Come on a Journey Through Time and See How Each of These Images Made a Powerful Impact

When it comes to unforgettable photos, these are the most influential of all time. These images changed the world and the way people look at important events in history. Come on a journey with us as we go through the most influential images of all time, starting with the oldest and ending with the most recent. And the most recent is one you probably saw in real time, at a largely famous awards show.

Capturing the Crime and Poverty of New York City: Bandit’s Roost, 59½ Mulberry Street, 1888

New York City in the late 1800s was attracted mane of the world’s immigrants, and most of them found themselves in the filth of the unpaved streets. Reporter and photographer Jacob Riis documented it, and this photo was one of the most important of his collection.


Jacob Riis/Time

He went into the city’s most unpromising neighborhoods to capture their crime, poverty, and overcrowding. This scene is of the Lower East Side street gang.

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