The Best Movies Based on True Events – Ranked

There’s something extra special about a film that features the words ‘Based on a true story’. Knowing that the events depicted on screen truly happened in the real world can make a movie so much more exciting and immersive. Not all of these films turn out to be classics, but many have made their mark on cinematic history, winning long lists of accolades and being regarded as some of the finest movies ever made.

50. Trapped for 5 Days – 127 Hours



Direct by Danny Boyle and released in 2010, 127 Hours tells the shocking true story of Aron Ralston, a canyon explorer who gets trapped by a boulder in Blue John Canyon, Utah. James Franco appeared in the starring role and almost the entire film takes place within the canyon, focusing on nothing but Franco as he attempts to escape. 127 Hours earned six Academy Award nominations, with Franco being selected among the Best Actor nominees. The film made over $60 million at the box office on an $18 million budget and was a major critical success.

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