40 Ways Meghan Markle Shook Royal Protocol, Before and After Marrying Harry

Meghan Markle shot to TV stardom as Rachel Zane in hit prime-time legal drama Suits and was one of the most popular members of the cast. However, she really cemented her status and a household name and caught the attention of the world, when she married one of the most eligible bachelors on the planet, Prince Harry.

Before long the American actress married her own Prince charming in a lavish ceremony in Windsor Castle. The wedding united the royal family with many of Hollywood’s leading stars, from George Clooney to Oprah Winfrey. For Meghan, becoming the Duchess of Sussex was a dream come true. Now she is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her royal baby.

However, Meghan wasn’t born into royalty. So before she met Prince Harry, she was still making a name for herself as an actress, so her path to success wasn’t always so royal and picture-perfect. Being a princess also comes at a cost and there are plenty of tried and tested royal rules and fashion expectations. So let’s also look at her life before and after Harry, and see some of the things Meghan had to kiss goodbye to and some of the ways she shook royal protocol once she became a royal.

Meghan’s Career

For much of the world, Meghan Markle made her royal debut after her engagement to Prince was announced to the press. However, she had also carved a career for herself as a successful actress and had done many things in her life before she met Harry.


Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Meghan had made a name for herself as a prime-time actress, which is the first major thing she was expected to give up before becoming a royal. Meghan also wasn’t born a princess, so during her journey to the top, she didn’t always have the pressure to always maintain a picture perfect online presence. We’re sure there were certain moments, experiences and photos that Meghan would prefer to stay away from the Queen’s watchful eye.

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