40 Inventions Named After Actual People

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is take out my phone, turn off the alarm, and brush my teeth. I then proceed to make a cup of coffee, maybe watch some TV, or read an article, I then get in my car, and drive on to work. At work, I open my computer, put on a podcast, and begin to write. My morning routine would not be possible without countless inventions that subconsciously help me throughout the day. I’ll say it plainly because it’s true, humans take simple inventions for granted. That’s why inventors named them after themselves. So at least when you buy a Mason Jar or some Tupperware, their names are honored! Heck if I invented a wrench, I would call it an Edan wrench, not that I ever created anything. Inventing is harder than it looks, but a useful invention can shape the future. We have gathered up 40 inventions named after the people who gifted them to us. Chances are you have used each one of them at least once!

From Point A to Point B

Getting on a bus to go to work may feel like second nature to us. A majority of the world relies on transportation to get from point A to point B on a daily basis. Gerald Ford may have invented the first vehicle in history, but had it not been for the diesel engine, there would be no cars on our roads today, no tanks fighting for freedom, and no trucks transporting our mail. This is all thanks to a man by the name of Rudolf Diesel. French-born Rudolf would spend 13 years working on the diesel engine beginning from 1885 and stretching the project all the way to the 1890s. Had it not been for his invention, the industrial revolution would not have existed as we know it.

1898: German engineer Rudolf Diesel with his workers at an engineering exhibition in Munich. Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images

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