Actors Who Look Just Like the Real-Life Character They Played

To be a good actor, you really have to be able to convince the audience that you are another person. It isn’t that difficult with a fictional character because the audience doesn’t know what to expect. The actor can play around and create a personality for their character. It’s not so simple when the character you are playing is a real person.


Source: Shutterstock /, Copyright: The Weinstein Company

Audiences can get angry and disappointed when a well-known figured is portrayed inaccurately on screen. This is why you can see many actors go to extremes to make sure they look like their subjects. This is especially important in biographical films. Some actors shave their head and other gain or lose weight of a role. Other actors change more than just their appearance for a role. Guess which actor started smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day to embody a character. Check out these amazing actors who looked exactly like the real-life character they portrayed.

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