Amazing Prom Night Outfits. Celebrities’ Kids On Their Biggest Night Ever.

Prom Night is a right of passage for most. It symbolizes the end of the years we spent forming relationships with friends and studying as hard as we could to get into the colleges of our dreams. But what is it like for celebrities’ kids? Let’s see…

Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith is quite the talent. We have seen him star in movies such as “Pursuit of Happiness” opposite his dad Will Smith and starring by himself in roles such as 2010’s “The Karate Kid”. He is very loved in the “Hollywood” community and adored by his sister Willow.


Credit: ParentsDome

On prom night he looked very dapper with a gorgeous black suit, blond afro, and styling with a thick gold chain necklace. He went to the prom with his girlfriend Odessa Adlon. They only made it home after 5 am. Obviously, they seriously partied the night away!

Nina Simone Smith

LL Cool J entertained us all the way through the 90s and early 2000s. “Ladies Love Cool J” was an MC, actor, and rapper with serious skills. Throughout his career, he also managed to raise a beautiful daughter, namely Nina Simone Smith.


Credit: ParentsDome

Nina Simone Smith is on her way to dominating social media. In 2017 we got the opportunity to view her as she posed for pre-prom photos. The teenager looked simply lovely in a matching dress and heel combination. She also wore gorgeous braids.

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Lily Rose Depp

Take one of the hottest guys on the planet and mix his genes with a Chanel model and singer and what do you get? Well, Lily Rose Depp of course.


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Johnny Depp dominated the movie scene way back from the 80s till now and was and still is regarded one of the beautiful men in the world. Vanessa Paradis was his partner in crime until they split on June 19th, 2012.

Lily Rose Depp is a model. She is petite with gorgeous bone structure. On the night of her prom, she had her hair down and wore natural makeup. Her gown was a light peach color which was snake-textured.

Cori Broadus

Snoop Dogg is a force to be reckoned with. He has always been a cool character with a huge following. His album Doggystyle was released on November 23, 1993, and had seriously sick tracks on it such as “Who Am I (What’s My Name)”, “Gin & Juice” and “Doggy Dogg World.”


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Cori Broadus is the daughter of Snoop Dogg and the entire family took to Instagram to wish her the best night. She wore a beautiful bronze gown that made her look like a princess.

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Gia Giudice

Reality TV star and actress Teresa Giudice is a serious diva. Her daughter, Gia Giudice is just as gorgeous and looks a lot like her mom. She is also very much a diva – just like her mom.


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On prom night, Gia Giudice was dressed in a lilac/pink candy floss-colored gown with a split to show off her left thigh. She wore heels with perfectly pedicured toes.

Presley Gerber

Cindy Crawford dominated the model scene in the 80s and 90s. She had the most famous mole on earth and her Pepsi commercial steamed up televisions everywhere. After divorcing Richard Gere, she married Rande Gerber and had two children with him – Presley and Kaia.


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Presley, like his mom and sister, has his own modeling career and went to prom with a gorgeous date in a strapless white dress. The picture above shows him playing around with his date which he posted on social media.

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Ming Lee Simmons

My how she has grown! Meg Lee Simmons is the daughter of Kimora Lee and Russell Simmons. Russel Simmons is huge in the music scene and has produced really good music. Kimora Lee Simmons was a top model and is an absolute diva like no other.


Credit: ParentsDome

Ming Lee looks just like her mom and is also rather tall. She looks stunning in her prom dress which was champagne-colored with a huge slit that reached her thigh and beautiful heels.

Lily Mo Sheen

Kate Beckinsale has kicked serious butt in many of her action movies fighting off vampires and werewolves. She was often voted as having one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood. When Lily was accepted to college both her parents posted pictures showing how overjoyed they were that their daughter was admitted to college.



Lily Mo looked beautiful in a stunning red dress for her prom with her beautiful brown hair cascading down over her shoulders. She wore natural makeup and a great big smile.

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Sasha Gabrielle Fox

Sasha Gabriel Fox is the daughter of gorgeous singer and actress Vanessa Williams and retired basketball player and actor Rick Fox. She definitely follows in her parents’ footsteps with beauty and allure.



On the big night, she looked super beautiful all decked out in a berry number. Her gorgeous mom Vanessa took the time to do her daughter’s makeup and hair for the evening. Sasha Gabrielle definitely has curves to die for!

Zola Murphy

Eddie Murphy is a seriously funny guy. His movie franchise” Beverly Hills Cop” did exceptionally well way back when. Zola Murphy is his gorgeous, petite daughter. Well, she is one of his children as the comedian has nine!



Back in 2017, she looked really beautiful as she stole the show in a beautiful light cream pink number that was very sheer and very elegant. She matched it with an elegant bag and simple high heels. She looked picture perfect with her date.

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Maude Apatow

Maude Apatow is the eldest of the powerhouse couple, Judd Apatow (who directs the funniest films – like “This is 40”, “Funny People” and “Knocked Up”) and feisty redhead actress Leslie Mann. She has a lot of talent and has made several appearances in the movies mentioned.


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Here she is in a gorgeous prom dress looking innocent and beautiful with her mother’s smile. She wore a silk dress and a wavy bob hairdo.

Dia Nash

Dia Nash is the daughter of Niecy Nash who has become a household name thanks to her role in the design show, Clean House. She may have made a name for herself but it was her daughter Dia Nash that stole the show in 2017.


Credit: ParentDome

Dian ash wore a gorgeous Belle-inspired canary yellow dress that was very beautiful and at the same time very commanding and fierce. Niecy documented the entire process of her daughter getting ready on her Instagram from hair to makeup. In the end, Dia looked gorgeous.

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Regina Carter

Regina Carter is the daughter of Lil’ Wayne and Toya Wright. Lil Wayne is a big deal in music with his slick lyrics. His song “Lollipop?” did extremely well. Regina is a star in her own right and had her own reality series with mom, Toya Wright.


Credit: ParentsDome

Regina is also currently a really big deal in social media. She looked gorgeous on prom night in her sheer gown. She also took the time to take pics with her mom before she headed out for the night.

Karina Gravano

Over 5 years we got to know Karen Gravano who was one of the leading ladies in the reality show “Mob Wives.” We also got to see the families involves in this show and got to see Karen’s daughter Karina.


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Although very young on TV, in 2017 she headed off to her prom. Her mom was definitely not shy to show off her beautiful daughter and uploaded a picture where she looked like a glamour queen with a detailed, exquisite dress.

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Ayanna Epps

Omar Epps was a major star in the 90s starring opposite Tyra Banks in “Higher Learning” and starring with Saana Lathan in 2000’s “Love & Basketball”. He really was a huge star with A-list status back then. He’s very proud of his daughter Ayanna.


Credit: ParentsDome

Ayanna looked like a proud princess in her black gown and bejeweled choker. She wore beautiful dark lipstick and this photo speaks a thousand words showing the special bond of love between Omar Epps and his daughter.