These Are the Best of the Worst Construction Fails

An Escalator to … Where?

Is it just us or do escalators normally take you from floor to floor? Looks like that’s not the case here.


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This construction fail is particularly strange. An escalator leading to a wall is not a simple mistake. It’s a pretty permanent one too! One must ask: why? How? We’re scratching our heads too.

Stairway to Heaven?

Here’s another head-scratcher. How is a huge stairway made to lead to nowhere? Are we missing something? Because we only see a ceiling at the top of the stairs.


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Maybe one of those ceiling squares lifts up and that’s how someone is to continue onto the next level. But that’s hardly practical… And where is this place anyways?

That’s Just Too High

The planners/construction workers either have a dark sense of humor or they messed up. This ATM is just simply too high.


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Most people aren’t that tall. We get it – mistakes happen. But at least put a foot stool or something to help people use the machine! Then again, it makes for some funny moments. Maybe they caught people’s reactions on a prank show.

Beware of the Drop

Looks like a mistake right? But maybe the owners of this home actually are thinking of the future.


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Maybe they’re thinking ahead, getting prepared for the times when we have flying cars. This house may seem strange today, but maybe in 50 years from now, all houses will have garages that face into thin air with who knows how much of a drop.

Middle of the Road

Sure, there’s a major road already there. But what came first? The road or the buildings? Driving down the road, it may not seem so peculiar.


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But from our perspective, it’s a bold move and really stands out. It looks as though they really needed to place that last building there. It could be the result of a really stubborn person.

Stay Safe Kids!

This is by far, the weirdest and most dangerous construction fail of all time! We have so many questions.


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For example, why the roof? Where’s the railing? Are kids using this?? We can understand wanting to have a nice view from up high, but this is just plain out irresponsible. Parents: keep your kids away from this place. If it’s a school, then shame on them.

A Mean Joke

This piece of work doesn’t make any sense. Is it a mean joke? Someone didn’t see that if a person needs a ramp, then they’re going to need it on the other end too.


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The amazing thing about all these construction fails is that they are a result of hard work but utterly useless! Maybe they’re meant to be pieces of art. Then we can wrap our heads around it…somewhat.

Someone Doesn’t Like Kids

Yay! Slides! Parks are so much fun for kids. They run around, climb the monkey bars, and drop down into a cement pit after going down the slide! This is the most inconvenient placement for a slide.


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Clearly, it’s not a park you want to take your kids to. And we don’t see any “Danger – Do Not Enter” tape anywhere. We want answers!

Out of Nowhere

This is something you would see in a parking lot. You know what we mean? When you think you found a spot but it’s really just where a post is sitting.


So deceiving. Anyways, here it’s in the middle of the road! And it looks like a winding road! Talk about scary! Let’s hope there’s a sign that warns drivers. Drive safely, friends.

Watch Your Step

Like the photo says “Construction: You’re doing it wrong.” This picture is an example of poorly planned construction.


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Let’s assume the door is a real working door, okay? Do they have a warning sign inside to warn people not to use the door? Let’s hope so! Because that looks like a nasty fall. Ouch.

Train Track Fail

Similar to one before, here’s another pole in the middle of the way. But this is a train track. At least, with the road a car drive around it.


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How is a train supposed to derail and steer onto the track again? We’re going to assume that there are no working trains on this track anymore. And if it is, then wow. Another insane and irresponsible construction blunder.

In Case of Emergency, Find Another Fire Hydrant

In any case of emergency, people panic and don’t know how to open the box with a fire hydrant.


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Do you take an axe to it? If there’s a fire at this place, someone’s going to have to not only open the red box but first they need access to it! They have to get a screwdriver and unhinge the bars. And not just one bar…two!

For Stretch Armstrong Only

Remember Stretch Armstrong? He would be the only able to reach the toilet paper while actually remaining on the toilet.


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But for the rest of us normal-bodied individuals, this is just cruel. Hopefully, whoever enters this stall will see the situation and choose another stall before it’s too late.

Another ATM Fail

You know how in pre-schools and places with children, you’ll see those low sinks and toilets? Yeah. Are we now aiming for children to take out cash at ATMs too? Or perhaps this is for the little people among us.


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Not sure. But if you’re of regular height, you’re going to need to sit on the dirty sidewalk if you don’t want to hurt your back taking out money.

Too Close for Comfort

Another cruel joke for the public bathrooms.


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This time, men’s urinals. It would be virtually impossible for two men to use these urinals at the same time without touching each other. So it’s a matter of comfort level here.

Not for Kids

This little alcove on the second floor is a good spot for people watching with a good view.


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Only thing is if you’re not careful, you can fall down and seriously hurt yourself on the people that you were just watching from above. So be careful.


This fail is especially weird because it’s in direct contrast to all the other windows that are level and on point.


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So what happened here? It looks like a surreal painting. Did Salvador Dali plan this Best Western hotel? Can you imagine if the hotel room was also crooked?

A Phone Booth for Giants

This photo booth might be in the same city as the ATM machine that we saw earlier. Apparently it’s a city for really tall people.


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That or people that wear really high heels. Again, where’s the stool to stand on?

Scary Balconies

If the windows are also doors, then this is pretty scary. They might be mid-construction or renovation and they’ll put floors on the balconies. But if not, then people should know not to step out.


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And there’s four of the balconies. So it was a drawn-out mistake or meant to be.

Phone Booth Fail

We thought that phone booths were made for people to not only have some privacy on the phone, but also to be shielded from the rain.


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And considering, they’re a staple of London, they have lots of rain. So this phone on the other side of the booth doesn’t make so much sense. But hey, if you don’t have a cell phone, you have a phone to use. Just take your umbrella with you.

Nothing to See Here

Either no one is really watching the security footage or the people that placed the big sign in front of it don’t really care.


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Either way, if someone wants to shoplift, this is the place to do it. But we don’t recommend stealing. Pay for your merchandise!

Drawers Not Meant to Be Opened

The cabinet was probably placed after the fact.


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But seeing those handles on the drawers just makes you want to pull them open! It’s such a tease! They might as well go ahead and remove the handles.

Just Missed It

This construction fail might just be the easiest one to fix. You can either move out the sink or buy a different faucet.


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Basically, it doesn’t have to remain like this.

Uncomfortable Seating

Technically, you can still sit on this bench. But it won’t be so comfortable. At least you get a nice view of the ocean.


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Just don’t get stuck in the railing if a sudden wave comes up and you need to jump off. You’re going to get wet.

Water Shouldn’t Be Coming Out of There

Okay, we all know that electricity and water don’t go well together. That is, if you don’t like being electrocuted.


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Bottom line: water shouldn’t be coming out of an electrical outlet. So whoever is there, don’t plus anything in!


Did the lever on this thing get cut in half? Or is it meant to be completely useless? If it’s supposed to be blocking a parking lot, sucks for them.


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Because people are going to drive right on through to the other side.

Jump Out

Watch your step, folks. If you don’t jump with caution you can seriously injure yourself.


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It may seem like not much of a fall, but even missing a step can cause you to break your foot. Just something to keep in mind.

Yet Another Pole

Driving into this driveway isn’t an easy feat. You can’t just come home and drive in without thinking.


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This driveway requires precision and care. So whoever lives here has his work cut out for him every day. Even at the end of a long day.

On the Rail Road

Smack dab in the middle of the rail road tracks. A little balcony sprouting out conveniently on a train track and it even has little plants! Who are the owners trying to impress? And let’s assume that the trains don’t go there anymore.


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What kind of scenery can this home have?

Stairway to a Wall

While the other stairway was to a ceiling, this one is to a wall.


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Does anyone else see an exterior wall? Is there possibly an outline of a door that they’re planning to make? Just another example of a headscratcher.

A Strange Placement

Yet another bathroom peculiarity.


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Do both the toilet and the sink work? That toilet makes for some very uncomfortable and even non-ergonomic seating.

Some More Toilet Fails

Let’s keep going with awkward bathrooms and toilets. Amazingly, whoever lives here figured that this was the best solution.


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Here’s a question: why didn’t they just change the door direction so that it opened outward?

Something Out of the Twilight Zone

Another question of whether this is intentional or a work in progress.


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But if it’s a work in progress, don’t you think putting a floor in front of the door would be high on their priority list? We hope no children live in these homes!

Watch Your Head

If you’re using this escalator, which does seem to be in working order, you’re going to need to watch your head.


It’s a game of how to bend, crouch, sit, or whatever. Doesn’t matter what you choose, you need to watch out because if not you’re going to get a bad headache that’ll last the rest of the day.


Wow, that is one steep slope.


If someone needs to use that ramp, it’s going to take some serious skill. We wouldn’t want anyone rolling out onto the street!

Bathroom Fai

Such a simple fail which could lead to major repercussions! If you don’t take a second look at both signs, you might be surprised after opening that door.


Don’t Read the Instructions

This is an example of when it’s best not to read the instructions laid out in front of you.


If common sense tells you that what you see up ahead makes no sense, then go with your gut.

Too Many Potholes

Why so many? Did they keep making holes and not get what they were looking for so they just kept going? How many potholes do you need? Cars driving over them have lots of bumps to drive over.


Hold on to your coffee tightly.

Just For Show

This balcony may just be for show. But, shouldn’t there at least be a fake window then? This is like a yin without the yang.


The balcony is lonely. It needs its partner.

Wall Seats

Bleacher seats? How about wall seats? You may have low seats which is generally a good thing. But if you’re in front of a wall, then what does it even matter?