The Most Underrated Movies of All Time


The crime movie was released in 1954. Starring Sterling Hayden, Frank Sinatra, and James Gleason, the film revolves around an assassination plot. A tranquil suburb that is located next to a railway station is thrown into chaos when shooters infiltrate it and take hostages, using the place to plan their assassination of the president.


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Critics hailed the film and Frank was praised for his spectacular tour de force performance. It has been compared to Kiss Me Deadly and The Big Night. The remake of the movie was released in 2013. It was directed by Uwe Boll and featured Dominic Purcell. The movie is currently free to view and download. Though freely available, it now seems to have been forgotten among other great classics.

After the rumor that President Kennedy’s shooter, Lee Harvey Oswald, had watched the film, Frank Sinatra tried to buy its rights and stop its circulation.

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