25 of the Most Stunningly Strange Places in the World

Planet Earth is nothing short of breathtaking. It’s full of unexplainable places that most of us will, unfortunately, not get to see in our lifetimes. But thanks to the photographers that capture remarkable photos of these beautiful sites, we can live vicariously through them and experience a glimpse of what it would be like to see these places in person.

Let’s take a look at some of the most equally stunning and strange places this world has to offer.

1. Rakotzbrück or ‘Devil’s Bridge’, Germany


Photo by: Andrew Mayovskyy. Shutterstock

This bridge is known for its uniquely accurate construction, with the bridge and its reflection merging into a perfect circle, no matter what angle you see it from.

2. Tunnel of Love, Ukraine


Photo by: Apiguide. Shutterstock

This is part of an industrial railroad, running three to five kilometers in length. The romantic name was given because it is a favorite place for couples to go on walks together.

The next place is right out of a dream…

3. Caño Cristales, Colombia


Photo by: Varnak. Shutterstock

This beautiful river is located in the province of Meta. It’s commonly referred to as the “River of Five Colors” or the “Liquid Rainbow”. It’s only during the months of June and November that the colors come alive in the otherwise normal-looking river.

4. Jellyfish Lake, Palau


Photo by: Blue Orange Studio. Shutterstock

Don’t worry, this magnificent lake is full of harmless jellyfish.

The next site is one that doesn’t seem to make any sense!

5. The confluence of Rhone and Arve rivers, Switzerland


Photo by: Helveticadoes. Shutterstock

The reason these two rivers don’t mix together is due to the difference in density.

6. Sea of Stars on Vaadhoo Island, Maldives


Photo by: PawelG. Shutterstock

As you can imagine, millions of tourists visit this beach every year to witness the gorgeous view. This natural phenomenon turns sea water into a neon blue.

If you want to see something straight out of a cartoon, see what’s next.

7. Cave of the Crystals in Naica Mine, Mexico


Photo by: Barcroft Media. The Daily Mail

This cave is 200 meters deep with giant selenite crystals, some of the largest ever found.

8. Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain, Peru


Photo by: Emperorcosar. Shutterstock

No, this isn’t photoshopped. For years, these mountains were covered in layers of ice. Once thawed, the mountains revealed their beautiful colors.

The next place is hauntingly beautiful…

9. Crooked Forest, Poland


Photo by: Seawhisper. Shutterstock

There are about 100 of these pines in this forest. They were planted sometime near the year 1930 when the location was still part of the German province Pomerania.

10. Great Blue Hole, Belize


Photo by: Globe Guide Media. Shutterstock

This is a giant marine sinkhole. The hole is 318 meters wide and 124 meters deep.

If you want to see a pink lake, see what’s next…

11. Lake Retba, Senegal


Photo by: Konstantin Kopachinsky. Shutterstock

The water is pink because of the Dunaliella salina algae and the high salt content, up to 40% in some areas.

12. The Wave, Arizona, the US


Photo by: Ronnybas Frimages. Shutterstock

This sandstone rock formation sits near the northern border of Utah.

Next is an example of what makes this earth so fascinating…

13. Mt. Kelimutu, Indonesia


Photo by: Muhammad Nurudin. Shutterstock

Mount Kelimutu is a volcano that has three of its own lakes, all different colors.

14. Mendenhall Ice Caves, Alaska


Photo by: Serhat Akin. Shutterstock

Also known as the “Glacier Cave”, it is constantly changing due to melting ice.

The following place is a heck of a sight…

15. Ruby Falls, Tennessee, the US


Photo by: Ritu Manoj Jathani. Shutterstock

An underground waterfall, 145 feet high. It’s illuminated to give it an extraordinary look.

16. Mount Roraima, Venezuela


Photo by: Curioso. Shutterstock

When do you ever see such flat mountain tops? Well, this strange mountain has heavy rainfall all year round which created an abundance of plants and unusual animals. There are also random waterfalls that pop up.

You might think the next spot is on another planet…

17. Danakil Depression, Ethiopia


Photo by: Tanguy de Saint-Cyr. Shutterstock

The geological depression has some of the most extreme climates on earth. It’s one of the lowest, driest, and hottest places that exist. The depression is full of acid pools, giving it that eerie glow.

18. Pammukale Travertine Pools, Turkey


Photo by: Thanan. Shutterstock

Pammukale means “cotton castle” in Turkish. These thermal pools are part of this natural spa that tourists love to enjoy.

19. Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, Brazil


Photo by: Pakawat Thongcharoen. Shutterstock

This protected area has vast tall, white sand dunes. In the rainy seasons, the dunes fill up with water and turn into lagoons.

It looks like the next place on the list would smell really lovely…

20. Red Beach, Panjin, China


Photo by: Paul J Martin. Shutterstock

The landscape is covered with the red plant of Suaeda salsa of the Chenopodiaceae family. It is based in the biggest wetland and reed marsh in the world.

21. Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia


Photo by: Olga Kot Photo. Shutterstock

This magnificent spot in the Andes is the world’s largest salt flat.

22. Spotted lake Khiluk, British Columbia, Canada


Photo by: Galyna Andrushko. Shutterstock

This saline endorheic alkali lake is highly concentrated with different minerals giving it all these amazing colors.

A holy site is coming up, but not what you might think…

23. Christ of the Abyss, Italy


Photo by: Wayne Johnson. Shutterstock

This is a bronze statue of Jesus Christ by Guido Galletti that sits underwater in the Mediterranean Sea.

24. The Giant’s Causeway, Ireland


Photo by: Kanuman. Shutterstock

This area has about 40,000 interlocking basalt columns which are a result of an ancient volcanic eruption.

25. Lake Hillier, Western Australia


Photo by: Matteo_it. Shutterstock

This is a saline lake, which is why it’s pink. Makes for awesome photos.