Celebrity Kids All Grown Up – Some of Them Look Exactly Like Their Rich & Famous Parents

Some years back, these children were born into fame and wealth. Watching these kids grow to teens and adults over the years have been fun. In many cases, they usually pursue the same career as their parents while some dive into a different career. Some celebrity children are always in the news for the wrong reasons while some live a very quiet life. This article will be focusing on the children of your favorite celebrities. Find out how these kids have transformed in their looks, career choice, and interests.

1. Anna Nicole Smith’s Daughter – Dannielynn Birkhead

Dannielynn Birkhead is the daughter of Anna Nicole Smith and LarryBirkhead. She was subject to media scrutiny at an early age when a paternity case occurred, which Birkhead won. They both live in Kentucky way from the media eyes. Dannielynn is also known to be a big fan of Star Wars.

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She started modeling at the age of 6 when she modeled for the children line of Guess clothing just like her late mum.

2. Stephen Baldwin’s Daughter – Alaia Baldwin

Alaia Baldwin is the daughter of Stephen Baldwin and Kennya Deodato. She is a talented model who is signed with D’Management and The Squad. With her unique looks and pleasant personality, she has had a very successful career.


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She is married toAndrew Aronow. She is sister to Hailey Baldwin who also is a model and engaged to Justin Bieber.

3. Tiger Woods Daughter – Sam Alexis Woods

Sam Alexis is the first child of one of the most successful and popular golfers of all time – Tiger Woods.


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As part of their divorce agreement, Tiger Woods and his ex-wife have joint custody of Sam. She loves to play and watch soccer especially that of the US National team.

4. Cristiano Ronaldo’s Son – Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.

Cristiano Ronaldo is sometimes regarded as the wealthiest and most celebrated footballer of all time. He is widely cherished by fans worldwide. Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. was born in 2009 with a woman Ronaldo refused to disclose to the public. Just like his father, little Cristiano has joined the under nine team of Juventus.


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It is Ronaldo’s dream to see his son play professional football like him. Whether he will be as good as his father, we will let the future decide that.

5. Bryan Cranston’s Daughter – Taylor Dearden

Taylor Dearden is an American actress. She was famous for her role in season 3 of the hit TV series Breaking Bad which her father directed.


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Taylor is 25 years old and is following her dad’s footstep in the acting profession. Other movies she has featured in are Heartthrob and Sweet/Vicious.

6. Steve Jobs’ Daughter – Eve Jobs

Eve Jobs was born in wealth meaning she might never have to worry about earning her own money. Her father is the late Steve Jobs. When he died, he left behind a whopping net worth of $20 billion.


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Eve is an excellent and accomplished horse rider. Recently, we heard she enrolled at Stanford University which might mean perhaps, she is not going to rely on her father’s wealth.

7. Lea Thompson Daughter – Zoey Deutch

Zoey Deutch is the daughter of American actress Lea Thompson and Howard Deutch. Zoey is an American actress and producer. The 23-year-old has featured in movies like Vampire Academy, Before I Fall and Flower, making her a highly sought-after actress. She loves to dance and has over 1.3 million followers on Instagram.


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In 2017, Zoey won the “Maxmara Face Of the future award” for her strides in the movie industry.

8. Heath Ledger’s Daughter – Matilda Rose Ledger

Matilda Rose is late Actor Heath Ledger’s only child. He died when she was just two years old. Her mother decided to keep Rose out of the spotlight when her father died.


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Now, Maltida is 11 years old and has a striking resemblance with her dad regarding physical appearance and energy. It is uncertain whether she will go into acting in the future, but for now, she is doing well at school and living a normal life.

9. Magic Johnson’s Son – EJ Johnson

EJ Johnson is the son of Magic Johnson a retired professional basketball player and currently the president of basketball operations of the LA Lakers. Unlike his father, Johnson is an American TV personality who has a passion for fashion.


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He came out as gay at the age of 17 and was supported by his family. Presently he is a news personality for the E! News covering shows for the New York Fashion Week and Fashion Police.

10. Ron Howard’s Daughter – Bryce Dallas Howard

Bryce Dallas Howard is the eldest daughter of movie director Ron Howard and writer Cheryl Hoard. She is an American actress and director. Just like her dad, she is poised to succeed in the movie industry. She has featured in movies like Jurassic World, and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.


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She also appeared in the acclaimed TV series Black Mirror. She got married to Sett Gabel in 2006, and they have two kids together.

11. Jack Nicholson’s Son – Ray Nicholson

Ray Nicholson is the son of a famous American actor and filmmaker, Jack Nicholson. He has followed the same career path as his dad, and it’s paying off.


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The 26-year-old has featured in movies like Benchwarmers, The Reunion and The Outsider either as an actor or as an assistant director.

12. Mary-Louise Parker’s Daughter – Caroline Ash Aberash

In September 2007, Caroline Ash Aberash was adopted by actress Mary-Louise Parker from Ethiopia.


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MaryLouise Parkeris an American actress and writer. The actress, who is neither married nor in a relationship, decided to raise Ash as a single parent. She fell in love with her daughter when she first saw her.

13. Jamie Foxx’s Daughter – Corinne Foxx

Corinne Fox is the daughter of favorite award-winning actor and comedian Jamie Foxx. She has a powerful bond with her dad. Rather than going into acting, Corrine decided to build a career in modeling.


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She won Miss Golden Globe in 2016 and had also appeared in adverts for major fashion brands.

14. Priscilla Presley Son – Navarone Garibaldi

Navarone Garibaldini is the son of American actress and business icon Priscilla Presley. His mother and his father Marco Garibaldi went their separate ways when he was at the age of 19.


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Navarone is always in the news for the wrong reasons either for drug abuse or speeding. Recently, he seemed to have turned a new leaf and is pursuing a career as a musician. He is known to be part of a rock band called Them Guns.

15. Kevin Costner’s Daughter – Lily Costner

Lilly Costner is an actress popularly known for the role she played in movies like The Postman, Black or White, and The Babysitters Club. She is the daughter of Kevin Costner and his ex-wife, Cindy Silva. She started out Hollywood in 1995, the same year she got cast in The Babysitters Club.


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For some reasons, the 31-year-old has left Hollywood to live a normal life. There is no idea of what she does for a living now, but we do know that her father has a trust fund in her name…so no worries.

16. The Rock’s Daughter – Simone Garcia Johnson

Simone Garcia Johnson is the daughter of a Former wrestler and Award-winning actor Dwayne Johnson. The Rock is one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. Hence we are confident he has enough funds to secure his family for life. Despite this, Simone is determined to make a name for herself in the entertainment industry.


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At 16 years, she became the next Golden Globe ambassador. With her exposure to Hollywood at a young age, she is most likely to succeed.

17. Nicole Richie’s Daughter – Harlow Richie

Harlow Richie is the first child of Nicole Richie and Joel Madden. She was born in 2008. After her birth, her parents due to their fame earned $1 million for allowing Harlow appear in People Magazine.


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The couple have a second child named Sparrow James who was born in 2009. With Harlow’s superstar parents, we predict she will build her career in the spotlight too.

18. Sean Penn’s Daughter – Dylan Frances Penn

Dylan Frances Penn is a top American model and actress. She is the daughter of famous holly wood stars, Sean Penn and Robin Wright. She is quite a blend of the good looks of her parents.


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She began modeling for Gap Inc, at a very young age and has appeared on the cover of Elle, Asos, and GQ Magazines. Penn has also appeared in some movies including Condemned, Elvis and Nixon and Unfiltered.

19. Bill Gates’ Son – Rory John Gates

Rory gate is the only son of one of the wealthiest men in the world and the owner of Microsoft… Bill Gates. He might never have to think of accumulating wealth as his father is worth $95.6 Billion.


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He is worth $ 20 million and recently graduated from Duke. With a university degree and millions of dollars in the bag, it is certain that he is living the life.

20. David Bowie’s Daughter – Alexandria Zahra Jones

Alexandria Zahra Jones is the daughter of legend David Bowie and supermodel Iman Bowie.


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She has a beautiful relationship with her mom who she also looks like. The beautiful 18 years old recently graduated from high school and seemed to be a lover of art. She has an Instagram page dedicated to her artworks.

21. Emma Thompson’s Daughter – Gaia Thompson

Gaia Thompson is the daughter of actress Emma Thompson and actor Greg Wise. Gaia was born through IVF after Emma had issues getting pregnant. Gaia Wise who is now 18 has followed in her mom footsteps and is a known to have actively campaigned against climate change.


Photo by Jon Furniss/WireImage | Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/WireImage

Gaia has a passion for fashion, and it is most likely that she ends up in the fashion space.

22. Robert Downey’s Son – Robert Downey Junior

Robert Downey Jr. is the son of the famous actor and filmmaker Robert Downey Snr. Just like his dad, he ventured into acting and is now one of the highest paid actors in the movie industry.


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He is famous for the role he played in movies like as Zodiac, Sherlock Holmes, Avengers: Infinity Wars, Captain America, Tropic Thunder, Iron Man to name a few. He is married to Susan Levin, and they have two kids together.

23. Bette Midler’s Daughter – Sophie Von Haselberg

Sophie Von Haselberg is the only daughter of famous American actress Betty Milder. She studied sociology and East- Eastern studies at Yale University.


Bette Midler and her daughter, Sophie von Haselberg. Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Marc Jacobs

Despite her mother’s wealth, the 31-year-old is determined not to depend on her mother’s wealth. She is also interested in acting like her mother. She has featured in movies including Irrational Man, The Wizard of Lies, Ask for Jane.

24. Kelly Ripa’s Daughter – Lola Grace Consuelos

The beautiful daughter of Kelly Ripa is grown right before our very eyes. Lola Grace Consuelos is her name, and she is 16 years old. Her parents have done quite some work as they kept her childhood private. Recently she attended several red carpets with her parents which mean she is becoming of age.


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Lola Grace is quite interested in the glitz and glam of Hollywood as she started an internship at a film house early this year.

25. Kobe Bryant’s Daughter – Natalia Diamante Bryant

Natalia Diamante Bryant is the 15-year-old daughter of one of the basketball greats Kobe Bryant. She presently attends Sage Hill High school in California.


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Natalia loves modeling and grew up without a passion for basketball.

26. Hulk Hogan’s Daughter – Brooke Hogan

We all knew Hulk Hogan during his days as a professional Wrestler. He is the father of American reality TV star and actress Brook Hogan. Brooke Hogan is a household name in the entertainment industry.


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She owns a TV series titled Brooke Knows Best. The blonde beauty has also featured in a couple of movies as well as pushing her music career. She has two albums to her name.

27. Zoe Saldana’s Twins – Cy Aridio and Bowie Ezio

Actress Zoe Saldana is blessed with two beautiful twin boys named Cy Aridio and Bowel Aridio. The boys are just adorable. She and her husband Marco Perego have plans to teach the children both Spanish and Italian Languages.


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With the kind of parents that they have, the twins will grow up to be smart kids.

28. Rod Stewart’s Daughter – Kimberly Stewart

Kimberly Stewart is the daughter of British singer and songwriter Rod Stewart. Growing up, Kimberly made it evident that she did not want to become a musician or singer. She loved the movie industry. It was her dream to become an actress.


Photo by Ron Galella/WireImage | Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for the Farrah Fawcett Foundation

However, her acting career never kicked off as she expected. She now models for major brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Elle.

29. Katharine Ross’ Daughter – Cleo Cole Elliott

Hollywood actors Katharine Ross and Sam Elliott are one of the couples in the industry. They are parents to 33-year-old Cleo Cole Elliot. Unlike her parents, she decided to become a musician.


Photo by Ron Galella/WireImage | Photo by VALERIE MACON / AFPP

Things have not been rosy with her family as she has been found in violent outrages with her mom. At age 26, she was given a restraining order not to be allowed within 100 yards of her mother or home.

30. Jeremy Irons’ Son – Samuel Irons

Jeremy Irons is one of the most respected British actors in the movie industry. His first son is Samuel Irons. Samuel irons was born in 1978 and grew up having a different career interest from that of his father.


Photo by Ron Galella, Ltd./WireImage | Photo by ShowBizIreland/Getty Images

He works as a photographer and has worked with different models. Just like his younger brother Maximilian “Max” Irons, he has appeared in movies with his father.

31. Michael J Fox’s Daughters – Schuyler and Aquinnah Fox

Schuyler and Aquinnah Fox are the twin daughters of popular actor Michael J. Fox. Fox is an actor and the famous founder of The Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s disease, which he founded when he was diagnosed with the disease at age 28.


Photo by Gregg DeGuire/WireImage | Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research

He is worth a lot of money ($65 million dollars) and his twins have nothing to worry about. Schuyler is currently attending Pomona College, while her sister is at Duke University.

32. Phil Robertson’s Granddaughter – Sadie Robertson

Sadie Robertson is different from the rest of the kids we have talked about in the sense that she became popular due to reality TV. She is the grandchild of Phil Robertson, the inventor of Duck Whistles for hunters.


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The 20-year-old has a couple of successful businesses including a fashion line. She is also interested in pursuing a career in acting. It is certain that she doesn’t need her grandpa’s money and will make her own money.

33. Tom Selleck’s Daughter – Hannah Selleck

Hannah Selleck is the 29-year-old daughter of film actor and producer. Tom Selleck. She grew up to love horses just like her dad.


Photo by Ron Galella/WireImage | Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc for Variety Magazine

She spends most of her time at her horse ranch in New Mexico. Hanna was interested in modeling at a point in time but now focuses on the health and wellbeing of her horses.

34. Halle Berry’s Daughter – Nahla Ariela Aubry

Halle Berry and her ex-husband Gabriel Aubry have a daughter together, and her name is Nahla Ariela Aubry.


Photo by Philip Ramey/Corbis via Getty Images | Photo by Jean Baptiste Lacroix / Getty Images

She is ten years old and is as beautiful as her mom. Her mom and dad got divorced when she was two years old. She is still young which makes us unsure of what career path she would follow.

35. Sigourney Weaver’s Daughter – Charlotte Simpson

Charlotte Simpson is the daughter of famous actress Sigourney Weaver. Unlike her mom, Charlotte Simpson has no passion for becoming a movie superstar.


Photo by Ron Galella, Ltd./WireImage | Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Dior

She has featured in movies like Work on The Guys, Summit and Kelsey. However, she prefers to work behind the scenes. She has worked as a camera assistant for many film productions.

36. Brandy Norwood’s Daughter – Sy’rai Smith

Sy’rai Smith is the lovely daughter of Brandy Norwood. Sy’rai Smith’s life has been a topic of conversation ever since she was brought into this world by her mom and Robert Smith (Big Bert).


Source: directhealthy.com

It all started when her parents divorced in 2014. The break up has not affected Sy’rai in any way as she uses her presence on social media to encourage other young girls her age to love themselves. It is still too early to know which career she will end up in.

37. Diana Ross’ Son – Evan Ross

Evan Ross is the son one of the greatest musicians of all time Diana Ross. He is also into the entertainment industry, but he is not a musician.


Photo by Andreas Branch/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images | Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for H&M

He is an actor and as featured in movies like Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 and Part 2 and Pride. He is married to singer Ashlee Simpson who still links him to music.

38. Willie Nelson’s Daughter – Paula Carlene Nelson

The musical talent runs in the family of Willie Nelson and his daughter Paula Carlene Nelson isn’t excluded. Her interest in music started after following her dad to one of his tours.


Photo Paul Harris/Getty Images | Photo by Gary Gershoff/WireImage

Now 48 years old, she has made a name for herself in the music world. She became a controversy queen when she made headlines for being arrested for marijuana possession in 2014.

39. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son – Patrick

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a legend in the movie industry. His 24-year-old son is Patrick Schwarzenegger. Patrick just like his famous dad is an actor.


Photo by Chad Buchanan /Patrick McMullan via Getty Images | Photo by SMXRF/Star Max/GC Images

He has featured in several movies and music videos. Apart from acting, he is also a model and has clothing brand called Project360. With his great strides, we think he is destined to succeed in his endeavors.

40. Eminem’s Daughter – Hailie Mathers

It would be much of a surprise if there was anyone who didn’t know Eminem. Eminem is one of the most successful and famous rappers out there. He has a 22-year-old daughter Haile whom he loves so much.


Source: directhealthy.com

Haile is brilliant and athletic. Even though she loves to follow her dad to the recording studio, we don’t think she will become a rapper like her dad.

41. Elizabeth Hurley’s Son – Damian Hurley

The British actress, Elizabeth Hurley, and Business mogul, Steve Bing are one of the admired power couples in the world.


Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images | Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Dinosaurs in the Wild

They have a 16 years old son named Damian Hurley. At a young age, Damian started attending red carpet award shows which set him on the path to pursue a career in acting and modeling. He definitely has a great career ahead of him.

42. Michael Douglas’s Daughter – Cary Zeta

Cary Zeta is the lovely daughter of Hollywood couples Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas. She is as beautiful as her mother. It’s not looking as if she will follow her mother’s footsteps but she seems to love modeling.


Photo by Philip Ramey/Corbis via Getty Images | Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Michael Kors

She enjoys attending fashion events, especially with her mom. If she ever decides to be a model, we are confident she will go far because of her beauty.

43. Steven Seagal’s Daughter – Arissa Seagal

Arissa Seagal is the daughter of actor Steven Seagal and Kelly LeBrock. Rather than follow in the footsteps of her parents, Arissa Seagal is a building her brand as a model and is expected to have a successful career.


Source: directhealthy.com

Apart from modeling, she has been featured in quite some TV shows including Growing Up Supermodel which has helped boost her career as a model.

44. Sarah Jessica Parker’s Daughters – Tabitha Hodge and Marion Loretta Elwell

Sarah Jessica is a wealthy and successful actress who is popularly known for her role as Carie Bradshaw in Sex in the City.


Photo by James Devaney/WireImage | Photo by Paul Zimmerman/WireImage

In 2009, she publicly announced that she would be having twins via a surrogate mother. All we know is that Sarah is a motherly figure as she is always seen taking the girls to school and other events.

45. Britney Spears’ Son – Sean Preston Federline

Sean Preston Federline is the 12-year-old son of Britney Spears and her ex-husband Kevin Federline.


Photo by James Devaney/WireImage | Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Even though they are divorced now, Sean is not restricted from seeing any of his parents after an agreement during the long battle of custody in court. We are uncertain of his talents, but we know he would flourish either as a musician or as a dancer.

46. Steven Spielberg’s Daughter – Sasha Spielberg

Sasha Spielberg is the beautiful 20-year-old daughter of famous director Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw.


Photo by Frederick M. Brown | Photo by Amanda Edwards/WireImage

Her last name has probably got her into a couple of movie roles including Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, The Terminal and The PostSasha. She has stopped acting to focus on her passion and career as a musician.

47. Charlie Sheen’s Daughter – Sam Sheen

Sam Sheen is the daughter of popular Hollywood star, Charlie Sheen and his ex-partner, Denise Richard. Sam wants to become an actress just like her parents. She has been lucky to feature as Denise Richards in Two and a Half Men.


Source: directhealthy.com

She is only 14 years old and has long years ahead of her. We are sure she would do well but hope she doesn’t become addicted to drugs like her father.

48. Carrie Fisher’s Daughter – Billie Lourd

Billie Lourd is the daughter of late Hollywood actress Carrie Fisher and her husband, Bryan Lourd. Carrie died in 2016 due to a cardiac arrest.


Photo by Frank Trapper/Corbis via Getty Images | Photo by Fred Duval/FilmMagic

Billie has followed in her late moms’ footsteps and is gradually making a statement as a Hollywood actress. She has featured in TV shows including Scream Queens and American Horror Story. She is 25 years old and bound to succeed.

49. Kelsey Grammer’s Daughter – Spencer Grammer

Spencer Grammer is the daughter of famous actor Kelsey Gramme and ex-wife Doreen Alderman.


Photo by Albert Ortega / Stringer / Getty Images | Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Just like her father, she works in the entertainment industry and has a successful career as an actress. She presently stars as Summer in TV show Rick and Morty and Cassy in Greek.

50. Christina Applegate’s Daughter – Sadie Grace LeNoble

After years of battling cancer, actress Christiana Applegate and her husband Martyn LeNoble had a light at the end of the tunnel as they welcomed their daughter in 2011. Sadie who is now seven years old has a happy life ahead of her.


Source: directhealthy.com

With her wealthy and famous parents, it is certain that they will support any career path she wants.

51. Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Son – Charles Thomson Hall

Julia Louis-Dreyfus and actor Brad Hall have been married since 1987. They both met while they were still at the university.


Photo by Jean-Paul Aussenard/WireImage | Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

The couple have a son together, and his name is Charles Thomas Hall. Charles is presently studying at North American University where he plays basketball for the school team.

52. Phil Bronstein’s Son – Roan Joseph Bronstein

Roan Joseph Bronstein is the adopted son of Sharon Stone and Phil Bronstein. The couple, who got married in 1998, adopted him in 2000 before they divorced in 2004.


Photo by Venturelli/WireImage | Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Now 17 years old, Roan lives with his dad and has a reasonably good relationship with his mother. He is a quiet lad and lives a simple life.

53. Samuel L. Jackson’s Daughter – Zoe Jackson

Zoe Jackson is the 36-year-old daughter of LaTanya Richardson and Samuel L. Jackson. She works as a production assistant. Her shot to fame was significant because of her celebrity parents.


Source: directhealthy.com

She prefers to work behind the scenes and has worked on productions like the sports comedy movie, The Great White Hype. She is presently the production assistant for the film Return to Mexico City.

54. Will Smith’s Son – Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith needs no introduction as he has been acting since he was a young boy. He is the son of celebrity power couple Will Smith and Jada Pinkett. He has featured in movies like The Pursuit of Happyness alongside his father, After Earth, andThe Karate Kid.


Photo by Robin Platzer/FilmMagic | Photo by Pierre Suu/GC Images

He is also known as a rapper and has some few releases. It is unsure where he will end up, but acting looks more likely to be his career choice.

55. David Beckham’s Son – Brooklyn Beckham

I am sure it’s fun to be the son of a celebrity and wealthy footballer. This is the life of Brooklyn Beckham who is the son of David Beckham. With his mom being Victoria Beckham, Brooklyn is used to being in the spotlight from a very young age. Brooklyn aspires to be a professional photographer and model.


Photo by Phil Noble – PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images | Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Lazinc

With his wealthy and famous parents, he is bound to succeed in his field.

56. Courteney Cox’s Daughter – Coco Arquette

Courtney Cox became a household name majorly due to the role of Monica which she played in the TV show Friends. She had a daughter named Coco with her ex-husband David Arquette.


Photo by Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic | Photo by Victoria Jones/PA Images via Getty Images

Coco who is now 14 once featured on the movie Wicked. Right now, she is hardly seen in the spotlight and is focused on getting good grades at school.

57. David Hasselhoff’s Daughter – Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff

David Hasselholf’s 27 years old daughter is an epitome of beauty, and her name is Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff.


Photo by Ron Galella/WireImage | Photo by Maury Phillips/Getty Images

She is also talented like her dad and has appeared in several movies including asThe Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, More Than Puppy Love, Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens. She has recently not been in any TV show, but we are sure she is cooking something for her fans.

58. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Daughter – Katherine

Katherine Schwarzenegger is the daughter of famous actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger. Having made his millions, Arnold would be delighted to see his children succeed as he did.


Photo by Ron Galella/WireImage | Photo by Donato Sardella/Getty Images for Fossil

The 28-year-old is making a name for herself as an author having released three books of her own. She is destined for success with her dad being her mentor. She is presently in a serious relationship with Hollywood star Chris Pratt.

59. Wayne Gretzky’s Daughter – Paulina Gretzky

When we talk about Wayne Gretzky’s daughter, we talk about a role-model to other celebrity kids. Paulina Gretzky is her name. Paulina wanted to work in the entertainment industry since she was a child.


Photo by Dick Loek/Toronto Star via Getty Images | Photo credit should read GEOFFROY VAN DER HASSELT/AFP/Getty Images

She is an all-rounder in the entertainment industry with interests as a musician, actress, and model. Paulina has a fair share of fame herself having featured in the movie The Grown Ups 2in 2013.

60. Kurt Russell’s Son – Wyatt Russell

Wyatt Russel is the son of Hollywood star Kurt Russel. Growing up, Kurt wasn’t interested in acting. He wanted to play professional hockey.


Photo by Ron Galella, Ltd./WireImage | Photo by Monica Schipper/WireImage

However, during his early days as an amateur hockey player, he got injured. This changed his mind, and he decided to give acting a shot. Guess what… It paid off. He has appeared in movies like,Escape from L.A.,Soldier,Cowboys & Aliens,We Are What We Are, and22 Jump Street.