Ancient Mysteries That Challenge Everything We Thought We Knew

Each and every year, archeologists seem to uncover new incredible artifacts that challenge everything we thought we knew about ancient civilizations. These new discoveries can be mysterious artifacts or awe-inspiring monuments, and some of these continue to baffle the experts.

Most of the time, these new discoveries seem to fit into the timeline of what scientists already knew. However, some are more mysterious, and even after research, the experts still have no idea how or why some of these objects were created. Still, these breathtaking artifacts continue to help us all learn more about the ancient world, and some reveal just how advanced these ancient cultures were. So let’s take look at the most awesome ancient mysteries that continue to bamboozle scientists.

Baghdad Battery

In 1838, a German archeologist unearthed a collection of ancient clay jars that seem to be the world’s first batteries. The ancient collection was found in the area now known as Iraq, and dated back to 200 BCE. The scientific world was abuzz, as this was way before the world even knew about electricity.



Inside each jar, he found an iron word wrapped in a copper cylinder. So, a college professor and their class made replicas of the clay jars. To everyone’s amazement, these Bagdad batteries managed to produce electricity. So the clay jars really were the world’s first batteries. Just wow!

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