Going Sailing – 40 Smart and Funny Boat Names

Boats are very special. To those that own them, they come as a luxury, to be taken out usually on weekends. Because many people who own boats have worked very hard in life just to own one, their boats become very precious to them and hence are ordained with very special names. The names of these boats are well-thought out and may even make you laugh. Each one of them is eye-catching and will make you think “what did I just read?” Well, take a look and let these boat names entertain you the way it entertained us!

1. You Better Notice Me!

This man clearly wants to be noticed. I fact, we think the whole point of this boat purchase is to get a whole lot of envious stares from onlookers.



With the name, “No Money Wasted” it is clear that the owner of this boat definitely appreciates his purchase and obviously treasures his boat.

2. It’s Mine – All Mine

Divorces can be messy and, yes, things need to be split between couples to keep things fair. With the name “She Got The House” it looks like this man is sitting pretty.



At least this man has a good sense of humor and obviously really appreciates single life on board his precious boat.

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3. Oh, How The Irony!

Ok, this image is rather concerning. The irony involved here is also rather disturbingly amusing. I guess this boat has no worries – other than sinking to the bottom of the ocean.



I guess when choosing names for your boat you have to be really careful. We’re almost certain this poor man will never call another boat “No Worries” ever again.

4. This Boat Tempted Fate Too much

Did this man really think it was a good idea to name his boat “Titanic 2.” What did he think, “Titanic” was just a movie with a young Leonardo and Kate?



Unfortunately, the “Titanic” really was a boat, a huge boat and it did sink. Naming your boat after the tragedy that this name brought is just really not a good idea – as this man experienced.

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5. A Little Bit Too Drunk

As we all know, a lot of fun happens on boats – that’s why people buy boats. Included in the fun part of owning a boat is drinking or inviting people on board to have some drinks.



Obviously, when drinking you don’t want to get too drunk – like this boat. Yes, if this boat could speak it looks like it is a little bit too tipsy with the name “Sotally Tober.”

6.The Fastest Boat On The Ocean

With the name “Usain Boat,” you know this boat is speedy. It’s Named after the Jamaican Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt who won many races.



He won the 100, 200 and 4 x 100-meter relay in the Olympics and attained instant fame. This boat owner clearly wants to show he is “the man” and his boat is more than fast.

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7. Quite a Popular Phrase

Believe it or not a lot of people use the phrase “I’m going to get some vitamin sea” when visiting the ocean. After all, the ocean does wonders for your soul.



The owner of this boat obviously knows that “Vitamin Sea” is the perfect name as a daily dose of going out into the ocean with this beauty is all they need for feeding the soul and keeping it healthy.

8. For the Love of Your Favorite Animal

This owner clearly loves pugs – a lot. What another way of celebrating your favorite animal than naming your boat after them and taking them out for a “ride” now and then.



With the name “Pugboat” it looks like this boat owner is covered in love and adventure whenever he makes sail and goes out in the waves.

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9. Not To Be Disturbed!

The person who owns this boat obviously treasures their quiet time on this boat. “In A Meeting” clearly indicates “do not disturb.”



A boat, at least, is a very nice thing to have as it allows you to escape into one of the most tranquil spots on earth – the ocean.

10. Bobbing On The Ocean

“Yeah Buoy” is an obvious expression saying basically “yeah baby, look at me, I made it!” In general boat owners have spare cash lying around hence the luxury of owning a boat.



The name is also a clever play on words as buoys do float on the surface of the ocean. This boat owner obviously sees his boat in a “masculine” way. Many boat owners see their boats as feminine.

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11. Off on an Adventure

With the name of “Sea Ya,” this boat owner clearly is stating that he is off on a journey and will be back whenever he pleases.



We guess the big appeal with owning a boat is the absolute freedom it gives and the ability to just hop on board, take sail, and be off!

12. Never Letting This One Go – or Maybe Yes

Well, the owner is clearly stating on their boat that this boat is not, nor will ever be, for sale. “Knot for Sail” is telling all onlookers not to look too hard.



But, take a look harder at the top of this boat that has a “for sale” sign. This poor pun of a boat clearly cannot make up its mind.

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13. Taking No Nonsense

Ok, this boat has many meanings. Firstly, as it’s called, “Bullship” is king of the seas that clearly takes no nonsense, so everyone better get out the way.



“Bullship” also indicates that it’s a very strong boat, like a bull on the ocean. It’s also definitely a man’s boat and a masculine boat.

14. Does It Belong to Me or You?

Ok, clearly the owner is not clear about who owns the boat as it could, kinda maybe, be his or hers. Perhaps it is a borrowed boat.



Who knows, maybe this boat is part of a family and each member of the family get to have a chance taking it out.

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15. Tough, It’s Mine!

This boat owner clearly loves his boat and he doesn’t care whether his wife agrees with his purchase or not. As it states on his boat “She’ll Get Over It.”



Well, maybe she will like the boat once he takes her out on it for long romantic cruises on the ocean. Everything looks better once in the ocean and possibly she’ll forgive him.

16. When Fishing Is Life

Obviously, the owner of this boat really loves fishing and “reeling” his fish in. Therefore it makes perfect sense that he names his boat “Reel Therapy.”



Reeling in the fish certainly brings this person a lot of comfort and possibly finds the whole experience very cathartic.

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17. Funny Sense of Humor

Clearly, using the name “Quarterlife Crisis” on your boat signifies two things. Firstly, it indicates that you’re not that old since a quarter is not a “mid-life” crisis.



Secondly certain drama has taken place in this person’s life which resulted in the purchase of this boat which I’m sure brings much happiness to the owner.

18. Adding The Obvious

Alright, this is not the most creative name we’ve seen but at least it states the obvious. To get this boat moving, all you have to do is “Just Add Wind.”



Obviously, the owner of this boat takes a more logical stance when it comes to the naming of their boat. Logically the wind will take you places!

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19. Everyone Makes Mistakes

This boat looks like it belongs to a lady below. I’m sure the inspiration for this boat comers from the song by Sheryl Crow “My Favorite Mistake.”



This lady’s favorite mistake is obviously her boat which I’m sure brings her a ton of pleasure. Anyway, sometimes mistakes are a lot of fun!

20. Here’s Looking at You Kid!

We know what most boat owners know. If you own a boat people are going to look at your boat and it’s almost a right of passage to “christen” your boat.



Therefore, you have to give your boat a really unique name which people are going to look at and possibly be humored by. Therefore, “Water U Lookin’ At” suits this boat perfectly.

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21. Not Fully Decided

Ok, as this is a play on words, it’s kinda cute. Either the person who owns this boat is not completely sure that their purchase was a good idea or they want to land their boat on shore.



Either way, the pun is pretty clever and makes you look twice. It looks like a great boat and we’re sure brings great pleasure to the owner.

22. Getting Really Silly

The owner of this boat obviously has a very strange sense of humor. Firstly, there are no such things as zombies and secondly, as we can all agree, “Zombies Can’t Swim.”



Or, maybe they can. Maybe zombies can swim but we have just never seen any swim in any movies or on TV. Which is a great thing.

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23. I Can Afford This – I Promise

Obviously, this boat was an expensive purchase for this person as it clearly states on their boat – “Goin’ Broke.” At least there is humor involved.



Look, in order to buy a boat, you fall into two categories: you either have the cash or credit to buy it and it is an easy purchase or you save for years. Perhaps in this case it was the latter.

24. When All Your Friends Are Buying One

Remember in high school, when everyone had to have the latest pair of Converse All Star shoes so you had to buy one just to “fit” in.



Well this perfectly names boat called “Pier Pressure” is just that. Maybe all of this person’s friends had a boat and the purchase just had to be made.

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25. Playing With Time and Space

When looking at these two boats one can come to only one conclusion. The “Reality” boat is a dingy and is more realistic in terms of price to afford.



The “Illusion” boat is possibly a boat that the owner had been envisioning for a long time as if it were almost an illusion, but it actually came true.

26. “Don’t Tease Me Christian”

It looks like this man loves playing “daredevil” with the sun as he doesn’t mind turning all shades of red as long as he is on his boat.



Playing with the title of the very iconic book “50 Shades Of Grey” this man certainly has a sense of humor but he should take his health more seriously.

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27. Not So Nice

The name of this boat, “Harambe McBoatface” is actually named after an unfortunate incident that involved a gorilla.



Harambe was a gorilla in a zoo who came in close contact with a three-year-old. However, a zoo worker intervened and shot the gorilla to make sure nothing happened to the child. So, the name of the boat “Harambe McBoatface” totally takes the gorilla name and life in vain.

28. It’s Mine, I Promise!

The name of this boat is pretty cute as it’s a play of words. We all know what knots are when it comes to boats and well, what “not” is.



The owner clearly wants everyone to know that the boat is absolutely, in no way stolen, hence the name “knot stolen.”

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29. Quiet Time Finally

Obviously, this boat owner likes their alone time. That is why there is such a play on words involved here. “A loan at last…” looks at two things.



This person also finally got a loan to afford the boat. We are sure that he is very happy at the moment as he finally has the boat of his dreams.

30. A Ginormous Boat

This boat is different to the others as it’s not a personal boat. It is obviously a boat carrying something very important from Hong Kong.



The gigantic boat is called “Titan Uranus” and if you know anything about mythology and astronomy, the titans were the deities in Greek mythology that were born of Uranus and Gaia (earth). Uranus also happens to be the third biggest planet in the milky way.

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31. A Gift For the Kids

This owner obviously loves his family and his children and wants them as well as the whole world to know that this boat is going to be passed down.



We are more than sure that the kids are very happy in the knowledge that this boat is going to fall into their laps eventually.

32. Finally Got It!

This boat owner is simply satisfied with the fact that they finally have the boat they have always wanted. A play on words the name is interesting.



“Aboat Time” is exactly how this person feels and well, yes, this is a boat. Funny, the names that people give their boats.

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33. Getting Real

At least this boat owner knows what really happens in life, not everything is peaches and cream. With the name “Ship Happens” the owner is being very practical.



Well this boat isn’t exactly a ship but we all get the point and the name of this boat. Good thing the boat owner has a sense of humor.

34. Childish Games

When looking at the names of these boats, you can only imagine that it probably belongs to siblings who like to race against each other.



“Wood Too” and “Would Not” are slightly childish names but we are sure it is an inside joke these brothers share between one another.

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35. This Is For Real

When first looking at the name of this boat, you may think that there has been a mistake with the name of the boat – after all, it’s upside down.



Truly, the name “Uh-Oh!” has been placed upside down for practical reasons should the boat tip over people will be able to recognize that there is trouble here. There is humor injected here of course.

36. When The Day Means Everything

Obviously, this person appreciates everyday and knows to “Seas The Day” and not take advantage of the time given.



Now, seizing the day is always important – no matter what you do, and if that happens to involve sailing on the seas, well, even better!

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37. Getting the Mafia Involved

Well, not exactly. The name of the boat is a play on words and the funny illustration of the fish smoking a cigar and holding a shotgun emphasizes this.



Obviously, the clever name is imitating the movie “The Godfather” with Marlon Brando which everyone knows.

38. Very, Very Clever!

“Breaking Bad” is one of the most popular shows to have ever graced the small screen and this boat owner knows it.



With the name “Breaking Bass” this name is brilliant and for those who don’t know, a bass is a type of fish. It’s a very well-thought-out name.

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39. Computing In The Ocean

For people who don’t know, “Error 404” is usually the message you get on your computer if the internet can’t find the page or site you are looking for.



“Error 404 Fish Not Found” is a very clever name indicating that the fish has perhaps slipped through the net. No doubt someone who works in hi-tech owns this boat.

40. Are You Kidding?

This boat has a funny name but is tempting fate. Obviously, “Unsinkable 1” sank so here it is – “Unsinkable 2.”



Sometimes people just don’t learn and they think they are the “King of the World” and when it comes to boats it applies there too!