How the Most Highly Decorated WWII Soldier Went on to Become a Hollywood Star

Audie Murphy rightfully earned every honor from the United States military for his actions during WWII, all at the age of 19. That on its own is noteworthy, but that’s nowhere near the end of the story. The young and brave soldier went on became a Hollywood sensation.


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Audie Murphy returned home to the United States had to give and was welcomed into Hollywood with open arms. He even went on to appear in 44 films. Murphey is actually the inspiration for the Rambo character from the novel ‘First Blood.’ But like many dramatic films, the ending isn’t always happy. And Murphy’s story, unfortunately, has a tragic ending.

It All Started in Kingston, Texas

Audie Murphy was born on June 20, 1925, in Kingston, Texas as the seventh of twelve children. His parents Emmett Berry Murphy and Josie Bell Killian were sharecroppers of Irish descent. He grew up during the Depression. As a child, Murphy was a loner who suffered from mood swings and had an explosive temper.


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This might be understood by the fact that his father drifted in and out of the family’s life and ultimately deserted them. At age 11, Murphy became the man of the house. He ended up dropping out of school in the fifth grade and instead got a job picking cotton for a dollar a day (which would be $18 today) to help support the family.

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