15 DIY Car Hacks That Just Shouldn’t Exist

1. Nock Nock, Who’s There?

If you ever had any trouble with your car’s garage door, no worries, you can always replace it with your living door.


Credits Boredomtherapy.com

You’ve probably seen many DIY repairs but this one rocks it. This dude got super creative and made this car look ridiculously adoorable.

2. Life Is Simple With Radio-Tape

This guy wouldn’t give up on cruising his car without music and taped his radio player, literally. Not sure if it can’t play any tune, but you got to appreciate the efforts.


This guy is ambitious and will not settle for nothing but perfection.

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3. Popcorn Air Filters Are The Best

Your car’s air filter broke? Afraid it might get pricey? Don’t you worry, we got it under control. Because we’ve got popcorn bucket!


Credits Boredomtherapy.com

These poor people actually wrapped the bucket like they thought it would last. Good luck with that.

4. Does This Come With A Seat- Belt?

Nothing is more annoying than getting your driver’s chair fixed, but this guy kept it nice and cozy.


Credits Boredomtherapy.com

Hope this guy never actually took a ride with this chair as this passes at least 3 laws we can think of.

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5. The 90’s Called And They Want Their CD Back

Yes technology is making progress, and we can even add music to our Instagram stories, but nothing beats vintage.


Credits Boredomtherapy.com

The last time you probably used a CD was for the art decorations at Burning Man, but this guy took it to another level. Now who said CD’s aren’t useful?

6. Keys Are Overrated, Just Screw It

I’m sure that you lost your car keys at some point in your life, so here’s a solution. A screwdriver as a switch starter.


Credits Boredomtherapy.com

Because who needs keys anymore? One of the coolest DIY that can actually be useful at hard times!

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7. Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Every summer the same problem with your car’s AC? Sweating is not an option and it’s way too expensive to fix?


Credits Boredomtherapy.com

DIY AC will help you cool and upgrade your ride to another level. Or maybe this guy should have given this idea some air.

8. Seriously, What Was He Thinking?

Got a flat tire and don’t have spare wheels? This guy got super creative and had the funniest idea. Use your garden hose instead.


Credits Boredomtherapy.com

Since both are made of rubber it actually makes sense! Just avoid driving at all cost.

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9. What The Fork?

Yes, this idea doesn’t make any sense, but it surely serves the purpose. This guy stuck a fork instead of a car handle.


Credits Boredomtherapy.com

How does one come up with this? Let’s hope he doesn’t have any future plans for this fork.

10. Cover All Your Flaws

You see beat up cars everywhere because people are tired of spending all their money on fixing them.


Credits Boredomtherapy.com

But this guy found the perfect balance between hiding all his car’s flaws and not paying a fortune on it. 3D Band-Aid anyone?

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11. The More The Merrier

This extremely long truck is so ridiculous with its un-matching colorful doors that it seems like it just got back from Woodstock.


Credits Boredomtherapy.com

Don’t you wonder if the funny owner got the same door colors on the other side of the trunk?

12. Locker room

This driver obviously really cares about safety and found a way to make it even easier to break into his car.


Credits Boredomtherapy.com

How did he even manage to stick this thing to his car? Sure thing the insurance got him covered.

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13. Don’t You Want One?

This is a great idea. The more you look at it, it makes more sense. Don’t you wish you had one of those in your car?


Credits Boredomtherapy.com

It feels like you are navigating a ship while cruising your car down the street adjusting your AC.

14. Sorry Mama

Looks like someone tried to hide his car crash scars but couldn’t come out of it exactly as he hoped.


Credits Boredomtherapy.com

If you think that covering your car with license plates will make it seem blue than you should start thinking of excuses for your angry mother.

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15. Witch Craft

If you happened to be a witch on your spare time, please keep reading this. On cold winter days when snow hits the ground and your car’s windshield wipers are not as they used to be.


Credits Boredomtherapy.com

Broomstick wipers are here to save you! Just make sure that another witch won’t fly and steal it from you.