Laurel and Hardy: The Greatest Comedy Duo in History

On August 7, 1957, the world woke up to the shocking news of the death of Oliver Hardy who was one of the iconic comedians the world had ever known. The history of comedy can never be narrated without stating the achievements and contributions of Laura and Hardy. The duo dominated the industry for more than two decades up to 1955 when the two made their last public appearance.


(Photo by GAB Archive/Redferns)

“This is Music Hall” was the last television program that featured the duo in 1955. The two would remain out of public eye until 1956 when they again appeared in a three-minute clip from their private home. This time, Hardy lost more than 100 pounds (45kg) with a period of one year in what his private doctor described as a severe heart condition. The iconic comedian also suffered multiple catastrophic strokes that according to his private doctor resulted to loss of speech and mobility. His private house was sold in early 1957 to help settle his medical bill despite having a successful career. Hardy weighed 138 pounds (63kg) during his last stroke that resulted to his death on August 1957 and was laid to rest at Valhalla Memorial Park, North Hollywood.

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