When Great Minds Predict the Future…And Get it Right

Do You Believe in Psychics? Because after reading this, you just might. You may or may not have heard about Isaac Asimov, a writer, and professor at Boston University. A visionary, he wrote and edited over 500 science fiction books. But fiction wasn’t all that his work was focused on. He also had strong predictions of the future. Specifically of the year 2019.

Isaac Asimov was born in 1920 in Russia and while growing up, his family immigrated to the United States. People were amazed by the sheer extent of his mind and his ability to predict the future. He died in 1992, but he left behind prevailing ideas that are still being discussed today.

In 1983, the Toronto Star asked Asimov to predict the world of 2019. He had many visions of the future, and many came true. For example, he predicted the ability to use what he called sight-sound communication to connect with anyone on Earth. Aside from Asimov’s prophecies, we will reveal predictions by other great minds of the past who predicted what their future, our today, would be like. And they actually came true.

It Was 1983 When He Looked Our World Today

The Toronto Star asked Asimov this question: “What will the world look like in 2019?” Why then? Because the newspaper’s editors figured that since it was 35 years after George Orwell wrote 1984, it would be perfect timing.


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Asimov wrote that there was no point in imagining the future if the US and the Soviet Union were going to engage in a nuclear war, so he just assumed that wouldn’t happen. And then he went on to make his predictions…

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