basically a piece of art when seen from above.



Funnily enough, no one from this beach, not even the owners and staff know what it looks like from this point of view.

Guarapari in Espírito Santo, Brazil

Guarapari is a coastal town in Brazil and a very popular tourist destination. The beach is known for its high radioactivity level of the sand.



There’s a 500-mile portion of Brazil’s Atlantic coast that goes from north Rio de Janeiro up to the south of Bahia and the sands of old beaches are naturally radioactive.

Fossil Rock in Dubai

At this site in Dubai, large natural rock formations are full of marine fossils. The area is being turned into a nature reserve for wildlife such as oryx, gazelle and mountain deer.



This huge fossil rock can be seen from over 25km away. It’s located near Mleiha, an hour away from Sharjah city. Many people hike and camp at Fossil Rock.

Highway 1 in Big Sur, California.

What a view! This is the famous Highway 1 in sunny California which can easily be called the scenic route. While it looks absolutely gorgeous during the day, it seems quite dangerous at night.



With no lights on the road and guard rails on the side of the road, this highway requires safe drivers only!

The next photo is by far one of the closest you’ll ever get to a volcano.

The Halemaumau Crater in Hawaii

This volcano is in the Kilauea Caldera in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The crater was 2,530 feet by 2,950 feet before collapsing on May 3, 2018, in which the size doubled.


tushevs aerials

Just looking at the center of this volcano and seeing the bright lava just waiting to erupt is at the same time terribly frightening and incredible.

Ice Falls in Iceland

These ice falls are located in Gooafoss, Iceland. Iceland is mostly green country tons of forest. The name Iceland is quite deceiving actually.


But still, there are places with ice and snow. Looks like this waterfall was cold enough to freeze half of the rushing water. Swim, anyone?

Ever seen a bunch of basketball courts from above? It’s pretty amazing.

Sports Complex From Above

That’s a lot of basketball courts. Being on the ground, however, wouldn’t do this site justice. Places like these need to be seen from above.


And especially at night, when the lights of these courts turn on, it’s the perfect moment to capture this type of ambiance.

Madai’in Saleh in the Arabian Desert

This unique photo is from an archeological site in the Arabian Desert. Mada’in Saleh used to be the land of Thamud in the Wadi Al Quran.


Experts believe that centuries ago, there could have been rivers flowing through this area that was likely a village. It was a trading route between Egypt and Mesopotamia.

The next photo will surely be eye-pleasing to anyone who appreciates clean lines.

Kharkov City in Ukraine

This aerial view of a road in Ukraine is one that would please anyone who likes clean lines and order. This is probably one of the most organized plots of farmlands ever seen.



And again, without a drone, we never would have known. Isn’t the green so refreshing? Ahhh.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is on the border of Ontario, Canada, and New York, USA. The sheer power of the water from these falls is insane.



And believe it or not, Niagara Falls has frozen over a few times in history, the most recent time being just this month in 2019.

Let’s fly with vultures, shall? That’s right, you should probably see the next photo.

Flying with Vultures in Ronda, Spain

These are Griffon vultures, birds of prey. Vultures are scavengers that feed on carcasses of dead animals that they find by soaring over open areas, often moving in flocks.



They make their nests in cliffs because they are undisturbed by humans and they also have access to open areas and dead animals. And this photo shows just how many vultures there are in Spain.

Australia’s Swimmers

This is a perfect drone photo that would never been seen otherwise. Western Australia is full of beautiful landscapes and people love to swim in the wild ocean.



This photo is one of the contestants from the SkyPixel 2016 Photo Contest. It shows people bravely swimming alongside a hurricane rip, with no idea that a drone was following them.

You have to see the next photo, it’s a rare view of one of the most famous bridges in the world.

The Golden Gate Bridge

This is an angle we never get to see one of the most famous and driven-through bridge in the world.


When the bridge was officially opened in 1937, it was both the longest and the tallest suspension bridge in the world. The main span was 4,200 feet and a total height of 746 feet.

Les Contamines-Montjoie, France

This drone photo captures a man running in the French Alps. Talk about dedication! Running can definitely create a natural high in general, but running in a place like this is another high altogether.



If you ever sat on a pristine beach and wondered what creatures are swimming within a few meters of you, you should definitely check out the next photo.

Two Women, Two Stingrays

Yet another example of a moment only to be captured by a drone. These two women lying carelessly on the beach have absolutely no clue that two stingrays are casually swimming so close to the shore.


Stingrays are on the verge of going extinct and some types are considered dangerous. Swimming above them isn’t ideal as they are known to sting people’s feet and legs.

Long Staircase in Algarve, Portugal

This amazing staircase leads people from the top of the mountain down to the beach. The terrain is very rough and uneven and so walking down without a man-made staircase would be very dangerous.


The only issue here is after you finally get down to the beautiful beach, you remember that you also have to climb back up!

If you like lions, the next photo is a must-see.

A Suspicious Lion

Not only are people still getting used to drones flying around and taking photos of nature and wildlife, but the animals also have to get used to another strange thing that humans have invented.



This lion has no idea what is going on, but does it matter? Look at this incredible photo! It’s okay Simba, you’re not in danger.

Drone Photo Winner

Jerome Courtial is a 39-year-old man from France who went to Valensole on a mission to get “an original picture rather than the classic view with the sunset in the background”.



This photo was chosen as the No.1 winner of Dronestagram’s 2017 awards. Jerome thanked his girlfriend for her patience, as they “waited quite a long time to find the perfect spot.”

“In a Higher Sky”

A Chinese photographer called this photo ‘In a Higher Sky’ which shows the clashes between two environments. It’s part of a collection of photos showing what damage industrial waste can do.


The photographer commented: “The rapid development of human civilization has brought a series of negative effects. The environment is polluted and the ecology is destroyed. At present, the status quo of pollution on the earth is very harsh.”

Let’s be kind to the earth, shall we?

Normandy Scene

This photo was captured by Thibault Beguet’s drone. He’s a 34-year-old photographer from Rennes, Brittany, and uses drones to take photos and make films for companies and TV agencies.



He’s here with his girlfriend, Manon. They were looking for a fun and original way to announce that they’re pregnant. They said, “We love Normandy, the sea, and outdoor activities, so we choose naturally to shoot on the beach.”

The next photo is real and not photoshopped!

Tulip Fields in the Netherlands

These are tulip fields near Voorhout in the Netherlands. It was part of National Geographic’s Traveler Photo Contest. It was taken by a drone in April of 2015.


Anders Andersson

Although this photo seems to beautiful to be real, we assure you that this was not edited. Nature can be that beautiful.

“Ugo le Marin”

This photograph was taken by the drone belonging to Romain Gaillard. He said he took it very early in the morning. “I had gone to the beach to take some pictures,” he said. “As I watched my children playing on the beach… I had the idea of using the sand as a large sheet of paper.”



“So my two sons and myself drew a scene related to the sea – on the image you can see my oldest son.” What a cute idea!

Santa Maddalena, Italy

These beautiful green hills are in a village in Santa Maddalena in Italy. If someone were to tell us that this is what a real-life fantasy looks like, we wouldn’t argue. It’s absolutely magical.



This is probably a perfect place to get an Airbnb. Who wouldn’t want to stay in a real-life fairytale setting?

Suburbs of China

This image shows the rural villages of China. This was taken in Autumn, a season for harvesting fruit.



The photographer commented: “Autumn season is the season of harvest, full of golden fruit is the earth’s contribution to the hard work of mankind.”

Peace, Spain

Luis Saguar Domingo, the one who took this photo is 24 years old. He said he got the drone as a gift for Christmas and was in Madrid, trying to find the perfect spot to fly his drone.



Luis says that flying his drone above scenes like this is relaxing. When he took this photo, he said he thought it was “really cool and symmetrical”.


This is actually an aerial view and not from the side as it may seem. This is really a deceiving shot, an optical illusion of sorts.



You see a cyclist mounting the side of a skyscraper. It’s still not understood how he did it, but it looks pretty scary! Don’t try this at home, friends!

Lobsters Breeding Farm

Here is a bird’s-eye view of a lobster farm in the province of Phu Yen in Vietnam. There’s a reason for the amazing colors seen in the image.



The colors are a mix of man-made materials with nature. And the result is an amazing photograph.

Golden Geometry

Javier Del Cerro’s drone caught the amazing symmetry of olive tree groves in Castilla La Mancha, Spain.



The beautiful gold in this photo is due to the perfect timing, right before sunset, otherwise known as “Magic Hour” because everything looks magical at this time of day.

Not For Those With a Fear of Heights

The climber is only one tiny feature of this image. As brave as he is, that is one steep drop. It’s not clear what he is doing. But it looks like it’s part of his work.



Workers like him are some of the bravest workers out there. Let’s hope his rope is tied tight!

Yantia, China

This photo shows docks in the Yantian District in China. This photo is part of a series of photos of workers who care for the docks and maintain the surfaces.



The next photo is truly breathtaking. And one that can only be appreciated from above.

Ducks By the River

Above Vietnam, this drone shot a picture of ducks being raised by local farmers. A massive amount of white ducks are relaxing on the river while the farmer works.



How many ducks do you think are in this image? 50? 100? 500?

Super Bowl Lights

Leave it to the Super Bowl to make a massive event with fireworks and a light show for everyone to be in awe of.



It’s really a beautiful image from above.

We hope you enjoyed the show!