Thanks to Drones, We Can Finally Capture Nature’s Previously Unseen Beauty

Drones have gotten a bad rap. Sure, they can be used for war and crime, but they can also be used to show us what we would never be able to see. Now with the new technology of drones, we are finally allowed to see places in the world that we were never able to see before. Drones can get to points and heights previously inaccessible to humans. But not anymore. Let’s make like birds and see breathtaking photos captured by drones, each one even better than the one before. Enjoy the show!

Eagle Flying Above Bali Barat National Park, Bali, Indonesia

This is a perfect example of how drones have the ability to get to places we would never be able to without this new technology. Look how close it is to the eagle!


Dendi Pratama

Now we can live vicariously through this footage and say we flew with eagles, in Bali no less!

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