Texans Are Straight Shooters. And So are Their Witty Road Signs, Y’all.

Texas sure is an interesting state. It has cowboys, lots of beer, plenty of meat and way too much heat and its people sure have an interesting sense of humor as these signs indicate.

1. Life After Death

Is there a great beyond? What actually happens when you die? If you are not sure, this sign surely warns you that it isn’t the greatest idea to trespass.


Source: Daily Stuff

For those who don’t really want to discover if there is a bright light in a dark tunnel waiting for you, it’s best to stay away from the area and look after your own safety.

2. Food Pyramid

Let’s get real. Who cares about the traditional food pyramid stressing how many plants need to go into our diet. In Texas meat takes preference and that’s all that matters.


Source: Daily Stuff

Texans love their delicacies. Delicacies such as steak and even more meat, ice cream and pies and Tex Mex. Mix Texas and Mexican food and you’re on the right track.

3. The “Fake” Vegetarian

As stated before, Texans love their meat. Their plate needs it the way grass needs the rain to grow. Texans are sure big on food!


Source: Daily Stuff

This sign, in its own interesting humor, reiterates how much Texans love their meat and according to them, eating beef is the healthiest thing in the world!

4. All Fired Up

Texas is located in the South and very close to the equator making it a region with extremely hot temperatures.


Source: Daily Stuff

In certain areas it is hot and the humidity controls the air. Other areas have more arid conditions but all Texans know that with temperatures exceeding 94 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer, Texas is out-of-control hot!

5. Sorry We’re Open

Usually, it’s a good thing for a business to advertise that they are open so that they can generate some income.


Source: Daily Stuff

This sign, well, apologizes for the fact that they are open. Maybe they are just being polite and offering the customer the choice of whether to come in or not.

6. Mommy Dearest

Moms are just the best! They do so much for us. Secretly, though, they probably have a secret stash of alcohol somewhere to relax after tucking the little ones into bed. Even a glass of wine helps.


Source Daily Stuff

This sign exhibits classic Texan humor and generosity stressing that you should take your mom out for a drink as she deserves it!

7. Real Estate

Worldwide, the prices of houses rise –, especially in Texas. Now, most of us know Willie Nelson and the fact that he loves getting high.


Source: Daily Stuff

Making a serious subject such as the rising prices of housing into something we can laugh about makes this sign stellar.

8. Vegan Bashing

This restaurant is not exactly vegan and makes sitting very clear with their sign. This sign shows clever humor stressing that people should stop eating plants as it is the food that belongs to the animals they so love.


Source: Daily Stuff

Even though a vegan lifestyle is becoming more and more popular worldwide, this restaurant sure ain’t following that trail.

9. Happy-Go-Lucky

There is, in fact, a town in Texas called Happy and this sign says it all. Selling themselves on positivity and happiness, there is no place for frowning.


Source: Daily Stuff

It’s really important to the residents of Happy that visitors visiting Happy get into the vibe and stay happy!

10. Tequila

“Hakuna Matata” means no more worries for the rest of your life, at least, according to Pumba and Timone. This sign shows an interesting twist!


Source: Daily Stuff

Drink your tequila, be merry and make fun memories for the night – just forget whatever it is that you do!

11. The 69 Limit

For this one, you need to not be speeding to read the “fine print”. At the bottom, it says” just kidding 35”.


Source: Daily Stuff

This sign can be pretty confusing for visitors. They may be left doubting what the exact speed limit is. Bet they can get out of a speed fine for this one though!

12. Sharp Edges

Ok, what is this sign about exactly – the sign? Well maybe if you have a three-year-old child walking around I suppose they should be aware of the sharp edges of the sign.


Source: Daily Stuff

All jokes aside, this sign is actually there to say that it is out ahead.

13. Trigger Happy

Nobody likes strangers, or intruders, on their property and this sign is “kindly” stating that should you wish to trespass an alarm will go off.


Source: Daily Stuff

Not only will an alarm go off, but should you intrude, you’re going to get hurt really quickly. Best you just walk on by!

14. Hot Sauce

Ok, one thing is for sure, big things in Texas are beer, hot sauce, and guns. In fact, all these things are very welcome.


Source: Daily Stuff

Besides the fact that beer and hot sauce is very popular all over America, these three are certainly favorites in big old Texas!

15. Suicidal Deer

Ok, animals are animals, are animals. When we build a road and other structures, we are building around their territory.


Source: Daily Stuff

This sign stresses that we just need to really respect that and watch carefully as we drive, otherwise we may hurt one of these poor beautiful creatures.