Famous Plane Crashes in History

Flammable materials used in the manufacturing of Swissair Flight 111 is what investigators concluded to be the reason behind the fire that brought down the plane on the 2nd of September 1998. Efforts by the flight crew to put off the fire were unsuccessful leading to loss of 299 lives on board. The 1998 incidence brought down one of the famous aircraft and a favorite to many. The NB-IWF crashed into the Atlantic Ocean making it the deadliest McDonnell Douglas MD-11 accident. The following is a list of other top ten most famous plane crashes in aviation history.

Tenerife Airport Disaster- Unforgettable Coincidences


Part of the wreckage of the two Boeing 747s, KLM 4805 and Pan Am 1736, which collided on the runway of Los Rodeos Airport, killing 583 people, the deadliest collision in aviation history. (Photo by PA Images via Getty Images)

This is one of the deadliest pilot errors in the aviation industry and occurred in Tenerife airport. The incredible thing about this collision is that none of the planes involved in the crash were in its right position. There was a series of pilot errors for both plane pilots that resulted in the loss of 583 lives. The collision occurred on the runway involving two Boeing 747s, one of the planes belonged to KLM, and the other belonged to Pan Am. The 1997 clash saw the two airlines experience a drastic decline in profits due to the incompetence of its crew. Later, the primary cause of the accident was ruled to be the pilot since the Pan Am pilot could not differentiate between lanes C3 with C4.

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