If Anyone Should be Arrested, It’s The People Who Did These Police Sketches

Yes, police sketches are still a thing. They’re not only the images you see on the news about the latest ex-convict on the loose. Sketches of criminals are still being used to assist in tracking them down. But you would think that if there’s going to be a sketch, that it would need to be really amazingly well-done if it’s going to be of any help at all. Well, not in these cases. These are the worst police sketches possible ever done.

As hilarious and ridiculous as some of these sketches are, one police composite was actually helpful in catching the guy! You’ll see as you read on…

Justin? Is that You?

Is it just us or does he look a lot like Justin Bieber? Could it be that Biebs was seen committing a crime that we’re unaware of?


Source: Head cramp

This police sketch looks more like the result of an art class activity where you need to draw a portrait of the kid sitting next to you. Basically, it doesn’t look like a police sketch. At all. Good luck with finding the guy.

Police Sketch or Album Cover Art?

This police sketch looks more like it would be on a funk album cover. His hair alone takes up more than 50% of the picture.


Source: Eternally Sunny

We do applaud the artist on the coloring, though. It’s a pretty cool picture. But as a sketch to use to find a criminal? Not so much.

We’re not kidding, the next sketch is real and was in the newspaper.

Kidnapper Sketch

Apparently the witness told the artist that the kidnapper didn’t have eyes. She said, “I saw him go that way, but don’t worry, he definitely didn’t see me.”


Source: Head cramp

The result – a very bad sketch of a person with no eyes. How is anyone supposed to find a man with no eyes and a hoodie? Good luck with that.

Out of Proportion

This police sketch artist is in dire need of a refresher course on proportions in drawing. Chances are, this criminal didn’t have a widow’s peak hairline in between his eyebrows.


Source: Paining valley

Not to mention the proportions of all the other facial features on this guy. Again, with sketches like these, the criminals are obviously still on the loose.

You should see the next police sketch. Try not to laugh out loud.

Willy Wonka Criminal

This portrait might as well be straight from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. And if not that, his hair might as well just be a head of lettuce.


Source: Head cramp

Did the artist just get sick of doing the sketch and decided to just finish it as fast as he could? Because it definitely can’t be his/her best work.

Computer Sketch

This isn’t an actual sketch but more of a computer-generated photo. So the question now is, is that a person or a wolf?


Source: Eternally Sunny

He could also be a Neanderthal. So which one is it? Because one thing is for sure – that doesn’t look like a human.

Want to see a good sketch but missing a major feature? See the next photo.

Another Criminal With No Eyes

Let’s put aside for a moment the fact that this person has no eyes whatsoever. The sketch is actually pretty well done.


Source: Head cramp

But now let’s address the no eyes issue – where are his eyes? This could be a mistake. Or let’s just hope that this was a mistake.

Two Predators

Okay so we know there are two predators. One is a real human, the other a cartoon. Either the woman on the right has ramen noodles for hair or it was drawn by a seven year old.


Source: Head cramp

Wouldn’t it be ironic if only one of these predators was actually caught and it was the one on the left?

The next one is also computer-generated and also funny.

Brendan Fraser, Is that You?

Now that computers are being used to do police sketches, shouldn’t that mean that they are to be better quality and more realistic?


Source: Eternally Sunny

Then why does this look like a cartoon version of Brendan Fraser? He didn’t become a criminal did he? Last time we checked he was still an actor.

80s Rock Star?

If this is an actual police sketch, we’re amazed. He looks like he could be a rock star from the 80s.


Source: Head cramp

Our second guess would be a wrestler from the 90s. So which one is it? And what was his crime? Too much bleach in his hair?

The next sketch is someone possibly wearing a wig.

Here We Go Again

Yet again, another lazy artist who would rather move on to the next thing rather than finish the sketch properly.


Source: Head cramp

The face itself looks like it could be pretty accurate. So whoever sees this has to try not to pay attention to the hair.

Bad Hair Day

Okay, so this is a pretty good sketch. It’s just hilarious when it’s put in the context of a police composite of a criminal.


Source: Head cramp

He’s having a bad hair day – that we know for sure. We really want to know what he’s accused of. He has a bag on his shoulder, so maybe a robbery.

Shades and a Hoodie

What is it about all criminals that love wearing hoodies and sunglasses? Is that the unwritten law of doing crime? To wear a hoodie and shades?


Source: Head cramp

There are so many non-criminals that look like this guy too. So it’s basically a useless sketch.

Half Hat, Half Face

So we’re supposed to look for a guy with a hat that covers half of his face, are we? And what if, by chance, this criminal decides to take off his hat?


Source: Eternally Sunny

How are we supposed to recognize him without it? We get it, he was wearing a hat at the scene of the crime. But how does this help us?

Another Need for a Refresher Course

Looks like we have another artist who fell asleep during the class where they were taught proper proportions.


Source: to com tempo

So how about they take a course on how to draw and come back when they’re done. Because we haven’t seen anyone in real life with features like these.

Eyes, All Eyes

This is one of the better police sketches we’ve seen so far. But that doesn’t take away from the creepiness of the picture.


Source: Head cramp

He’s all eyes. That means the person who described this man to the artist pretty much only remembered the eyes, or so it seems.

The next slide will make you think Daft Punk committed a crime. But they didn’t.

Daft Punk?

This is not one of the members of Daft Punk. It’s actually a composite of a bank robber in Thailand.


Source: Head cramp

At this point, there is no point of even doing a sketch. Just say the guy was wearing a helmet. Why publish a sketch with absolutely no valuable information?

A ninja? Or He’s Just Cold?

This was either someone who thinks he’s a ninja, or he could also have been really cold. The result is the same in both cases, however.


Source: Half Pencil

We have no idea how he looks. Okay, we see the eyes, but so what? There’s no way this guy was found based on the sketch itself.

A Scarf?

That’s supposed to be a scarf right? At this point, we don’t know anymore.


Source: Head cramp

The rest of the sketch is not bad. But if he took off his scarf, would anyone be willing to recognize him?

Possible Alien Criminal

Now, this is just ridiculous. Either this is an incomplete sketch or it’s an alien. Whcich is it?


Source: Head cramp

What are the chances that a faceless man will be caught? We’re going to say 99.9% because there’s always a chance.

Next, a real story about a bad sketch that led to an arrest!

Simple Sketch Leads to an Identification

In Lancaster, Pennsylvania, a police sketch of a suspect was at first considered to be a joke. The skectch was very simple and people laughed at it. But it helped in making an identification of the suspect.


Source: news4jax

A criminal complaint was filed against Hung Phuoc Nguyen, aged 44, and he was charged with two counts of theft.

Considered Amateur

The Lancaster Bureau of Police reported that ‘While the sketch provided by the witness may have appeared amateurish and cartoonish, it, along with the distinctive physical descriptors, jogged the memory of at least one investigator to provide a potential suspect name.”


Source: news4jax

Nguyen was the main suspect in the crime. He supposedly impersonated a vendor and took money from a stand at the Central Market while one of the employees stepped away.

Provided a Sketch

The witness that was there provided the sketch as well as a description to the local police. He was described as a male between 30 and 40 years old, 5-feet-4-inches tall, with a small build.


Source: wgal

He was said to be of South American or Asian descent. He was also described as having straight, black hair that covered his ears with wide cheekbones and a pointed chin.

Making the Sketch

The Lancaster Police are the ones who did the sketch and published it with the description of the suspect and his actions, hoping the community might recognize the perpetrator.



The first reactions were that it looked like a joke. But police said, “We released all of those details together in our police log in the hope that someone recognizes the suspect. This was not done in jest.”

All of it Together

All of the information – the sketch and the information given helped investigators and veteran officers figure out who it was.


Source: Focus Daily News

They were able to identify the suspect as Nguyen. They then got a mugshot of the man. And next to the sketch, it’s amazing to think that it actually helped.

Shown to the Witness

The photograph of the man’s mugshot was then shown to the witness and the witness agreed that it was him.


Source: work.chron.com

A warrant was then issued for the arrest of Nguyen, but unfortunately they can’t find him…yet.

So let’s see some sketches next to the actual suspects.


Nope, this looks absolutely nothing like the suspect. It’s all good when we just have a sketch to look at. But once we see the actual person, we can look to the artist and shake our heads.


Source: lolwot

Come on now, how could anyone guess that this guy was the same guy?

That’s the Same Person?

We’re not saying it’s a bad sketch. It’s actually a great drawing. But the problem here is that he looks nothing like the suspect!


Source: lolwot

Amazingly, they found the guy. But it couldn’t have been because of the composite.

Bank Robber

The Indiana police released this sketch of a bank robber, and they described him a missing a tooth and having a pock-marked face.


Source: oddee

He was wanted for the robbery of a bank in Owen County. All that aside, he looks a lot like Steve Buschemi. Sorry, Steve.

Not too Bad

This sketch isn’t so bad. We wanted to include it to show that sometimes the sketch and the suspect aren’t far off!


Source: imgur

There you go, folks. The best of the worst police sketches. Ever seen someone that looks like a sketch you saw on the news?