Funny Airport Moments Captured by Travellers Around the World

Airports are places that transform into no man’s land at times so that you can sleep on a bench and no one will judge you. Or will they? Below you will find some of the funniest or even bizarre things ever spotted in airports across the world.

1. The Ups and Downs of Advertising



Someone in the Turkish Airlines team must have been overworked a bit when they created this gem of an ad. Is that really an image that passengers would like to see right before they embark their plane? We don’t think so. We sure hope no one thought that was an omen and decided to give up on the flight. It’s a good thing that there are lots of shops nearby to distract nervous passengers from this truly messed up ad. Next time, just use the Rotate Picture function in Photoshop, please.

2. Santa Got Busted



Now someone has really been naughty. First of all, why would Santa fly? Hasn’t he got all those reindeer? And second, why did he get in trouble with airport security? Is he a bad Santa, or he was simply looking to smuggle some gifts to get them delivered in time? There are many assumptions we could make about this picture, but we’re confident it’s not something you see every day in an airport. Let’s just hope Santa will be a better boy next year. Unlike the kid in the next picture…

3. Walking Is Too Hard… I Don’t Wanna Do It Anymore



Anyone who has a child knows that traveling with little ones is no walk in the park. This little girl decided that she didn’t want to walk anymore, so his dad had to resort to desperate measures. Who knew that a trolley could also double as a stroller, albeit an oddly shaped one? It looks like his original approach did the trick, so the little one is somehow pleased with the situation. Just don’t forget to take her off when you check in your luggage.

4. Celebrities in Airports Getting Frisked



Now everyone dreams of spotting a celebrity in an airport, but it looks like in this situation, the encounter is not that glamorous after all. While Jennifer Hudson seems great for someone who’s getting touched by airport security, it’s still not a flattering picture. Next time you’ll be dreaming of meeting a celebrity, maybe don’t aim for the airport, because this is where they get treated just like us humans. Or maybe try and look like the star of the next picture…

5. Pose Like a Kardashian



Spotting a celebrity at security can certainly put a good vibe on your day. Unlike Jennifer Hudson Kim Kardashian looks like she knows she has been detected and poses just like she does for the cameras. We’re amazed how good she looks, even though this was during her younger years. She sports a fancy top and figure-hugging track pants, so we believe she was very comfortable during the flight. Celebrities are just like us regular people, after all, so don’t expect to see them in line for security looking like they do at the Oscars.

6. Creepy Doesn’t Begin to Describe It



Now we don’t think that anyone would want to retrieve their bag from the dingy building block number seven, but sometimes you got to do what you got to do. This is not a situation that you are likely to run into, but after we’ve seen this picture, I will make sure that back or our essentials in hand luggage just in case. It seems like airports around the world have different definitions of baggage claim, and sometimes you may not find them on the belt by the gate where you’re supposed to. At least you won’t find yourself waiting like the next guy…

7. Is It Sleeping or Yoga?



Everyone knows that traveling comes with a mandatory lack of sleep, so you have to do your best to find a way to get your beauty sleep. This guy here does a fantastic job at balancing and sleeping at the same time. Even though he may be manspreading a bit, we have to admit that his creativity is enviable. We surely hope that his suitcase was a soft one because we don’t want to think about how his neck and back felt when he woke up from his nap if it wasn’t.

8. Too Much Information, Kids



When kids get creative and excited to see their grandma at the same time, it may spell trouble. It is evident that these kids wanted to surprise their grandma with a welcome sign, but their intentions were a bid overthrown by their approach. It looks like the kids in this family don’t know precisely what the concept of too much information is, so the entire airport knew that their grandma was coming back from a stint in rehab. We don’t know whether she was cool with it or not, but we are sure everyone in arrivals had a great time. Still, they looked well-behaved, unlike the next kid…

9. Is It a Trolley or a Stroller?



It looks like lugging children around the airport by using a suitcase as a stroller is not such an uncommon occurrence. It’s not that children are really naughty, but we know that walking for hours around an airport can be tiring for adults as well, so we’re gonna cut this little girl some slack. At least this dad does his best to keep his child from crying and moaning, and this is something that deserves a prize in this day and age. No one seems to be batting an eyelid at this image, so we guess it’s something that happens in airports around the world.

10. Till Death Do You Part



Being tired in an airport is so commonplace that it’s impossible not to find a couple that let their emotions get the best of them on the benches in front of a gate. This couple here looks quite comfy, and they should get the prize for the way they are relying on each other for physical and mental support. Sometimes all you need is a shoulder to lean on, and this couple takes it very seriously. Their creative sleeping position should be relationship goals for all couples who are having a hard time dealing with airports. But let’s see the next hilarious picture.

11. Again, That’s TMI…



Having someone to wait for you at the airport when you come home from a long journey is priceless. However, this family took things to the next level when they let everyone in arrivals know that their mom wasn’t quite on a well-deserved vacation. This picture proved to be a prank after all because it was made by a woman’s husband and her kids waiting for her in Toronto after a trip away in Rotterdam. While this was a cute prank and definitely an unexpected welcome, we can’t think about the opinion of all the people in the airport who spotted it.

12. Should That Be on the Conveyor Belt?



No one likes to go through security at the airport, and we have to admit that this is one of the least enjoyable parts of traveling, especially if you have a baby in tow. This mother here decided to remove everything on her person, including her baby. While she didn’t mean for your little one actually to go through the scanner, this mother decided that that tray was a right place to put the baby down for a minute while she unties her shoelaces to go through security. We surely hope that she took her baby before the revolving belt started to move. But this is nothing compared to the next picture.

13. Who Let the Bears Out?



Some things are simply not expected to be seen in an airport, and this polar bear fits the bill quite right. Wildlife is common in Alaska, but this doesn’t mean that polar bears should roam free on the tarmac. Someone took a picture of this cute bear on Alaska’s Wiley Post-Will Rogers Memorial Airport, and we understand that it was not the first time wildlife such as birds or even seals have had to be removed from this airport runway. We have to admit that even though it is unexpected, that’s a great way to see animals.

14. How’s That Even Possible?



What sorcery is that? These suitcase towers at Sacramento Airport are not something that you see every day even if you are an experienced traveler. While you may think that those suitcase towers are there just for show, believe it or not, they are real and quite an attraction at terminal A. A great way to enhance the look of the airport, these towers look like they could collapse at any second and we don’t want to think what would happen if someone rammed into them with their trolley. Fortunately, even though the suitcases are real, they are not going anywhere anytime soon because they are just a part of the airport’s design. Unlike the next picture…

15. All Hail Darth Vader



This is not an image you would expect to find in an airport, but the arrival of Darth Vader on a terminal is something there you will surely remember. Darth Vader walked into arrivals and was greeted by his storm troopers, to the amusement of other passengers. This happened at Denver airport, and we understand that this was not the first time that happened, which means that passionate Star Wars fans had something to be happy about all day long. We surely hope that they got a chance to take a selfie with Vader himself.

16. Another One for Star Wars Fans



This is another picture that will make Star Wars fans happy at the airport. It turns out that the city of Tatooine is placed in a galaxy far far away, as shown by this information panel. Notice that the flight number 1977 is on time and that the departure gate is located at R2-D2. We don’t know for sure how will we find that in a busy airport, but we are happy to see that you can now book flights for this destination and combine your love for Star Wars and traveling in a magnificent way. Now the next picture will blow your mind…

17. What’s Your Lucky Number?



When you arrive at the McCarran International Airport in Vegas, you are greeted in a way that only possible in the City of Sin. This luggage carousel is actually a casino ad, but you have to admit that you would be tempted to see if your luggage lands on your lucky number. Or even better, you will see what number you are bad will come on and decide to play it in the actual roulette once you arrive to Vegas. Just don’t forget to pick up your bag as well because this luggage carousel can be quite mesmerizing.

18. Genius on Wheels



Traveling on two wheels is usually exciting, but if you have a plane to catch and a piece of luggage to take with you, things are about to become even more exciting. This people on a motorcycle have a flight to catch and decided that they should take their roller bag with them as well. We are not sure about how those wheels performed while speeding down the highway, but we sure hope that they all made it to the airport in one piece. Do you think there are no more bizarre things that happen around airports? Then read on.

19. Let’s Decorate Daddy



Being a dad is not easy in any circumstances but traveling with your two little daughters at the airport is one of the most challenging experiences as a parent. While dad fell asleep exhausted next to his little angels, they decided to use their sticker books in a very creative way. While it might have taken this man a while to remove those stickers from his arms, we sure hope he took a picture beforehand to show everyone how creative his little ones are. After all, one needs to find solutions to be entertained while waiting for that flight.

20. This One’s for Pokémon Fans



Belonging to All Nippon Airways in Japan, these Pokémon airplanes are surely a bright sight on the runway. With these colorful aircraft, plane watching the air for is undoubtedly something fun for both parents and children. What you can’t see in this picture is that the Pokémon characters continue inside the plane, so your little ones are sure to be distracted and forget about the long journey ahead. And if your kids are not really Pokémon fans, you’ll be happy to find out that Hello Kitty jets are also available. This will make you as excited as the person in the next picture.

21. Keep Calm and Surf On



Some people get into vacation mood quicker than others. This woman couldn’t wait to surf the waves on her destination, so she decided to start practicing in a very cool way on the suitcases belt. We can’t help but admire her creativity and hope that she is as good on the real waves as she is when rocking that carousel. It looks like people will do absolutely everything to fight against boredom when they are in an airport.

22. Why No Kisses?



Everyone knows that airports are places where people showcase love and emotion at alarming rates. Now, this sign at the Aalborg Airport in Denmark is something that tries to stay in the way of love. Some would say that this sign is plain cruel because it was a limit on the time you can spend kissing your loved one goodbye. We wonder, however, if there is a member of staff actually counting the minutes’ everyone spends in front of the sign kissing and hugging. Is it just us, or would it be a little creepy, don’t you think? Just like this other picture is.

23. You Should’ve Logged Out, Girl



Some people use the free computers and tablets at the airport in good faith, but they sometimes forget to log out from their social media accounts before leaving. When this happens, you might be a victim of a lovely but slightly creepy prank orchestrated by airport staff. In this case, Jasmine forgot to log out from her Facebook account the Newcastle International Airport and the staff decided to remind her that she shouldn’t be doing that. We are sure that after seeing the fun faces of these two gentlemen, Jasmine will remember to log out for the rest of her life.

24. Making Yourself Comfortable



As we mentioned before, it is indeed very difficult to fight tiredness when you have to catch long-haul connection flights. This woman decided to use her creativity and the existent airport furniture to make a bed for herself. She looks quite comfortable, to be honest, but we can’t help but wonder about the back pain she might experience after waking up from her slumber. In any case, this looks like an all right power nap, so she gets points for that. Just like the other person in the next picture should also be praised for their creativity.

25. Is That a Sushi Bar on the Luggage Carousel?



At first, you might think that this was a sushi bar, but you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, it is a very inventive way to identify your luggage on the carousel. We admit that it is not the best idea when you are hungry after a long flight, but this doesn’t mean it’s not a genius idea. If you’re wondering where you can spot these amazing sushi covers, are you will be right to guess that it happens in Japan. We can only hope that airports around the world adopt this kind of wrapping, maybe with pictures of local food on them.

26. So Many Birds Up There



We thought that birds could fly on their own, but it looks like there are circumstances when they need to be transported via airplane. This is a picture of 80 falcons that a Saudi prince decided to carry to the United Arab Emirates. Even though the airlines involved, Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways, only allow up to 6 birds on a plan at a single time, the Prince looks like he called in royal favor, so he was granted permission to take 80 birds on board. And if you’re wondering what a person could do with so many falcons, you shouldn’t be surprised to find out that they are a common pastime in the Middle East. However, this is not exactly the craziest thing that happened at an airport. Read on to find out more.

27. Oops, That’s a Parking Fail



Even if you are a pilot, you still need to be able to park your vehicle correctly. However, my looks that the pilot of this plane might have been in a lot of hurry when they tried to park and crashed into a wall instead. We can’t even begin to think about this pilot’s flying skills, but we do hope he or she is not judged by their parking skills. After all, pilots take a flying test, not a parking one, isn’t it so?

28. Minka Kelly, Is That You?



In yet another case of celebrities spotted at an airport, here we have the amazing Minka Kelly, who was passing through baggage and security control when someone who enjoys celebrity spotting managed to take a picture of her. If you look closely, you’ll notice that she looks absolutely amazing even though she wears a casual travel attire. Her gorgeous hair and pose are nothing short of amazing, even though she doesn’t seem to know that she is being photographed. Very good work, Minka, indeed. You make us forget about crazy things that happen at airports, such as the next one.

29. The Solitaire Escape



You know that feeling when you’re at work, and you get bored, so you decide to play a game of solitaire instead of dealing with your customers. This member of staff thought that no one was watching, so decided to start up a game of solitaire. We know that this is not the thing we would like to see at airport security where everybody should be as attentive as possible, but who are we to judge? Let just hope the shift manager wasn’t around to see what the person who took this picture did.

30. Multitasking Gets a New Meaning



Waiting for your flight can be a pretty boring business, but these two guys have got everyone’s entertainment covered. While one of them is entertaining the crowds (who, amazingly, are paying just as much attention as they should, given the circumstances), the other one does his bit and also has the time to squeeze in a couple of pages from his book. Now that is what you can call multitasking at its best. This is something that you truly don’t see every day at an airport, but we want to find out even more bizarre airport sightings.

31. This One’s on Us



Have you ever heard about someone who would pay $30 to check-in his bear with the luggage? Neither have we. This Australian guy decided that he wouldn’t leave the country without his precious beer, so he checked his can in and waited for it to circle round the carousel, ready to be picked at his earliest convenience. We can’t help but think about the possibility of the beer exploding in the drinker’s face after such a long flight, but we believe that the taste has got to be absolutely amazing for someone to pull a stunt like this.

32. Stretching Is Essential Before a Flight…



Many people like to stretch their legs before boarding a long-haul flight because few things are as annoying of being forced to cram behind a seat for hours. This woman decided that she should prepare the best way she could by stretching her whole body before the flight. Even though she was doing so on the moving walkway, she didn’t disturb anyone and seemed to have a lot of fun in the process. Good for her! She certainly looks so much happier than the guys in the next picture.

33. Now That’s a Funny Coincidence



Sometimes it’s better not to know everything, and these guys are a classic example of the saying “ignorance is bliss.” Unaware that they are standing in a way that makes them look like they rock a feather scarf and bikini bottoms, these ultra-religious guys seem so casual that it makes it impossible to assume that the picture has been deliberately staged. No one with a facial expression like that can know that they are participating in a funny photo-op. Kudos to the airport for placing a poster that on the partition railings.

34. Next Level Labeling



Labeling your luggage carefully when you go to the airport is essential, but this guy has taken it to the next level. By placing his own photo on the suitcase, he made sure that no one can run off with his luggage without looking suspicious in the least. While this is, in fact, a genius idea, we couldn’t help but notice that a smile would go a long way for a photo that is supposed to be on your vacation luggage. At least this guy doesn’t look like the next one…

35. Seeking Shade at All Costs



Tired people who do absolutely everything to catch some sleep while they are waiting for their plane are the bread-and-butter of funny airport pictures. This guy here decided that the lightning in the airport lounge was a bit too much for him, so he used his newspaper to create much-needed shade. Or perhaps he was cold, who knows? In the end, using your paper in creative manners is something that he needs to get recognition for. And let’s not forget that this is a great way to protect your privacy from people who take pictures of strangers at the airport.

36. Riders on the Carousel



Working at the airport doesn’t look like much fun for staff who has to deal with other people’s luggage while they don’t get to fly to exotic destinations. This guy here decided that his day off work could double as a day at a theme park, so he took a ride on the carousel. It was a baggage carousel, to be accurate, but this is only a tiny detail in the great scheme of things. Channeling your inner child is sure very fun, and it looks like this guy has the time of his life. Unlike the person in the next picture…

37. Now That’s Not Where You Go to Sleep, Lady



Again with the tired people at the airport. This woman was so exhausted that she decided to use the carpeted floor as a mattress and her bag as a pillow. The only trouble is that she chose a spot that’s right around the corner, so this means that she might be for a bumpy nap if someone comes speeding around the corner. Moreover, she seems to be so profoundly asleep that we are wondering if she made her flight. We sure hope she didn’t miss it.

38. Optical Illusion at Its Best



Yes, we know what you think, but this is not what it looks like. This lady here has a very unfortunate way to carry a neck pillow on her handbag. Who can blame her though? After you went through a long flight, you don’t stop and think too much about the way you are carrying your neck pillow. We have to admit though, that this is funny, mostly because of the color of the pillow. Read more for other bizarre things people have spotted at airports.

39. Is That Enough Protection?



We’ve all met those germophobic people at the airport, but this person here takes it to a whole new level. Spotted at Dulles Airport near Washington D.C, this person has a plastic suit and a mask that can protect her not only from a cold but also from Ebola. In her defense, there was a case of Ebola at the same airport about a month before the picture was taken. Still, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, don’t you think?

40. Colossus Much?



The baggage claim area of an airport is one of the most exciting places to be because it is where things like this happen. Now if you’re wondering who brings in an Easter Island head by airplane, you should know that we’ve been asking the same thing. One thing is certain in this case; the owner shouldn’t be too worried about someone stealing the statue from the luggage belt simply because it is too heavy for that. We wish the photographer remained there to see how the statue was eventually picked up and carried away from the airport. See what happens next, though…

41. How Does This Even Work?



Everyone knows that people are in a rush at an airport, so it’s not common to see an image such as this too often. This lady here is causing a traffic jam through no fault of her own, but instead of being irritated, her fellow passengers seem to be loving it. And judging by the expression on the old woman’s face, she isn’t too aware of the problems she is causing and also, she doesn’t look like she is in a hurry. Good for her.

42. So Much Pink



Who said pink was just for ladies? This man surely knows his way around different shades of pink and purple, and he rocks this outfit accordingly. We’re kind of wondering if this is the best choice of travel attire, comfort wise, but we have to admit that this guy looks pretty cool. And what’s best about this picture is that his choice of pink clothes looks to be matching well with the clothes of his fellow passengers, who are also wearing shades of pink on their clothes. But this is nothing compared to the next picture.

43. Why the Midriff?



Ah, the dreaded moment when the alarms go off when you’re going through the security at the airport… No one likes them, and the expression on this woman’s face is representative for all of us who had to deal with this at one point or another. We’re not sure why the security staff asked this lady to expose her midriff, but apparently, it was in the name of safety. All we know is that she doesn’t look too pleased and we believe the incident put a damper on her day.

44. Wake Me Up… Or Not



No one likes to stand in line at the airport, and this man decided to beat the system. Taking a power nap is a great way to make time pass quicker, and we surely hope that family or friends accompanied this man because this is also a great way to miss your flight. Look at that perfectly peaceful expression on his face, and you might be tempted to do the same next time you find yourself stranded in an airport. But the next picture will amaze you even more.

45. Are Those Penguins Going Through Security?



Just when we thought we had seen it all, this picture happens. It’s not that common to see a pair of exotic Humboldt penguins going through a security door at the airport, but apparently, it is something that happens. These happy little guys needed to go home to their natural habitat in South Africa, but the authorities decided that it would be dangerous to send them off by boat, so they decided to ship them home on an airplane. You can’t help but notice how dressed up for the occasion the little guys were, what with their suits and all.

46. Kimmy K and Her Baby



Yes, this is another picture of a celebrity in an airport. Shocking, isn’t it? This time Kimmy K was spotted in good company, with a baby in her arms. We couldn’t help but notice how well she looks barefoot, which is probably a look she sports because of security regulations. It’s not so easy to go through security at the airport with paparazzi on your back, but Kimmy K looks great and seems to be in very good spirits before her flight, which is not something we can say about the next person.

47. Planking in Style



Now, this is a guy who knows how to party. He decided that standing on walkways and escalators is not a cool thing to do, so he wanted to do a plank instead. The thing is that while this is a good move for his health, we can’t help but think of all the germs on those stairs. But hey, whatever rocks his boat! We’d like to see this guy dealing with the challenges of a baggage carousel.

48. I’m Just Fabulous



Being a pilot has lots of perks, and this dude here proves that taking breathtaking photos is one of them. The view in the back was completely spectacular, but we are sure you will agree that the pilot is easy on the eyes himself. The bad news is that it was proven at a later time that the whole thing was photoshopped, which is kind of a bummer. But still, both the background and the pilot looked great, so there’s that. The next photo is real, though.

49. Just a Casual Day for Stormtroopers



Yet another airport picture featuring Star Wars characters comes from the Denver International Airport, which decided to commemorate Star Wars Day with four stormtroopers that look in tiptop shape. They look like they are waiting for their leader, Darth Vader, sporting a sign and all. We are sure passengers had a great time waiting for their planes together with the stormtroopers, and we believe we’re not the only ones to claim that we would like to see this kind of stuff more often in airports across the world.

50. Ohh, That’s So Sweet



What could be cuter than a little girl waiting at the airport to greet her parents? Well, this little one has the sweetest face to go with her welcome sign, which is, unfortunately, a bit difficult to read. We are sure that she is welcoming someone, but even though we can’t make out who is she waiting for, we are sure that they were incredibly happy to see their little one so excited to see them coming back. At least it’s something cute, unlike the next photo.

51. Can’t Blame the Traffic



This accident took place near a walkway, and it’s a bit difficult to determine its causes. Maybe the driver got stuck in traffic with lots of people trying to get past him, or maybe he just doesn’t have a good sense of direction. In any case, this is not an image many people would like to see the airport, mostly because it undermines the faith we have in the staff who is there for our safety. Let’s just hope this was a one-time incident.

52. Going to the Olympics?



Yes, we know that we feature several people doing acrobatics at the airport and we can’t really blame them; after all, everybody deals with boredom in their way. This group of people decided that they should be fighting boredom by being goofy, and they look like they are having a very good time indeed. Doing acrobatics on a moving walkway is no walk in the park (pun intended), but these guys seem to have it covered. Maybe they should try for the Olympics. Read more for other hilarious pictures at the airport.

53. Captain, Is That You?



Who wouldn’t want a pilot like that? This cutie has all the ingredients to make sure you’ll arrive at your destination safely. With a face like that, it’s very easy to put your trust in the airplane’s crew, and we sure hope that this little guy got to fly along and maybe meet some of the passengers. With those dreamy eyes and golden hair, he was surely a celebrity on board. We’d like tickets for the next plane he’s on, please.

54. Watch That Engine!



Now, this is not something you’d like to see as a passenger. Even though it may look funny at first sight, imagine spotting some equipment being stuck in the engine of a plane just as you are on the tarmac, ready to take off. Wouldn’t be so funny after all, would it? We really hope that the that as the only incident of the flight and that everyone got to their destination safely, and most importantly, not traumatized by this sight. And to end with a bang…

55. No, Really a Bang



Parking issues are very common with cars, but from time to time, they seem to extend to airplanes as well. These two pilots seem to have been confused by something, and their planes ended up just a tad too close. Ok, a lot closer. While this may look so funny, think of what the passengers might have felt at the time. We wouldn’t want to be in their shoes, like never. Not to mention the repair bill; that must have been steep.